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Whistleblowers: Rogue NYC Principal Stages School Shooting on 300 Disabled Kids, Then Celebrates Christmas

According to a, the anonymous "watchcat" group for NYC Public School M79, the Tuesday after the Newtown elementary school shooting, Principal Greer Phillips and her administration planned, in secrecy, to make do without the Department of Education's guidelines for drills and design their own.

Problem? They decided, on purpose, not to tell any of the 300 kids, ages 12 and up, or any of the over 100 staff of teachers before they took to the school-wide intercom and shouted in the most panicked voice they could, "Shooter in the building".

"Imagine using your body to hold down a door that is being pushed by a shooter, calling your loved ones at their jobs to say goodbye to them. Only to find out the person pushing the door is your smirking management?"

opendna: This diary was authored by @horanwatch and I'm posting at their request so the DailyKos community can discuss it in a timely fashion. The event, which occurred at approximately 10AM on Tuesday the 18th of December, has been confirmed by the New York Times.

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Thu Dec 22, 2011 at 01:22 PM PST

Ron Paul: ignore the 14th Amendment

by opendna

We're talking about Ron Paul this week? Well then, I'm going to dust off an extended comment that's been gathering dust. The #1 reason to support Ron Paul, according to his supporters, is that he genuinely honors and respects the US Constitution. Let's examine that claim as it relates to the primary privilege of any American: the right to be American.

Ron Paul used to claim that birthright citizenship originates in the 14th Amendment (~2008), so he wanted to repeal or amend that Amendment. The latter is no longer true and the former was never true: birthright citizenship pre-dates the US Constitution and Ron Paul now says that it can be overthrown without a Constitutional amendment.

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Fri Oct 21, 2011 at 02:18 PM PDT

The #AntiShock Dictionary

by opendna

I just happened to be around when a bunch of Anonymous pushed out a document which has the potential to be rather important in the future. I'm republishing it here because (a) I've already seen people here ask about it and (b) the original was published as a PDF on a file sharing site which doesn't have a search engine. (Update 22JAN2013: @sept31st notified me that the original URL 404ed. PDF link updated.)

Running under the title "What is #AntiShock?" is a document which at first appears to be a draft operations manual for activists but may instead be a dictionary for a network movement. For an Anonymous document, it is uncharacteristically for light on hyperbole and sparse on motivational rhetoric, instead it vaguely describes the "elements" of any social project. "What is #AntiShock" does not tell the reader specifically what to do (except work together for a better world) and it does not make threats. What the document does do is ascribe semi-cryptic twitter hashtags to describe each "element", essentially laying down a linguistic/memetic communication protocol for ad-hoc/network activism.

Below the fold is the entirety of the "What is #AntiShock?" document updated with a few appropriate hyperlinks.

Preview: "#AntiShock maps every problem to a four part model. The best option we have is to learn it as we go... #AntiShock allows us to ask, "What is missing?", "How can I do this?", and "Who can help?" Our only challenge is to find others who can fill in the missing pieces and vice versa. Know what you are good at. Know what you share in talent with others so you can communicate. Find out what they don't know so you can see if you might be able to help and vice versa."
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Fri Oct 21, 2011 at 07:01 AM PDT

#OpService: the rolling #Occupy?

by opendna

Horace Boothroyd III brought it to my attention that Operation Service is Announced by the CabinCr3w affinity group within Anonymous. That diary includes the video and transcript of the announcement but the nature of the operation, but neither shed any light on what the kind of action this operation might be (also see 1 and 2).

This diary gathers information about the past actions of involved actors and their statements about #OpService.

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I had a few conversations with people who thought the #OccupyWallStreet protests were (a) a flop because crowds were too small, or (b) just a bunch of freaky punk kids in masks. Both are understandable positions given the usual "march & go home" protests and the tendency to photograph and share the most provocative images.

This collection of images captures was gathered to dispute both positions. The first set shows the duration of the crowd sizes, through day and night, from 9/17 to 9/20. The second set adds some face-shots protestors which are slightly more representative (and "normal") than four guys in Guy Fox masks.


