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That's right. Lot of c-words being flung these days, some worse than others. Panties and boxers and all manner of undergarments are being wadded and ruffled and twisted. But to the FReepers, they are being faced with the realization that their hero, Maha Rushbo, he with talent on loan from the G-word, is a coward.

no funny graphics here, because the quotes are so entertaining...

Et tu, Rush?
I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart by my best friend. Didn't think I'd ever see the Day Rush would loose his spine. Listener from 1990.
Instead, what [Rush] did was tell us to put the gun in our mouths and pull the trigger.

I believe I have a firm grip on the reality of this issue. Rush has been the major bulwark against Republicans caving on every single issue. Today he did everything he has condemned in others. Now that he has caved, who do you think will advance the cause?

Perhaps you should get a grip on the situation we face in this country.

I feel much like you lifepath. I never thought rush would cave like this. I felt like he was the only one truly carrying the conservative water.
I don't accept Rush's apologies, one to Fluke and one to us, his listeners.

By his apology, he has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker in one bad gulp. He now twists and the end of a rope held by the politically-correct.

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Wed Feb 29, 2012 at 09:53 AM PST

FReep Weeps - with POLL!!!

by qannabbos

After yesterday's fun contests in MI and AZ, our Loyal Opponents over at freerepublic dotcom are trying, without much success, to figure out some way forward. And it ain't easy. Some are pragmatists, some are dreamers. I'll not be linking to that site, but feel free to head on over there yourself. Tip: wear some clothes you can throw away after going there, though.

I’m not voting for another RINO shoved down our throats by RINOs.
a very common theme.
Well, the anti-Santorum rhetoric worked it’s magic.
Congrats to those who slammed Santorum non-stop for the last few weeks.
Romney thanks you all very much.
I’m so sick and tired of being in the party that shoots itself in the foot over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... to infinity.
but you just stick it out, as I know you will. would you like a pickle with that shit sandwich?
At least FR is back up.
.....back to heavy drinking I guess.
I’m not either. If Romney gets the nomination, I’m voting constitution party or the best 3rd party candidate I can find.
Agree 100%. F Romney, Rove, Coulter, and the rest of the elites.


regarding the

5%20 votes
11%43 votes
27%98 votes
22%81 votes
2%10 votes
30%108 votes

| 360 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Feb 24, 2012 at 02:09 PM PST

Obama has DESTROYED the economy

by qannabbos

is what the Republicans would like to claim, but this is just in:

S.&P. 500 Index Closes at Highest Level Since 2008

The Standard & Poor's 500-share index on Friday finished at its highest point since 2008, extending a climb that began in November.


The S.&.P. closed at about 1,365 points, up 0.2 percent for the day. The last time it was higher was in June 2008, before the worst of the financial crisis.

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That's the title of a Newsbusters article on this issue.

Please revisit all the liberals who called Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" effort urging conservatives to vote for Hillary Clinton "undemocratic" and worse. Because Daily Kos blog boss Markos Moulitsas announced on Wednesday "Operation Hilarity," urging liberals to turn out and vote for Rick Santorum to "keep the GOP clown show going!"
some reader reactions:
Operation Chaos got Obama into the White House. Let's see if this garbage gets Santorum into the White House.

The odd thing is that their point of ridicule against Santorum is that he is an individual person with his own thought and values. The left cannot stand that.

Liberals never have an original idea.
They are always patterning their actions after something on the right.
And we're seeing it now. As much as I despise the writers at Daily Kos, they're not doing anything illegal. If they gum up the process, the Republicans can thank their own blindness.
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When this shrill harridan decided to support the Mittster, she lost the teahadist wing of the Republican Party. You could find it at freerepublic dot com, but I shan't link to it here. Wearing my HazMat suit, I've selected some of their derision, below, for your amusement and delight. But first, this disclaimer:

Ann Coulter is not a trans woman. While you'll see quotes from FReepsters that attempt to smear her by calling her a trans woman, this is not based on any known facts about her. Just as when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "fag," slurs based on immutable characteristics such as gender orientation, sexuality, skin color, etc. do not hurt their intended targets in the way they hurt our brothers and sisters who have those characteristics. Accusations of being a trans woman imply that trans women are not women and that being transgender is somehow a bad thing to be. Anyone who intimates that Ann Coulter is transgender, or otherwise not a woman, in this diary's comments, will have their comments swiftly hidden (one hopes.) TUs, please help if necessary. I'm sorry to have to write this here, but the history is clear.
Now, onward to the freude!

What a fool she is. When Romney gets what he wants he will dump his whore to the curb like the pimp he is. Ann tried to jump the shark and ended up being eaten by a megalodon which promptly spit her chewed body out because it had no meat on it.

we have now jumped the Megalodon.

STFU, Ann. You no longer matter to conservatives, you sold out for political expediency and “electability,” what you say no longer matters. Go home and eat a couple of Whoppers and large fries.
Yep! No longer does Ann get to be a skinny, desirable, attractive (to Republicans) woman. Since all women only have value in proportion to their looks, the Republicans now must sentence Ann to get fat.
Even if she believes Romney is the best candidate her shrill all-or-nothing hawking of him has greatly lowered her stock among conservatives.
Shrill? Are you talking about the same Ann Coulter?? heh.

 Are you enjoying this as much as me?

this guy probably doesn't even know that AC is one of America's Real Action Heros:

Wow. The Transsexual is utterly delusional.
Truly disgusting. Don't go there.
“you owe me and you’d better be as right-wing a President as I tell people you will be!”
A just like a typical "John" who's got what he wanted and is now done with Coulter. Romney responded, "What ever you say hon, you money's on the nightstand, I'm outta here.."
wow. How soon they forget that she's their Champion!

