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Sat Nov 26, 2011 at 11:57 AM PST

[Updated] Any interest in a DK4 mobile app?

by ksb

Some time ago there was a DailyKos mobile app for iOS.  Early this year, I decided to try to write a new DK4 mobile app (note: not for iOS) as a way to become more familiar with mobile programming.  My first attempt was quite limited, but pretty good.  Since then, I've run into obstacle after obstacle (i.e., my day job) and haven't done much.  I'm now interested in moving this forward again.

Updated with screen snapshots at the end.

First, I'd like to see if anyone is interested in having a mobile app that supports reading diaries and comments.  That is, a fast, read-only DK4 that supports offline use.  (I use the offline mode before boarding flights to grab copies of front page, recommended, recent, and followed stories to read in-flight.)  

There are some challenges to bringing this project to fruition and I'd like to ask programmers and other dk4 insiders for help in overcoming them.  Read on for the details, a pre-release offer, and the poll of interest.


Would you be interested in a read-only, offline mobile app for DK4?

5%3 votes
1%1 votes
50%26 votes
34%18 votes
1%1 votes
5%3 votes

| 52 votes | Vote | Results

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I work in higher education IT management.  Although we have policies against violating copyright, discuss copyright with all freshmen, and provide legal alternatives (Napster and iTunes), some students acquire music and movies the old fashioned way: the steal it.

The RIAA and MPAA have an idea on how to cut the theft and Harry Reid is their man.  He's about to introduce withdrew an ammendment to the Higher Education Act that will require big colleges to do the bidding of the RIAA, MPAA, and their associates. A new higher ed copyright ammendment is being drafted.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Senator Reid's proposal would require the 25 colleges and universities believed to harbor the most cases of copyright infringement to start using costly technology solutions to more explicitly detect and eliminate illegal file sharing. The Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America would identify the institutions.

This isn't a diary about fair use (stealing isn't fair) -- it's about how Harry Reid is going to turn the government on its head to serve corporations.

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Mon May 29, 2006 at 08:59 AM PDT vs Fred Phelps

by ksb

Bush signed a bill into law today to prohibit protests at military funerals.  Everyone knows that this was done to block the hateful Fred Phelps from protesting that America's pro-gay stance is causing God to kill our boys in Iraq.  (As a gay person, let me note that I am not familiar with America's pro-gay stance -- maybe the text of it is hidden in the latest marriage ammendment. ;-)  

The Phelps folks showed up at Arlington today to protest Memorial Day.  (These people have no shame.)  Opposing them was a group from the DC chapter of  This leads me to wonder if the enemy of my enemy is ... on the flip...

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...but not in the way that he wants.

Today, while walking the grounds of the Giardini Biennale in Venice, Italy, I saw anti-Bush protest graffiti.  Moments later, I came upon an "official" artistic protest that appears to be part of Italy's submission to the 10th International Architecture Exhibition.  

Photos on the flip.

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Sat Apr 09, 2005 at 10:39 AM PDT

What's inside Democrats.

by ksb

This is an update of something that I wrote at MyDD in November.  Back then I noted that calls for the Democratic party to move left or right and complaints on why Bush voters "don't get it" are all missing the point on why Democrats don't win at the presidential level.

For over 25 years Democrats have focused on voters' brains with talk of "plans" while Republicans went after the heart with talk of "values" and won -- repeatedly.  Except against Bill Clinton, a Democrat who "felt our pain."

I say that there is a way for Democrats to connect with the electorate's heart -- without compromising what makes us Democrats -- and to use it to get to the brain.  From there, it's a short trip to electoral victory.

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