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Yesterday morning I got a Butt Dial from a friend in San Francisco who was attending a Mock-Trial setup by a marketing firm to give the Multi-Millionaire founders of CRAIGSLIST there day in court, or more to the point a public forum to Whine and accuse Ebay of giving them a raw deal.  And whine they did!  My friend was being paid $300for the day playing the part of one of the juriers, while I only managed to listen to this whine fest for maybe 4 and a half hours, my friend endured the whole 8 hours.  It took me a while to catch on to what I was listening to, but being an ex-techie when I finally caught on I was captivated.  (HEY CRAIGLIST, next time Have everyone REMOVE the the battery from the phone after each person Signs the non-disclosure, that what PROFESSIONAL companies do so things don't leak out!)  The Craigslist Lawyer was a slick, fasting number that caused me to have flash to the OJ Trial and Eddie Cockran.  Unlike a real trial, the juries were sent to deliberate on each point, but like a real trial there was one juried that was fucking everything up, I wanted to reach through the phone and slap the bitch!  Let's be fair The Craigslist/Ebay beef has been going on a long time, and Ebay has already won one one lawsuit against Craigslist or BAD behavior of the Craigslist Founder and CEO. (Here's a link to this stale news story )

Will this time it is Craiglist's 3 owners sueing Ebay, saying Ebay gave them a raw deal, (if that is so Craigslist founders, WHY did you implement changes that make it very difficult for Ebay to pull out or sell its interest?)  Each of these 3 guys is worth several hundred million, and a large majority of that money coming from the Ebay deal.  To say these gyys are greedy whiners puts it rather mildly.  I happen to think that once you have 100 million dollars in the bank, there is little quality of life difference between that and 300 million dollars, sometimes you just have ENOUGH!

I think it is really pathetic and immature that these guys would have to hire people to sit for Hour after Hour and listen to them whine about how they DESERVE even more money.  And those poor people that had to listen to this WHINE FEST where their because they needed the money, and these MULTI-MILLIONAIRES could only afford to pay them $300 for a day of listening to them whine and cry about how they deserved so much more.  Someone need to say so I will, YOU HAVE ENOUGH, SHUT-UP already! Oh and how much of that 300 Million have you given to charities, none!

I met Newman at Charles Schwab where we both worked, where he worked on a project that looked a hell of a lot like Craigslist. Newman left Schwab and started Craigslist, what Schwab rejected the public loved! NEWMAN, your now filty rich, when will enough be enough?  What will your legacy be, what have you done positive to change the world.  A 100 Million Dollars could solve so many of the world's problem, did you consider that when you spent hours whining g to poor people about how you DESERVED so much more than you have!  What about your employees one who's shoulders you stand, how much more doo THEY deserve.  How are you sharing the wealth?

I will give you some advice, Mr. Newman, if you want to win the lawsuit against Ebay you are going to need to come across more as a Team Player, and less like a spoiled brat.  Not one of the juriers though you DESERVED more, and you give little to know credit to the TEAM of programmer that built craigslist to what it is today.  A real jury might be more sympathetic if you are fighting Big Bad Ebay for you TEAM of people working on Craigslist, as the Founder, leading the charge to GET THEM ALL a bigger piece of the pie.  Because I think everyone in the world will agree, Mr. Newman YOU HAVE ENOUGH!  You deserve a TIME OUT for your arrogance of making good people endure listening t you and lawyers whine!



