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As many of you know by now State Senator Lee Zeldin is funning for Congress against our own Tim Bishop. I was at the very rally opposite side of the street where this rally for Zeldin that is on the link took place. It is even more poignant today than four years ago with a southern flag of slavery waving alongside Arizona supporters of anti immigration but morphing well with today's Arizona passing anti LGBT Laws. Please watch and then tell me if Lee Zeldin has the values to represent us in Congress or Albany.


Over eighty days have passed since I published a diary on our huge savings under the ACA at this link The only bad news is we still have not received our insurance cards and packet from the private sector insurer Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. I always hear Republican groups complaining that the government can do nothing right and it is the private sector who we need to rely upon if we want things to go smoothly

The enrollment through NY State of Health website went smoothly and everything went through without a hitch. About six weeks passed and no premium bill or welcome packet with insurance cards so I called the Exchange and they confirmed my enrollment complete and everything was forwarded onto the insurance carrier.
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I am writing this diary inspired by commenters to my comment on "Rocky start to could erode support for law" by Joan McCarter, of my families personal experience and financial benefits enrolling for the Affordable Care Act. First to interest you financially this was my bottom line outcome: I just saved a fortune. I hope the law does not change. After allowed website deductions of income my wife and I had 57K income and were awarded a 690 monthly tax award toward the premium. We chose a Gold Level package comparable to the one we currently have under Cobra at a 960 dollar monthly premium. Our out of pocket will be 270 a month. Our current years Cobra premium, 1265 a month a savings of just under $1000 a month.

Our unemployed daughter who is over 26 and a dependent on us gets the identical Gold coverage for $480 a month minus a $345 tax credit costing her $135 a month. A savings from her current Cobra payment of 580 dollars of $445 per month.

I also did a HARP mortgage reduction that reduced our monthly mortgage from $2700 down to $1500 a month. Is there any wonder we regard the President as a Saint?

by politics64 on Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 05:26:20 PM PDT
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What is important here is not the 19 vote margin with sworn in Republican Amedore now having to get unsworn in but, The Democrats won 33 of the 63 seats. Even with turncoat Simcha Felder of Brooklyn caucusing with the GOP, the Dems have a 32-31 party line majority. Now the Independent Democratic Caucus of 5 Dems who organized a power sharing control with the Republicans are in complete control. Should the GOP do anything the IDC does not like, the IDC can simply turn back to their other 27 Democratic members and reform a new Democratic majority. Already progressive legislation like the new NY Gun Control bill that never would have seen the light of day from a Republican controlled State Senate are now coming to floor for votes as the IDC promised would happen more and more under their power sharing agreement.


You heard it here first, It would not surprise me one bit that the story released regarding the theft of and million dollar ransom for Mitt Romney's tax returns was actually staged by Romney or his supporters. What would be their motive? Well, Romney has taken quite the beating up politically for his refusal to release more than the most recent two years of taxes. With their truthful campaign honesty now in full question as a result of both conventions, Romney may well feel the need to have to announce his desire to release the tax returns.

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It has been 85 days since I posted a diary on the Democratic election successes nationwide on August 9th including the Wisconsin recall.  Many felt disappointment that the Democrats fell one recall victory short of taking majority control of the State Senate. I posted the fact that one pro-labor Republican State Senator Schultz would side with the Democrats to form a majority of the thinking in the upper Wisconsin Chamber. Thanks to David Nir's post today on recall elections and his referral to a great recall site I stumbled across this bit of news supporting my contention of nearly three months ago excerpted from the Milwaukee Journal by way of The Recall Elections Blog entitled:

Wisconsin: Key Republican Senator opposes accelerating redistricting to avoid recalls


Do you think the results of the WI Recall has continued to inspire more recall efforts both locally and nationally?

96%57 votes
3%2 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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In 2010, the NY and national Republicans and their Teabagger wing crowed victory over a net gain of two seats in the State Senate.  Last night, Organized Labor and the Democratic Party successfully recalled two Republican State Senators in deep red seats in Wisconsin. The victories left the State Senate with a 17-16 Republican majority however one of those Republicans has voted against every single one of Governor Scot Walker's, Koch Brothers inspired anti labor and union busting laws. This means that Pro-Union Democrats now enjoy a 17-16 majority thus rendering Governor Walker incapable of advancing any more anti working Americans legislation.

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My number one local priority for 2008 is the defeat of Ceasar Trunzo and installing a Democrat in the third SD. As Ceasar tumbles so too does the corrupt Joe Bruno! At 82 and with every indication he wants to run one more time, Ceasar cannot be a retail campaigner, his door to door and attending every event days are long gone and his district continues to change demographically beneath his fallen arches! It harkens the old biblical story in Exodus, "and the generations of Egypt passed and they knew not Joseph."


Will the Democratic Party capture the NYS Senate in 2008?

44%8 votes
27%5 votes
16%3 votes
11%2 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes

| 18 votes | Vote | Results

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I just cancelled my premium membership.  Sam Seder the BEST Progressive talk show in America replaced by this GUY! PLEASE!  Mark Green, What are you thinking?



NEW YORK - April 9, 2007 - Air America Radio, which celebrated its third year anniversary last week, announced today changes in its programming schedule beginning May 14.

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