This diary was inspired by Chris Bowers's "Occupy Wall Street protest: more photos and video"


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Dear Trolls,

I stopped in to see what's on the board and check if anyone had sent me any interesting kosmail. To my shock and horror, there were actually quite a few from this group that demanded my attention (one sounded vaguely threatening, actually).

Anyway, now I'm all caught up, I feel confident in reporting that the system works. (No, not the financial system. That's still pooched.)

Yes, some make troll hunting out like it's serious business, and others get their feelings hurt for being called a troll. That's another day on the internet. skohayes is doing a great job as admin, you're all being deliberative with your powers, I don't have any messages from Meteor Blades saying we're getting deleted, and I have no evidence of abuse that would cause me to shut the group down. (If there was any, it's gone now.) This group's got 33 editors. Sorry, we're going to screw up. That's ok. This system works. (Think about that.)

The group's up to 131 followers now and actually does help direct visitors to diaries. So, you know, keep that in mind: when you republish a diary, you're helping drive traffic. There's something I want to point out about that, though:

Every person who goes through our feed to a diary will decide for themselves how to respond to it. They may decide that it's a troll diary, they may decide it's snark, they may decide to rant or LOL or troll. That's their decision. They may decide that it deserves to be recommended, and that's ok too: DailyKos has a long tradition of putting troll diaries on the recommended list for fun, and fighting flame-wars like meth-addled wolverines in diaries about policy.

All of which is fluff for an excuse to reiterate the group's description field and founding philosophy:

Troll diaries are great fun and do a great service to our community. The best should be preserved and the latest promoted for the greater lolz.

Carry on, trolls.

P.S. I can't believe nobody's trolled our feed with two dozen pootie diaries or something by Joan McCarter.


Trolls Group?

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In my last diary I announced that the Diary flow rate meter is public and explained what the tool measured and why. I said that I'd let it run for awhile to gather data before making any conclusions. Over fifty megs of data later, I've got some pretty graphs illustrating the rate at which diaries are published on DailyKos, the changes since DK4 was introduced, and answers to some of your most pressing meta questions.

The Diary Flow Gauge
(DL/RR): the ratio of diaries published to those on the Recently Recommended List. Basically, all of them. :P

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Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 12:22 PM PST

Diary flow rate meter is public

by opendna

On February 15, Seneca Doane advanced the idea of a DailyKos Diary Flow Gauge which would measure the rate of diaries published on the site. This metric, it was hoped, would help identify if the "firehose problem" manifested and in what what. In six diaries, Seneca began gathering data, from starting the Front Page's "Recently Rec'd" list and the Diary page, and began developing statistics from which inferences could be drawn (Diary Flow Gauges, 2/15/11).

This diary announces an automated flow meter with public data, based on the ideas advanced in the  Diary Flow Gauge diaries and comments. Refined data is available is CSV-formatted text files here (download) and here (browser). See the end of this diary for links to source data.

Below the fold: Why Do this?, definitions for Diaries List Gauge (DL) and Recently Recommended Gauge (RR), finally, some notes about Timestamps and other data sources.

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Thu Feb 17, 2011 at 05:49 AM PST

When did DailyKos become MySpace?

by opendna

There are things that annoy me about DK4, but my opinion about it is generally favorable: it's a revolutionary new system which works well despite a few bugs and immature features. For version 1 out of Beta, DK4 is quite a coup. I'm not going to GBCW over DK4 and, while this is an "anti-" diary, it isn't anti-DK4. It's anti-advertising-that-came-with-DK4.

How long has it been since Kos put ads on DailyKos? Four years? I don't know, but it rarely bothered me. The full-page background ads were kind of annoying because I'd accidentally click on them, but I was always in the "how do you expect this place to be paid?" camp. And you know, I'm still in that camp. But there oughta be limits.

There ought to be some standards, some boundaries, to what advertising this community will accept. The obnoxious, intrusive, offensive, vile and repugnant attributes of web advertising are limited only by the creative malevolence of the designers and the electronic nature of the medium. Left to their own devices without restriction, advertising networks will coat DailyKos in malware-downloading fetish porn pop-ups with streaming video and screaming sound.

