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Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 09:14 PM PST

WI elects Tammy Baldwin Senator

by macleme

Lost in the Obama victory, congratulations to Tammy Baldwin who defeated Tommy Thompson in my state's Senate Race.

When the confetti and Kid Rock CDs are cleared, the victory of Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin may be the second-biggest story of the night. Six years ago, Wisconsin voted on one of those gay marriage bans that plagued the land in the post-Goodrich era. All but one county approved the ban. Today, they have the nation's first openly gay senator, who now has to figure out what she wants to do with that. I'm amazed at how she came in under the radar. National gay donors realized immediately that Baldwin could be electable statewide. They'd worked with her for more than a decade, and knew her better than the people who rate candidates based on their issue profiles. Republicans underestimated her for a year, assuming that Tommy Thompson's crossover votes would save him.

You're in your mid-20's and don't have a steady job. You've worked some odd jobs here and there, but nothing of any real importance. Daddy gets you a job working for him for a while, but it doesn't last. You never managed or oversaw anything, unless you want to count that kegger at your fratenity in the short time you attended college. College wasn't you're scene, but the parties were a blast. Those damn classes and lectures ruined your entire college experience, so you decide to drop out. You get a DUI, and think you learned a lesson, but hell, it could happen to anybody. Suddenly you're looking at your second DUI.  

Luckily, Daddy is the executive vice president and a longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association. He's an avid Republican who absolutely hates regulations. He's financially loaded and decides to donate a mere $120,000 to Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. Suddenly, you get a phone call from David Ross, one of Walker's cabinet members and you're suddenly hired as the bureau director of board services with an annual salary of $64,728 a year. Wow, you can't believe it, it seems too good to be true, but you're still nervous.

It seems there's a lot of talk coming from the new Republican government about trimming government waste and consolidating state services. You're wondering how sincere this new government is and how is it going to affect you. You're only on the job for two months, but suddenly your fears are erased. You receive a $16,500 raise and are looking at an annual salary of $81,500.

You sit down and ponder events at this point. How fortunate are you to have the father and Governor you do in this world of Fitzwalkerstan.


I get Forbes Magazine in the mail. I'm not sure why I get it. I never subscribed to it, I've never given them a dime, I never read it, yet I continue to get it. It usually goes directly from my mailbox to the recycling  bin. While walking back to my house from the mailbox, I had this odd desire to open it and see what was in it. One article in particular captivated my interest. It was a one page op-ed written by RW hack Amity Schlaes entitled Fundraiser's Scandal Reveals Deep Corruption of NPR. It was nice outside, the article was short, I like NPR, so I decided to stop and read it. Wow, was I glad I did. There was so much there that I never would have surmised.  

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Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 11:51 PM PDT

The Silver Lining

by macleme that the Repug ploy of Deny, Distract, Demonize, and Delude isn't going to cut it now that they own the House. To continue to do nothing while jobs don't materialize and corporations continue to run the tables is sheer political suicide and will only remind the electorate about what put Obama into the WH in the first place.

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Fri Feb 19, 2010 at 10:40 PM PST

Mickey Edwards on Today's Conservatives

by macleme

I apologize for this relatively short diary, but I believe Mickey Edwards comments are well worth a read. As a regular listener of NPR, I've come to appreciate his candor and ability to communicate a position that I may not necessarily agree with in a way I could understand. So it was no surprise when I stumbled upon his somewhat sobering commentary below. The whole thing is well worth a read:

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I thought this was pretty bold... a foreign Parliament member reminds one of our current administration's most influential members where his priorities should lie, and it's not with the citizens of the country he represents:

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A story breaking here in Milwaukee is how Wisconsin's second largest bank received half a billion in TARP funds and then planned its annual Puerto Rican winter luxury vacation, a pretty nice perk!  

Just three months ago, the state's second-largest bank joined scores of other troubled lenders when it cashed a check for $525 million from the federal government to prop up its bottom line.

Today, Associated is preparing to drop tens of thousands of dollars - and maybe more - to send about 100 employees to a posh Puerto Rican resort as a reward for a job well done.

Making the trip will be everyone from backroom workers to the CEO, Paul Beideman.

On Wednesday, Beideman stood by his decision to send scores of employees on a midwinter junket, despite the bad economy and taxpayer bailout funds.

"How are our associates going to react to it if we willy-nilly cancel the trip because of some issues people are having with other companies," he said. "Given the set of facts that we have, canceling the trip and disappointing these high performers really just wasn't warranted."

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Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 11:35 PM PDT

Obama needs to hit on this NOW

by macleme

By now, most of us have heard about the gaffe made by McCain to the journalist from Radio Caracol in Miami. In it, a somewhat confused and befuddled McCain repeatedly reiterates a somewhat bizarre response to an innocent question asked by an obviously frustrated reporter who is doing his best to simplify the question for McCain. The interview has left most of the domestic and international press guessing as to what McCain's true intent was. The ramifications of this are enormous... after all, this is from the mouth of a potential major leader and political force in the world.

More below the fold...

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Thu Feb 09, 2006 at 08:47 PM PST

Two conservative CPB censors to resign

by macleme

It seems that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting may be feeling the heat from moderate Republicans and Democrats. Patricia S. Harrison, Bushco's shill at CPG, claims that the resignation of Michael Pack and a senior consultant, James Denton, is strictly a business decision, but other officials in public broadcasting saw political overtones to the moves.

Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:26 PM PST

NSA domestic spying finally paying off

by macleme

My civil rights may be diminishing, Bin Laden, Zurqawi, and Zawahari may still be on the loose, but I can now rest soundly knowing that 11 ecoterrorists site won't be on the streets tonight.

Not to belittle ecoterrorism, but the 4 1/2 year period Gonazales is referring to would correspond to the time that the NSA began spying on Americans. I wonder if Al Qaeda has been recruiting tree huggers and animal lovers.

Once again, BushCo fails to anticipate public reaction:

Administration officials said this week that they were taken aback by the intensity of the European reaction to the reports. They acknowledged that the furor had been fed by two years of disclosures about American treatment of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and in Afghanistan.

How detached and unaffected can this incredibly myopic administration be? The entire debacle of Iraq hasn't followed their narrow script by one iota and yet they still claim to be surprised when public reaction goes counter to their own beliefs.

With all of the fallout from Condi and Cheney's elaborate spending sprees while the Gulf Coast drowned, you'd think Bushco would use a little bit more discretion and show some compassion while relief efforts are still going on. But where's Karl Rove these days, the man designated to play a huge role in coordinating the relief effort? It seems he had something better to do in Aspen where he'll hobnob with the sickingly rich and powerful.
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