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In 2012, when perennial unsuccessful Republican candidate Larry Hogan first claimed Maryland was losing residents to other states,we showed how he cropped the data to make it look as if Maryland’s net loss of taxpayers coincided with Gov. O’Malley and Lt. Gov. Brown's tenure.  Ironically, the full data set showed the taxpayer exodus coincided with Gov. Ehrlich's tenure.  While Mr. Hogan served as a self-described "cabinet secretary," Maryland suffered a net loss of 61,000 residents, the deepest net loss of Maryland taxpayers since interstate migration data has been available.

And contrary to Mr. Hogan's message, the drain actually tapered off and reversed under Mr. O'Malley and Mr. Brown's watch, so that Maryland had a net taxpayer migration gain in 2009 for the first time since Mr. Ehrlich's term began.

Well the turnaround continues.  Recently released IRS data shows more taxpayers moved to Maryland from other states than left for the second year in a row.  In 2010, the most recent year for which IRS data is available, Maryland had a net gain of 162 residents from other states, following 2009's net gain of 1,949 residents.  That's no tidal wave, but it's much better than Mr. Ehrlich's loss of 26,636 Marylanders to other states in 2006, and the total loss of 61,000 residents over the four years Mr. Hogan served as his cabinet secretary.

Despite what Mr. Hogan says, Marylanders are no longer fleeing to other states in larger numbers than residents of other states are moving to Maryland.  Each year of the O'Malley/Brown administration has seen an improvement in net migration, and now the most recently released datas shows for two years in a row, more residents have moved into Maryland from other states than have left.

GOP candidate Larry Hogan campaigns all over the state complaining of a mass exodus of Maryland taxpayers, yet the hard data from the IRS that Mr. Hogan himself chose to cite shows the opposite.  

This is the fourth time in recent weeks that Mr. Hogan has been called out for fudging the truth.  First, he was caught bungling the numbers on his window dressing "plan" to cut waste; next, his old saw about 13, or was it 14, Fortune 500 companies leaving Maryland was proven totally false; then he was caught red-handed telling gun advocates his secret plan to ease licensing and assault rifle bans, contrary to his public promise not to change gun control if elected.

***Note to Wiseguys:  The Koch funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) publishes an annual "Rich States Poor States" missive authored by economist Arthur Laffer, of Reagan-era "Laffer Curve" fame.  Ignoring the concept of causality, it purports to show that low tax GOP darling states are America's wealthy powerhouses, ignoring their horrible poverty rates, dismal healthcare, and low education rankings. The latest edition includes a bar graph showing Maryland losing residents to other states in the most recent year, but this is not based on actual returns from the IRS Statistics on Income data set.  Rather, it is extrapolated from the U.S. Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey, which frequently revised year to year.

- Steve Lebowitz, Annapolis


Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 09:08 PM PDT

Larry Hogan's Tax Flight Fudge

by justdafacts

In 2009, for the first time since Parris Glendening was governor, more taxpayers moved into Maryland from other states than left.  It was the continuation of a turnaround in net migration that began in 2007, the year Martin O’Malley became governor.  Each year since Gov. O’Malley took his first oath of office—2007, 2008, and 2009, the most recent year for which data is available, Maryland’s net migration improved over the previous year.  Gov. O’Malley’s tenure has seen a sharp reversal after his predecessor, Gov. Bob Ehrlich, racked up a net loss of 61,000 residents in his single term--the deepest net loss of Maryland taxpayers since interstate migration data has been available.

If you’ve been following Maryland politics closely for the past few weeks, this should be shocking news to you.  Shocking because wannabe Republican politician and former Ehrlich administration patronage chief Larry Hogan has been all over national and local television, newspapers, the right wing blogosphere and social media claiming IRS data shows the opposite, that Marylanders are fleeing the state at an alarming rate, and blaming it on Gov. O’Malley....

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Voter suppression disgusts sensible Democrats and Republicans alike, but will it sell Bob Ehrlich's new book to Red Meat Republicans?

Former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R), who lost his comeback bid last year by 14 points despite the Tea Party tsunami, isn’t the first failed Republican politician to simultaneously cash in on the right wing junk book circuit and the unregistered lobbying racket, but he couldn’t have picked a better moment to launch his national book tour than the day a home state jury found his campaign chief guilty of fraudulent voter suppression.