REALITIES OF LIVING IN A BOTNET INFESTED WORLD. I know almost exactly to the mijute when my new phone was infested with a botnet, Jan 27, 2013 when google dashboard Android reprts it last heard from my phone, MyLookout Signal flare rort the last location it has on my phone is the same day.  Something from Michele Obama finally makes sense, she signs all correspondence from her hand wth xo followed by a nickname, in thebreality of living in a Botnet infested world,where you can't even delete your account because the botnet intercepts the emails and texts and just resets your password, reactivanting your account with a password you dont know. Took many attemptbto get my account back not 15 minutes after I deactivated it, getting a Facebook email saying WELCOME BACK, snd another on saying my password had been changed.  Everytime I tried to change my password with a text the number they sent was expired. I finally had to disable the text feature so I could reclaim my account.  EVEN SO, not 6 hour later my password was again changed, so now I have a new Botnet reality after much study, YOU CAN'T GET RID OF IT, you just have to make do. So I will now sign posts I make with xoJaedia my Hex name from my hacker days. When I can save money I WILL BUY AN IPHONE!

A really good read is the paper title "Dissecting android malware: Characterization and evolution

1. There are thousands of them.

2.  70-90% android phones are infested, the infection mascarades as Google Apps, (I.e. Google Chrome os a 7.4 mb file accord to Cnet AND Google, if your Google Chrome is 26Mb YOUR INFESTED. (In Android go to application manager and click on ALL  scroll down to chrome, 7mb your fine FOR NOW, 26mb youba botnetOuch welcome to m5 world.)

3. The infection is spread several ways, the piggybacking on REAL file from Google Play, (Goigle is trying to clean the store, but it is never ending like painting the Gold Gate Bridge)

3a. The infection is spread P2P the Google Cloud (Services ) an exploit that uses an emergency Google Service to send a 4kb message directly from phone to phone, so even if you NEVER DOWNLOAD a file from Google Play you will eventually become infected when you are within Wifi range of an infected phone.  And this is fast, not 30nafter I flash a Stock Ram back to my phone using Usb and Odin, my prestine phone infected With the Gemini Bot and gBot, I had deleted all the Google apps, including play, not installedanything on the phone, removed all bloat ware, and it still happened, that is when I came across a security advisery posted on the Google Android Security Blog, (no press reports) report the Google Cloud Services and reinfection by 4kb message.  I then found a white paper that look at code samples from 2000+ botnets which found 70 can use this exploit, while the preferred method is piggybacking 90%)  Google reported at the end of the Blog post they are aware of the problem, but no fix is in sight, this was a week ago Lookout and Symantic have also reported seeing the exploit cid, but no of no way to stop it as of yet, as the code is wrtten into the VERY KERNAL of the Adroid operating system, so as of now there is no fix and Google coninues to scrub the Play Data base with Google Bouncer, but piggybacking will continue to be a problem, as for ever one application the bounce some  10 replace it.  Google own apps, Facebook, Yahoo mail and even some neede system apps like are infected, and the botnets are smart and stelthy, they auto update and patch your system with their files.

CONCLUSION: Herein lies the rub and the wonder of Open Source, anyone can download the source an look for ways to exploit it, or enhance it.  Android is incredibly complex! If you have enough programmers look hard enough for ways to exploit it they will find them,

FULL Disclosure: I once worked for, and retired from Google, and my  best friend also helped to organize GetOut for SF Pride last year, protesting the Google Busses and Gentrification of the Castro.
From years I commuted from SF to the Peninsula to work at my job at Google, yes, I was a Googler.  But back then we used something long Forgotten called CalTrain.  It is a public mass transit system run by the State of California and open to EVERYONE. I also go something called a Commuter Check to help pay for it.  Not only was I making use of Public Transportation, I was also rubbing elbows with my fellow citizens, and not just Google employees, this had the added benefit of allowing me to have serendipitous interactions with people, not just Googlers!

The Google buses, described as “spaceships” containing “alien overlords” by writer Rebecca Solnit, have become potent symbols for income inequality within the city. Beyond the transportation issues, they are now symbolic of other unwanted repercussions of the tech boom, including rising housing costs, Ellis Act evictions and a ”let them eat cake” mentality very publicly exhibited by many tech-employed, Bay Area newcomers.  They are the physical manifestations ot the New Tale of Two Cities infesting San Francisco.