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Fri Feb 03, 2012 at 12:09 PM PST

Pink Toast: the view from FReep

by qannabbos

I'm back with another episode of FReep-diving, complete with Tyvek suit, but sans link - feel free to type free republic dotcom if you must...

This diary celebrates the unintended consequences that keep on rolling in from SGK's ludicrous decision-making, heaping one bad decision on another. After alienating the entire liberal and progressive universe for all time, but burnishing their cred with their wingnut supporters, their appearance of caving in (while not true) has alienated the loony Republicans so much that they, too, will never again trust or support SGK ever again, shortening the time of their eventual demise from 4-5 years to a year or two, tops.

Read for yourself what the FReepsters are saying:

I feel sorry for all those that gave over the last two days.

Komen will die on the vine over the next 2 or three years. They will be a shell of their former selves. This reversal will kill them.

from your keyboard to the FSM's shell-like ears.

No one likes a flip-flopper. Either you were wrong before, or you’re wrong now.

In any case...NO ONE (pro-deathers or pro-lifers) are happy with SGK now.

no one likes a flip-flopper? be careful what you say, wingnuts.

That’s the end of the Komen Foundation as far as I’m concerned.

hey! me, too!

The Pro abortion dem congresscritters threatened to supoenea all of Komen’s financial records and put them under the kleig lights in DC. Komen caved under the pressure. The thirst of the baby killers seems unquenchable.

Hopefully this will really hurt them. Until a few days ago most people were totally unaware that they were giving money to Big Murder, but that's all changed now.
Komen's average daily donations DOUBLED this week, this should gut them. They have blood on their hands and they deserve to be shown for exactly what they are.

yep - wingers just like you. heh.

This is the begining of the end for that organization.

we can only hope, right? hee.

This is an incredible mistake. The fact that a wide majority of people had no idea they were funneling cash to Planned Parenthood actually provided a backstop to the fallout from cutting it off. How many of those will cut off donations to SGK, now that they caved to the fascists?

And that’s right - no one likes a flip-flopper.

Umm...don't let this guy hear you saying that:

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RINO Romney wins the day, and the Keyboard Kommandos over at FReep haz a sad. Here are some schadenfreudey messages of misery for your enjoyment, but don't look for any links. Free Republic dot com really isn't a place I'd recommend going - but I've donned my Tyvek suit and shall delve for your lulz.

This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.
...and they're African drums, I bet!
Screw Romney. He ain’t gettin’ my vote.
so, Obama, then? Nobody? works for me.
Go full attack mode against the media.... at every turn, tell the world the media is cramming Willard down the Republican’s throats because they really want DearLeader re-elected.
yeah, you got that right. snicker.
If Romney wins the nomination we can be sure that millions of FL who would have voted Republican will just sit it out in the General Election and FL communists Democrats will vote King Obama to win the State. Really screwed.
from your crumb-jammed keyboard to the FSM's noodly ears, pal.

Those miserable scumbags. How I hate them all. The whole lib media circus.

YES! the ones who have three or four Republicans on for every Democrat...stinking liberal media. Your tears are spicy and delicious, though.

That sends chills up my spine, gator. I’m bordering on tears at this moment.
yours are, also!
It’s not too late for a Sarah Palin to get into this thing. Still 95% of delegates left to be decided and we have five weeks before the next major string of primaries.
This, I like! and the Donald can be her gentleman-in-waiting.
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There it is.

The 39-second ad appears to be set on a slave ship called the "U.S.S. Obamaboat," which flies an upside-down American flag and is filled with a cast of characters that includes bailed-out bankers, health-care freeloaders, Guy Fawkes, corporate fat cats, and a blond woman in a bathtub who says "stimulated" in a way that made us vaguely uncomfortable.

As if this horrible video isn't enough,

It might also be fun to hop over to YouTube to check out the video comments -- Oxner's staff appears to be dishing out sassy replies to commenters. Oxner said in a news release that he'd "be releasing several more like this over the coming months." We can't wait.

transcript over the filigree.

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I know: it's a stupid online poll. But why not show up?

POLL: Do you approve of the job Gov. Walker is doing?
Do you approve of the job Gov. Walker is doing?
Strongly approve
Strongly disapprove

Do you approve of the job Gov. Walker is doing?

8%13 votes
0%0 votes
1%2 votes
89%131 votes

| 146 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Jan 11, 2012 at 06:01 AM PST


by qannabbos

Time for your doctor's appointment. chop, chop!


At LONG last, this just in.

MSNBC OUSTS CONTRIBUTOR PAT BUCHANAN OVER RACIST BOOK | Conservative contributor Pat Buchanan’s tenure at MSNBC may have finally come to an end. AP reports that MSNBC president Phil Griffin has indicated the controversial former presidential candidate will not be allowed back on the network after the release of his latest book. “Suicide of a Superpower” has been roundly condemned for its racially-charged content, including chapters titled “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” Griffin said, “When Pat was on his book tour, because of the content of the book, I didn’t think it should be part of the national dialogue much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.” As ThinkProgress has reported, Buchanan has a long history of bigotry and has made many offensive statements while in the network’s employ. 275,000 people signed a petition calling on MSNBC to fire him.
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A good question, a reasonable question. Let's start with a quick visit there... - go ahead, give it a try. What did you find?

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