Here’s how Bob Ehrlich’s campaign committed fraudulent voter suppression:  They paid a dirty tricks consultant to robocall 100,000 of their opponent’s voters hours before the polls closed on Election Day with a message pretending to be from their opponent (or their opponent’s supporter) telling them to stay home and not bother voting because they had already won.  It was stupid and the voters who received it were too smart to fall for it (plus a local television reporter rushed onto the air to set the record straight), but that’s not the point....

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New justdafacts research has uncovered documents showing that Americans for Prosperity, the Republican party auxiliary operation funded by billionaire heirs Charles and David Koch that was accused yesterday of voter suppression in Wisconsin’s recall elections, spent at least $1.3 million on Wisconsin political activities clearing a path in the years leading to the 2010 Republican takeover of the state’s legislature and Scott Walker's gubernatorial win.

The Koch brothers closely guard details of the $60 million Americans for Prosperity and its foundation raised and spent to benefit the Republican party in recent years.  Unlike the political party organizations and candidate campaigns that Americans for Prosperity mimics, the Koch brothers’ group does not disclose its contributors or expenditures, hiding behind IRS section 501(c)3 and 4 nonprofit designations intended for educational institutions and advocacy organizations not directly engaged in influencing elections.

Previous news reports identified $43,000 in Koch contributions to Scott Walker and a $1 million Koch contribution to the Republican Governor’s Association, which paid for advertisements attacking Walker’s Democratic opponent and supporting Walker’s campaign last year.  

But my new research uncovers $1.3 million in additional Koch political expenditures all over Wisconsin, most of which showcased Scott Walker. The expenditures were listed in independent audits that Americans for Prosperity was required to submit to at least one state’s charity registrar, breaking down the Koch group’s annual expenditures state by state. (see data with links below)  The audits provide annual totals of Americans for Prosperity’s expenditures in Wisconsin, but no details are disclosed.  Fortunately, a few months ago blogger Paul I. Tascoupe on catalogued pages and pages of AFP events showcasing Scott Walker all over Wisconsin in the years leading up to his gubernatorial campaign, many with free food and transportation....

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Last week, WBAL TV's David Collins reported that Maryland'™s top Republicans, state party chairman Alex Mooney and Senate minority leader Nancy Jacobs, voted in favor of a bill granting in-state tuition to children of undocumented immigrants in 2003.  Then-Gov. Ehrlich vetoed that bill, but now Mr. Mooney and Sen. Jacobs are key supporters of a referendum to repeal a more stringent version signed into law this year.

Their leaders'™ hypocrisy isn't the Maryland GOP'™s only Dream Act problem, however.  In their anti-Dream Act zeal, Maryland Republicans have painted themselves into a corner from which none of them could ever credibly support the Dream Act's original signer and steadfast supporter, who will very likely be a leading 2012 GOP presidential contender....

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Every now and then I tweak Maryland state legislative Del. Mike Smigiel, by all accounts a fine fellow, and a veteran who is also a hard right Republican prone to what I consider demagoguery and his own brand of quixotic litigation.

He's been blogging a lot that isn't true about the Maryland Dream Act lately, but this, referencing a Maryland Attorney General opinion, takes the cake....

The legal opinion contains several startling revelations which should not go unnoticed.  One talking point being reiterated by CASA and other supporters of the in-State tuition for illegal aliens is that the illegal alien had to be a graduate of a Maryland High School and then apply to a community college in that County. Yet, the Attorney General Opinion, on page 1, last line, indicates the illegal only has to have obtained a GED after having attended an in State High School.

Arguably, a person can illegally come to the U.S. head for the sanctuary of Maryland, enroll in a local High School be there a week or less, drop out take the GED and then have the Maryland taxpayers subsidize their college education.  This clearly is not the scenario being painted by the supporters of educating at taxpayer expense those illegally in this country.

I'm posting my response here because the comment I submitted to his blog is lost in cypberspace....

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Large payments of campaign cash to a commodities firm owned by a Bob Ehrlich/Michael Steele friend warrant prosecutors' attention.......

Especially since new information suggests a different firm was paid for the 2006 Philadelphia busing/fake ballots ploy.

When the election fraud indictments of top Bob Ehrlich aide Paul Schurick and campaign consultant Julius Henson were announced last week, no one questioned the Ehrlich campaign paying Mr. Henson's firms $111,150 for his services.

Like it or not, Mr. Henson is a campaign service provider, and $111,150 isn't an unreasonable payment to a campaign consultant who has collected some $1.2 million from Maryland candidates since 1999.  