Reading articles about Google using a yacht to ferry its employees across the Bay, or hiring security guards for its commuter buses, evokes a not-so-distant dystopian future. And I can't believe that Google is coming up with these solutions instead of using existing Public Transportation solutions, it kinda makes me sick!

Thus, the city of San Francisco, which currently lets the commuter buses use MUNI stops free of charge, is scrambling desperately for a compromise. Today the seven SFMTA board directors will vote on a proposal for shared use of the bus stops. And in preparation for tomorrow’s board meeting, the Transportation Team at Google sent the following memo to its SF employees:

[Misc-sf] Next week’s public hearing on shuttle regulations

Transportation Team Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 11:35 AM Bcc:

This Tuesday (1/21), the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board will meet to vote on the proposed shuttle regulations we told you about last week. The hearing will take place on January 21 at 1pm PT at San Francisco City Hall (room 400). While we recognized that many of you won’t be able to make it during the workday, we encourage any interested Googlers who live in San Francisco to speak in favor of the proposal (please RSVP here if you are planning to attend). While you are not required to state where you work, you may confirm that Google is your employer if you are so inclined.

If you do choose to speak in favor of the proposal we thought you might appreciate some guidance on what to say. Feel free to add your own style and opinion.

*I am so proud to live in San Francisco and be a part of this community
*I support local and small businesses in my neighborhood on a regular basis
*My shuttle empowers my colleagues and I to reduce our carbon emissions by removing cars from the road
*If the shuttle program didn’t exist, I would continue to live in San Francisco and drive to work on the peninsula
*I am a shuttle rider, SF resident, and I volunteer at…..
*Because of the above, I urge the Board to adopt this pilot as a reasonable step in the right direction

You can read the full press release announcing the proposal here, and we’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks as the proposal moves towards approval. Feel free to email us at with any questions.

Thanks, XXXX, on behalf of the Transportation Team

It’s notable that a Google employee actually points out the heavy-handedness of the memo on the thread, mentioning that this would look bad for Google if leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle or Valleywag.

“Am I being too paranoid?” the employee asked. No.

This message comes off a bit high handed and I don’t think it would be good if it showed up on the front page of the chron or valleywag.

Or am I being too paranoid? XXXX
[Quoted text hidden]

“They’re urging their employees to say they would drive if not for the shuttle program to keep the ‘eco-friendly’ excuse alive and continue using SF’s tax-payer funded bus stops for virtually nothing,” a representative from Heart of the City wrote in response to the memo. “[According to an SFMTA survey] 31% said they wouldn’t be able to make the trip at all, which implies over 5200 people would choose to live closer to their work in Silicon Valley.”

The survey did not include the option “Quit Google and join an SF-based startup.”

Busing is just one element of a perfect storm brewing in San Francisco — tech workers vs. the rest of the city — where proponents of the free market come head to head with people unhappy with the loopholes in that market, i.e. the millions in tax breaks offered to tech companies like Twitter or the Ellis Act. The activist argument is that if tech companies don’t have to pay taxes (or fines), they should somehow be responsible for protecting the community in other ways.

While it is a perfect storm, there is no perfect solution for the problems caused by the tech boom and no straightforward explanation as to how the busing affects the real estate crisis, though every resident has an opinion on it — usually emotionally charged.
Believe me when I say I have heard my fair share of these opinions, and I have to say that I totally agree.  Corporation SHOULD feel a fiscal responsibility to a community if they’re leaning on public infrastructure — like public bus stops!  But more importantly I feel that corporation like Google should be doing things for the betterment of the Community at Large, and not just Googlers, like investing in the Public Transit system, instead of creating their own private one!

Perhaps Google should build a focusing only on Bay Area municipal issues? What I do know is that Google, instead of canned talking points, should be sending their employees links to both sides of the debate and increasing awareness instead of acting vaguely like Big Brother.  I also know that Google has enough money that if they invested it in the Public Transit infrastructure they could make a HUGE difference, and solve some of the transit problems in the Bay Area, not just for Googlers, but for the Community of which they are part.  Come On Google, you don't live in a bubble, you are part of a Communituy ACT LIKE IT!


