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Dear Senator Conrad:

I am a life-long Democrat and never thought I would even consider voting for someone other than a Democrat in a Senatorial election.  However, after your vote to keep in place funding for abstinence only sex education and voting down a public insurance option I have no other choice.  You have lost my vote.  It is clear you only care about re-election and catering to conservative minded people in the state and the health industry which is funding your campaign.   I will be voting for another candidate other than you.  What's the point of having a Democrat in office if they don't vote for things that are important to Democrats?  You might as well change your party to Republican.   My wife feels the same way.  That's 2 lost votes, not that you care.




What will Senator Conrad do if he reads my letter?

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32%18 votes
5%3 votes
62%35 votes

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What a shock I received this afternoon when I read the Fargo Forum newspaper to find that Congressman Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) was going to vote against the house health care reform bill.


The healthcare industry doesn't own Earl Pomeroy because?

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19%15 votes
37%29 votes
25%20 votes

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I'm sort of a twitter lurker these days.  Mostly because of my self-consciousness and self-loathing.  Why would anyone care what I'm up to?  Besides, seeing it on the computer screen is kind of depressing.  "Sitting in my office", "Guzzling down coffee", "Watching terrible reality television", "Going to bed at 10PM" and so on.  

Well, for some reason I must have started following Starbucks on Twitter awhile back.  Starbucks twitter feeds mainly consist of touting favorable taste tests done by newspapers across the country.  It's kind of sad that they have to still try and make the case for their coffee.  They're the largest coffee chain on the planet.  Start acting like it!  

Today I was looking at my Twitter feed and there was a Tweet from Mr. Starbucks. "You may have heard, we're now the official coffee on "Morning Joe" ... hear Howard talk about it here.."

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"Socialism" is a very trendy word right now amongst the conservative set these days.  It was a major theme of the Republican election strategy in 2008.  I guess it worked so well, they're continuing the theme into 2009.  If you start to look for this trend, you'll see it everywhere.  Republicans and those on Wall Street are screaming "socialism" in opposition to every Democratic proposal.  

Exhibit A:  The Stimulus Bill

From The Hill, Feb. 3, 2009

"[T]his whole bill is actually a steamroller of socialism that is being forced down our throats, and the economy is going to choke to death on this steamroller of socialism that you all are bringing forward," Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said on the House floor on Jan. 27.

Oh No!  A steamroller of socialism. Wow, what a logical and impassioned plea. Apparently the government spending money on anything (other than war) is socialism.  At least it's just a steamroller, those don't move very fast, we can get out of the way before it comes to close to us I guess.


What is more socialist?

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13%4 votes
3%1 votes
13%4 votes
13%4 votes

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It appears that the major networks still think they hold the most sway amongst all other forms of media.  Take this hilarious blog entry from CBS News' Correspondent Dean Reynolds in which he compares his treatment from the Obama campaign to that of the McCain camp.  


What perks should the Obama campaign provide to the Evening News correspondents to make them feel more welcome on the trail?

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31%12 votes
44%17 votes
21%8 votes

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