State and federal election law permits candidates to spend their donors' money for campaign purposes only, and no matter what we make of Mr. Henson's fraudulent robocalls approved by the Ehrlich campaign, they were placed for campaign purposes.

But if the Maryland State Prosecutor meant business when he said, "the investigation is continuing," he shouldn't overlook earlier Ehrlich campaign payments totaling a lot more than $111,150 to a firm owned by an Ehrlich/Steele friend who never had anything to do with campaigns...

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Yesterday's election fraud indictment of longtime Bob Ehrlich aide Paul Schurick and campaign dirty trickster Julius Henson reveals that all of Mr. Ehrlich's top staff--Henry Fawell, Greg Massoni, Bernie Marczyk and Mr. Schurick--met with Mr. Henson last summer to figure out a way to prevent African Americans, who make up 23 percent of Maryland's electorate, from voting in the 2010 gubernatorial election, a plan dubbed, "The Schurick Doctrine."

"The first and most desired outcome [of the Schurick Doctrine Strategy] is voter suppression," Mr. Henson, who is black, shamelessly wrote in a campaign memo; "voter suppression operations will take place in 472 precincts..."

No Ehrlich staffer who read that memo or participated in that meeting but did not immediately demand Mr. Henson's termination should ever be allowed to participate in any respectable campaign anywhere ever again, and that goes for Mr. Ehrlich too, since he can't credibly deny knowledge of a fraud involving his entire staff, including Mr. Massoni, who is never more than arm's length from his boss.

But based on Republican behavior in state legislatures all over the country this year, Team Ehrlich, which sent over 100,000 fraudulent robocalls hours before polls closed to Democrats in African American precincts telling them to stay home because the race had already been won, more likely awaits a hero's welcome wherever GOP strategists gather...

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Bob Ehrlich, who runs away from reporters and refuses to answer questions about robocalls, misuse of campaign donors' money, and grand jury subpoenas, prances onto Page One of today's Washington Times, no questions asked

Former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) took a break from dodging reporters' questions about voter suppression robocalls, mysterious campaign payments to a commodities firm owned by his friend, and grand juries investigating his campaign to feed a lapdog story to Washington Times reporter Joseph Weber.

No one expects Bob Ehrlich to bring up the federal and state grand juries investigating his campaign or the subpoenas that have been served, but shouldn't a seasoned reporter like Mr. Weber or a Washington Times editor do a simple google search before updating their readers on what a major political figure has been up to lately....

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Why on earth did Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele pay $417,000 of their campaign donors’ money to a commodities trading firm owned by their friend, Sandy Roberts, who has never been in any kind of campaign services business and has never been paid for any work by any other campaign?

Bob Ehrlich refused to answer yesterday when WBAL TV Baltimore’s lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller asked him about it at a news conference, deferring the question to his staff.  They didn’t answer in time for Jayne Miller’s evening news report, even though this question has been kicking around since Jayne Miller first exposed the peculiar payments in February 2009.

If you think misuse of $417,000 that people donated to a campaign doesn’t matter, consider....

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This morning, Maryland Gov. O’Malley (D) and his Republican challenger, former Gov. Bob Ehrlich, taped what is likely to be this year’s only televised gubernatorial debate, for broadcast this evening on WJZ TV Baltimore (click HERE for live streaming 7pm tonight).  Early reports suggest Gov. O’Malley dispatched Mr. Ehrlich as handily as he did when the pair debated four years ago, but both sides are spinning.

Here’s what I hope to see addressed....

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Fri Oct 08, 2010 at 12:19 AM PDT

Bob Ehrlich’s class warfare

by justdafacts

Bob Ehrlich took home $2.2 million while the workers at his firm took a pay cut.  Now they have less money to spend for goods and services that keep other people employed and in business.

Why do I say Bob Ehrlich’s campaign is based on hypocrisy?  For one, the day he attacked Gov. O’Malley for furloughing state employees, Mr. Ehrlich went to Virginia to be feted at a fundraiser by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell.....who had just furloughed his state’s employees!  Gov. O’Malley and Gov. McDonnell were two of at least 30 governors choosing temporary furloughs to avoid massive layoffs in the deepest recession since the Great Depression.  The week before, Mr. Ehrlich endorsed Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold, who adopted a furlough plan for county workers identical to Gov. O’Malley’s state plan.

Those contradictions are telling, but Mr. Ehrlich’s furlough hypocrisy didn’t end there....  

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