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I'm old enough to remember when Markos was a fairly vocal proponent of Howard Dean's 50-State strategy, bringing support to grassroots progressives in deep red states, with the hope of turning them blue.  That spirit led to a well received and uncontroversial Netroots Nation conference in deep red Texas, which helped build progressive groups in Texas that are still active -- and forces to be reckoned with -- today.

Anyway, there are few worse statutes then SB 1070, and even though the Supreme Court has struck down some of it, enough remains that an economic boycott is still very much justified.  

However. . . .

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I haven't been following Daily Kos for awhile.  My absence has nothing to do with site quality, which I can see from my occasional visits is as high as ever, but rather due to life demands of work and raising kids. One thing I miss though, other than the trenchant political and social commentary, is news on how everything is going. So, can anyone fill me in on the following.  Over the past two years:

1. Have there been any big "pie fights"?

2. Have there been any prominent GBCWs?

3. Are there any new DK superstars?

4. Have any of the beloved contributors gone off the deep end?

5.  Anything else of note happening?

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I used to participate on Daily Kos quite frequently.  However, around the time of the switch to DK4, I mostly stopped.  (Note: My lack of participation was not related to any pie-fight or flame war or dissatisfaction with the site.  I just had a new baby and got busy).  

Having been away for awhile, I got curious: how are things going on Daily Kos?  Have there been any fun pie-fights I missed?  How is morale around here about the State of the Nation?   How are people doing?

Let me know in comments!  Thanks!!!


Wed Aug 31, 2011 at 06:20 PM PDT

Did Meteorblades leave?

by pontificator

What happened?  I've kind of been out of the loop.


Friday, the New York Times reported that Judith Regan taped Roger Ailes telling her to lie to Federal Investigators about Bernard Kerik.

Today, the Business Insider quotes an anonymous source reporting that Roger Ailes will be indicted, perhaps as soon as Monday:

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I am not one for overstatement.  But this just-breaking scandal could lead to the fall of the house of Roger Ailes.  Roger Ailes stands accused of encouraging Judith Regan to lie about her affair with Bernard Kerik to not just anyone. . . but to Federal Investigators!  Amazingly, Judith Regan TAPED Roger Ailes encouraging her to lie (shades of O'Reilly/Makris, a scandal that broke just a few months earlier, If I remember correctly).  So it looks like Ailes was caught dead to rights.

Lying to Federal Investigators is a crime (see Martha Stewart), and encouraging someone to lie to Federal Investigators is also a crime.  This is BIG.   Even if Roger Ailes is not indicted (there may be statute of limitations issues), even if he stays at the helm of Fox News, he is damaged goods.  He will never rise to replace Rupert Mudoch as the head of News Corp.  It's over for Roger.  

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Source: MSNBC (on TV)

Gee, who would have thunk appropriating a centuries-old name for a historical lie used to justify repeated genocides throughout history against a religious minority would backfire when used by a half-witted politician to whine about people saying mean things about her. . .


Update [2011-1-12 15:21:8 by pontificator]: MSNBC reported that it had been taken down.  But many are saying that it was a technical glitch of some kind and it is still up.  Regardless, it should be taken down, as it is offensive beyond words.


In the final act of the most prolific lame duck Congress in history, The Senate and House simultaneously passed bills repealing Daily Kos 4.0, and enshrining "Daily Kos Classic" into federal law.  Said Senator John Tester, "well, we couldn't repeal those darn Bush tax cuts, but at least we could repeal this other monstrosity."  Congressman Patrick Murphy chimed in, "this will save progressive internet users much pain and heartache over the coming years.  I am proud we passed this bill."  Although clearly a sop to the base (progressive internet users), the legislation has been widely praised from all corners, even by Republicans!  

On the heels of the tax compromise, the unemployment insurance extension, DADT, ratification of the START treaty, and passage of the 9/11 responders bill, the repeal of Daily Kos 4.0 is the final piece of a veritable tsunami of consequential ground-breaking legislation.   Obama, adding another legislative victory to his scorecard, is expected to sign the bill just before stepping onto Marine One to commence his vacation in Hawaii.    


I thought on this very tragic day (ELizabeth Edwards RIP, Obama's hostility to liberal bloggers, liberal bloggers jumping off the presidential primary challenge cliff), we could use a little laughter and schadenfreude:

Spitzer has turned into the star of the show. He's quick, he's energetic, and he's forceful. And while neither of them are a laugh riot, Spitzer appears far more comfortable with the laugh-y drivel required of cable-news hosts. So it's perhaps no wonder that, with tensions high over the show's relatively low ratings (they're way down from Campbell Brown's ratings at this time last year), Parker's beginning to lose her cool.

According to "Page Six," Parker actually stormed off the set a couple of weeks ago over her jealousy of the way Spitzer dominates the show. The fracas occurred during filming of a pretaped segment, and she returned shortly after to finish. But things on set are uncomfortable. "Her weaknesses are felt internally," a source sniped to the Post. "[Spitzer is] smart, tenacious — he turned out better than they thought."


deserves credit for doing so:

ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald
I affirm my distaste for photographic leader-glorification, but I'll rescind my invocation of Leni Riefenstahl as too inflammatory & extreme

The internet, and twitter in particular, often encourages people to say stuff too quickly, based on emotion and without thinking.  That's what's good about the medium, people tell you what they really think.  But the medium is only tolerable with a dose of humility, when people are willing to walk back their over-the-top comments.  Greenwald deserves credit for taking that step.


A little bit of good news on a day where many of us are bracing for a lot of bad news.

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Very good news, as this is a non-partisan poll:

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