None of us want that, but we've just crossed a line. A line, I'm afraid, which I consider completely unacceptable. This line:

It's a flash ad with sound. Autoplay sound. That yells at you.


Now, look, I'm a tolerant guy but I'm also one of those guys who keeps a dozen tabs in every window. When my computer starts yelling at me I have to flip through every one to find out who the asshole is that's decided to greet me with yelling advertising. I expect that sort of behaviour from link farms, splogs and Rupert Murdoch. In this case it was DailyKos. I was not impressed.

Part of my irritation, I confess, is that I know what happens when ad networks allow that kind of obnoxious, low-budget "try our spyware" advertising. We saw it with Murdoch's MySpace when a few million banner ads downloaded malware to users. Whereever you see those screaming animated smilies, you'll shortly see work from home scams, scareware "anti-virus" and, eventually, spyware and malware.

Frankly, I'm not ok with that.


Yelling ads for spyware

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Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 02:18 PM PST

Save my #(*&@ group, trolls!!!1!

by opendna

Who among us hasn't read about some Threatened or Endangered species and wondered if our last cryptozoological lunch did the deed? I know I have. Knowing that I helped eat some beast to extinction is one of life's simple pleasures. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it is every American's God-given right to seek out endangered species and drive them to extinction by whatever means they wish. "Whatever boils your crawfish", they used to say, before BP did the Deepwater Dirty. (Nobody wants to eat a crawfish now, of course, though I hear the little critters make fine candles.)

So I hope you'll understand that I don't begrudge Kos's right to render one or another class of user or conversation extinct on his site. It's his site, after all, and he's clearly enjoyed a exterminating all manner of Constitutionally-protected speech in the past. We've all had good laughs at the banning of conspiracy theories and Birthers and Armando and... but, well, after we're done laughing at some stupid animal that'll never breed again, we do — or at least I do — feel a little sadness that we'll never get to hunt the little bastard again. Bashing a Birther isn't quiet as much fun as bashing a baby seal, but it's about as close as you can get on the Internet. Some animals are more fun to hunt than others, of course, and many (like birthers and baby seals) don't put up much of a fight.

Now, I bring this up because, well, I fear that through destruction of habitat, DK4 has put the troll on the endangered species list. If nothing is done to save the trolls, there will be no more Troll Diaries or troll wars or troll hunts or trollhouse cookbooks, and we'll all be poorer for the loss.

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Sun Feb 13, 2011 at 07:01 AM PST

Toolbox (group)

by opendna

Toolbox is dedicated to promoting tools of investigative blogging by curating uncommon search engines and publicly-accessible databases, and promoting tutorials about data analysis methods and visualization tools.

Everyone has some level of Google Fu - the technical art of finding information - but most bloggers eventually hit the limits of vanilla top-4 search engines and seek to refine their mastery. This group is dedicated to facilitating that search, and rewarding skill-sharing, by providing a venue for publishing the techniques of investigative blogging.

Please follow this group if you would like to read occasional diaries. Volume is expected to be limited.

If you'd like to suggest a diary for republishing, a future diary topic, or would like to volunteer to author/edit for this group, please message the Toolbox or leave a comment.


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Short Title: #bloxtalk project

Examples: one page like #SOTU, or multiple pages like #egypt and #algeria, or mixed with other elements, like #bloxtalk

Inspired by comments in Diogenes2008's diary (Jan 25 2011), I rolled out a simple ajax-powered live feed of the #FOK twitter hash tag. Having kinda botched the first version, I gave it some more thought and came out with some innovations to promote real-time, cross platform communication for web events (live blogs, tweetathons, etc). It's off-the-shelf javascript with vanilla html, blended together to put conversations from multiple platforms on the same page.

This is an easy how-to guide, offered in the hopes that future live blog events can be made more dynamic and live tweet events more accessible to those unfamiliar with twitter.


  1. Twitter is...
  2. Why would you do this?
  3. Requirements
  4. Examples in use
  5. The code
  6. Limitations & lessons learned
  7. Hax & back-channels
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