Do you feel Google has a Community Obligation to help inprove Public Transportation

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Today was a great day in San Francisco — sorry, Gotham City — as the city went WILD for a 5 year old named Miles.

Miles has leukemia, and his fondest wish was to be Batman for a day. The Make-a-Wish Foundation obliged, setting up several scenarios around the city involving two of Gotham's greatest enemies, The Penguin and The Riddler. At last count nearly 15,000 San Franciscans had signed up online to play the grateful onlookers.

ABC7News LiveStreamed the event, and 10's of thousands turned out to cheer #SFBatKid along!  Pictures and commentary below the fold!

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I have got to admit, I am little miffed, the knee jerk tendency to reject analogies that compare current events to the Holocaust has got to stop, especially as the Russian government responds with impunity to the global opposition to it's new anti-gay laws.

To anyone who insists differently, I ask, when was the last time that it was appropriate to analogize something to the Holocaust? Was it after the genocide in Rwanda? Was it after the genocide in Darfour? Was it after the genocide in Bosnia? Will it be after the Ugandans round up the gays and put them to death? Has there ever been a moment before the full calamity of a genocide has hit when it's been appropriate to say this is like the Holocaust?

Larry Kramer was roundly criticized for analogizing the AIDS epidemic to a holocaust, for calling New York City our Auschwitz, for calling Reagan our Hitler. And yet that's the kind of talk that was necessary to get people to wake up and do something.

Shying away from such analogies protected nobody.

The point of never forgetting, which is our moral obligation, is not to stand as a bystander and point to the exact final outcome and recognize the obvious finality of it all the next time there is a final solution. It's to remember what led to the final outcome and to prevent that outcome from every occurring again.

Granted, there are no concentration camps, though who among us can vow for the treatment gay people receive in Russian prisons? People on Russian talk shows are recommending sending gay people to Siberia? Is that a sufficient analogy? The government pronouncement against gays is sparking violence against LGBT people.

If you recall, Hitler told the IOC that he would not tolerate any Jewish signs during the 1935 Olympics. There's nothing trivial about what's happening in Russia. And if analogizing to the Holocaust is what's required to get people to realize that, so be it.


The photos can be found here:

Amnesty warned last year of the risk to civilians in Aleppo.

"The risk cited one year ago regarding the devastating consequences of turning what was Syria's most populous city into a battlefield has become reality," Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International's senior crisis response adviser, says in a statement.

"Aleppo has been utterly devastated, many of its residents fleeing the bombardments in huge numbers and many others trapped in a city under fire and under siege in desperate humanitarian conditions," Rovera adds.

Amnesty says the "indiscriminate air bombardment" by government forces has reduced entire neighborhoods to rubble and killed and maimed civilians. Here's what the group says about the images in the slider photo above:
"For example, comparative satellite images of neighborhoods devastated by three ballistic missile strikes launched by Syrian government forces between February 18 and 22, 2013, provide alarming evidence of the human toll of escalating tactics deployed by parties to the conflict. These three strikes alone killed more than 160 residents and injured hundreds, in addition to destroying scores of homes, leaving hundreds homeless."

A new study by the IT Think Tank Information Technology & Innovation Foundation says that NSA Spying could cost the Cloud Computing industry 35 billion within 3 years.  The study published here: says:

The recent revelations about the extent to which the National Security
Agency (NSA) and other U.S. law enforcement and national security
agencies have used provisions in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
(FISA) and USA PATRIOT Act to obtain electronic data from thirdparties will likely have an immediate and lasting impact on the
competitiveness of the U.S. cloud computing industry if foreign
customers decide the risks of storing data with a U.S. company outweigh
the benefits
The study quotes Jean-Francois Audenard, the cloud security advisor to France
“It’s extremely important
to have the governments of Europe take care of this issue because if all the data of
enterprises were going to be under the control of the U.S., it’s not really good for the future
of the European people.”
Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Digital Affairs, stated the problem
quite succinctly, “If European cloud customers cannot trust the United States government,
then maybe they won't trust providers either. If I am right, there are
multibillion-euro consequences for American companies. If I were an American cloud
provider, I would be quite frustrated with my government right now.
The Findings:
On the low end, U.S. cloud computing providers might lose $21.5 billion over the next
three years. This estimate assumes the U.S. eventually loses about 10 percent of foreign market to European or Asian competitors and retains its currently projected market share for the domestic market.

On the high end, U.S. cloud computing providers might lose $35.0 billion by 2016. This
assumes the U.S. eventually loses 20 percent of the foreign market to competitors and
retains its current domestic market share. (See Appendix A for details.)

These are rather hard statics to read, one can hope that faced with these kind of losses US Companies my finally draw a line in the sand and say "NO MORE", one can hope!

In the tech news recently there have been several articles about Tor being targeted for malware by the NSA.

If you’re new to the world of tech freedom, TOR is supposed to be a safe zone, a sanctuary. Among other things, it offers a way to surf anonymously. Governments hate it because the bad guys can use it as a way to evade detection. Digital freedom fighters like it for the same reason.

But now using Tor puts your computer at risk!  Luckily the people at Tor are on this and have made available a new Tor bundle that patches these vulnerabilities.  If you use Tor, download the new Bundle.

TOR Security Advisery Here:

The exploit takes advantage of a vulnerability in Firefox that has since been patched. Users of TOR are advised to make sure they are using the most up-to-date browser bundle available from the TOR project. TOR users are also advised to disable both JavaScript, Flash and most browser add-ons while attempting to browse anonymously.
According to the BBC, it was initially assumed hackers had targeted TOR as an action against kiddie porn:
“The code to exploit the bug was fed into the Tor network via servers owned by Freedom Hosting that ran sites accessible only via Tor. In 2011, Freedom Hosting sites on Tor came under attack by the Anonymous hacktivist collective, which claimed they hosted large amounts of images of child sexual abuse.

“The most recent attack is widely believed to have been carried out in an attempt to identify people viewing or swapping images of abuse via Freedom Hosting.”

That turned out to most likely not be the case, however. When malware was installed on TOR users’ Windows machines, it called home using an IP address hardcoded into the malware. Naturally, the security folks thought this would be a good clue to investigate:
“The warning comes as security researchers and computer forensics experts try to trace where the unique IDs grabbed by the attack code were being sent.

“Early work showed it was going to a location in the American state of Virginia. Further sleuthing now suggests the web address it is being sent to is run by the US National Security Agency.”

Aha! Our old friends at the NSA haven’t seemed to learn to retreat or even to pretend to do so as a public relations ploy. The only reason I can see for such an action, especially one that left a trail of breadcrumbs that could be followed to their door, is that our favorite spooks wanted to get caught. This has all the appearances of a warning shot over the bow or the Borg collective announcing, “Resistance is futile.”

A similar conclusion was expressed in an article on Ars:

“The use of a hard-coded IP address traceable back to the NSA is either a strange and epic screw-up on the part of someone associated with the agency (possibly a contractor at SAIC) or an intentional calling card as some analyzing the attack have suggested. One poster on Cryptocloud’s discussion board wrote, ‘It’s psyops—a fear campaign… They want to scare folks off Tor, scare folks off all privacy services.’”
Although indications are that the IP address used by the malware initially belonged to defense contractor SAIC and was allocated to the NSA as part of several blocks of IP addresses handed over, the address could possibly belong to another government agency instead:

There are several sources that contend that the analysis of the DNS records…is flawed because of aged domain data for the IP address, and that the address block could be in use by any number of federal agencies or government contractors connected through Verizon Business / UUNET in that area. But DNS data points to the address being owned by SAIC.

While much of the news coming out of the NSA spy revelations is disturbing, to say the least, there have been a few rays of hope coming out of this mess. For example, on Saturday Reuters. reported it was evident at this years Black Hat conference and Def Con that the recent spy scandals have dealt a serious blow to the NSA recruitment efforts. Def Con went so far as to ask the NSA to not attend this years event and sentiment against Federal intelligence agencies was rampant:

“Peiter Zatko, a hacker hero who funded many small projects from a just-departed post at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, told another large audience that he was unhappy with the surveillance programs and that ‘challenging the government is your patriotic duty.’

“The disenchanted give multiple reasons, citing previous misleading statements about domestic surveillance, the government’s efforts to force companies to decrypt user communications, and the harm to U.S. businesses overseas.

“‘I don’t think anyone should believe anything they tell us,’ former NSA hacker Charlie Miller said of top intelligence officials. ‘I wouldn’t work there anymore.’”

Another unintended consequence of this mess may be that everyday people might finally get it and understand that there absolutely can be no privacy guarantees in cyberspace. No matter what privacy laws get passed, individuals, companies and governments can and will be collecting data to which they have no right.

Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 09:01 AM PDT

Lavabit's LADAR LEVISON a national hero!

by l3m0n

I have been following the shutdown of LAVABIT - the Edward Snowden email service. Mr. Levison decided to shutdown the service rather than re-engineer his system to allow the NSA access to encrypted emails.  For those that were unfamiliar with the service, paid users' email was stored on the server in such a way that it was only readable with the user's password.  Instead of granting the government's request, Mr. Levison decided to kill his baby, and that shows great personal integrity.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room is warrant-less wiretapping, using NSA Letters instead Court Orders, while we have no "proof" that Lavabit got one of these letter's, it is pretty obvious that Mr. Levison is under a gag order, and has hinted that his order came from a secret FISA court.

I truly believe that I as an American have the right to encrypt sensitive information, such as my medical information, which is privileged, and protected by the law.  I think tat this new attack on encrypted data, and the wholesale turning over of Cloud based information is a horrible president, and Mr. Levison should be praised for refusing to bend to Government pressure!


Been a while since I have written a personal Diary, but I thought I would put pen to paper today and catch my diaries up with life!

About 2 months ago now I went in for back surgery to fix a slipped disk and 2  Schmorl's Nodes.  While there was not much they could do with the slipped disk, (BUMMER), I under went an experimental treatment for the Schmorl's Nodes, and this lowered my back pain from a chronic 9 to a manageable 3.  At last I am off heavy narcotic pain pills and just take Tramadol to deal with the ongoing discomfort.  I can not express in words how wonderful it is to have my pain threshold lowered so dramatically, the experimental treatment is expected to last 8-12 month , and I am making the most of this break from chronic, disabling pain, and am enjoying doing all the things that were very difficult for me to do just 3 months ago, like jogging and riding a bike, hours gardening.  Moving things by myself, and carrying more than a gallon of milk!

Unfortunately this was just one of my many medical issues, but not having to deal with the near debilitation pain is making EVERYTHING so much easier to deal with.  I will be undergoing physical therapy for another couple of months, strengthening my core, and getting back my range of motion.  Just dealing with the pain has improved my attitude, and my CAN DO attitude is back.  I am enjoying hiking, mountain biking, and just being out. That is until this heat.

Unfortunately I also deal with numbness down my left leg due to the slipped disk. I also have neuropathy from genetic diabetes, and going out in the heat is the worst.  Under normal circumstances the neuropathy cause a burning sensation to my feet to my knees, and hands up to my elbows.  Sort of feel like my hands and feet are in a 500 degree oven, from which I can't pull them.  When I go out in 108 degree heat for any length of time the burning become UNBEARABLE, and there is literally nothing I can do to lesson the pain.

The only real option I have is to stay indoors, in the ir conditioning, and try and do my running around in the morning before it gets too hot.  Evenings are out because at 9pm at night it is still 98 degrees out!  Since I don't drive and usually walk places, in this kind of heat I am forced to take taxis when I go out, taking a bite out of my tight budget.  Living on a fixed Disability Pension is noto easy at the best of time, during the summer is the worst.  PG&E sores with the heat and use of the air conditioning, the heat forces me to become a shut in, or resort to taking expensive Taxis. Unfortunately, when just about every cent of your income is budgeted, these kind of expenses mean something else doesn't get paid, or the belt has to be tightened somewhere else.

I take a lot of medications, and deal with a lot of side effects, things like dry mouth are definitely worse in the heat of summer.  All in all, having the pain reduced is a wonder, but dealig with the heat is a MAJOR drag.  Last heat wave I took off to SF, but this time I have important meeting coming up that I need to be in town for.  So beating the heat by doing a geographic is out of the question, instead I will just have to endure!


GThere has been a lot of good news on the HIV/AIDS front this week, including the Senate approving a $47 millions dollar increase to the Ryan White ADAP Funding, and President Obama ordering a stepped up effort against HIV/AIDS. < > but is this too little too late?

The order says, in part:

"In light of these data, we must further clarify and focus our national efforts to prevent and treat HIV infection," it said. "This acceleration will enable us to meet the goals of the Strategy and move closer to an AIDS-free generation."
Over the past 10 years, the rate of new HIV infections in the United States has remained at about 50,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are many countries with decreasing AIDS infection rates, why can't the US be one of them?

A study published last July by a team at Atlanta's Emory University found that overall infection rates among U.S. black, gay and bisexual men rival those seen in sub-Saharan African countries that are hardest hit by HIV.

The 2010 AIDS strategy aims to slow the spread of HIV by 25 percent over five years. It focuses especially on African Americans, gay and bisexual men, Latinos, and substance abusers, groups most at-risk of infection.
Obviously, according to the Atlanta study the 2010 AIDS strategy is a failure.  Let's hope that Obama's new "stepped up effort against AIDS/HIV" is better and more effective that his 2010 AIDS Strategy.  It would be nice if we could be in the column of countries with declining AIDS rates, and not with the African Countries hardest hit!


NSA Whistle-blower Edward Snowden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize according to a report today in Politico < >.  I personally see this as a step forward to the world recognizing the courage act that Edward Snowden did releasing the information about the PRISM project and revelation of NSA spying.  the article says:

A Swedish sociology professor has nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize, saying that awarding the former NSA employee would correct Nobel Committee’s mistake in giving the award to President Barack Obama in 2009.
Like him or hate him, everyone must agree that giving Obama a peace prize, in light of his stepping up the War in Afghanistan, was a bad choice.  It also reminds us of all the worlds HOPEs that were pinned on the election of Obama, and how he has failed to deliver.
“Edward Snowden has - in a heroic effort at great personal cost - revealed the existence and extent of the surveillance, the U.S. government devotes electronic communications worldwide. By putting light on this monitoring program - conducted in contravention of national laws and international agreements - Edward Snowden has helped to make the world a little bit better and safer,” Svallfors wrote.
While I think that saying he made the world a safer place is over stating it, I do think that Edward Snowden fueled a long needed discussion of the civil liberties that we as Americans have given up in the Post-Parriot Act America.
“The decision to award the 2013 prize to Edward Snowden would - in addition to being well justified in itself - also help to save the Nobel Peace Prize from the disrepute that incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision to award U.S. President Barack Obama 2009 award,” Svallfors said.
I think this statement speaks for itself.


According to a report in the BBC, < >, Edward Snowden has officially applied for asylum in Russia, which is probably a good idea because the US has basically stranded him there, with no real way to leave!

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