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Rosa Moreno used to make components for flat screen TV's.

The recent Texas Observer story about Rosa Moreno with a picture of her posing with a a large flat screen is here.

The Texas Observer serves a role in Texas very similar to The Nation, and has done so for a long time.

The failure of any corporation or institution to step forward and pay for decent prosthetic arms for Rosa Moreno after her crush injuries at work is detailed and sadly not surprising.

The donation site to help Rosa Moreno obtain decent prosthetic arms, which is also found as a link at the bottom of the Texas Observer article, is here.

Stuart Heady's diary making this appeal 2 days ago to a fairly muted response is here. According to his diary, there is fifteen thousand dollars in matching funds that await Rosa Moreno. She needs forty thousand.

She deserves more than she has received from those that should have provided for her care.

Perhaps those of us here in a position to help can fill the gap a little more.

May this find the reader well.

Merry Christmas to all.


I love Earth, but why are we still talking about "saving the planet?" As someone recently pointed out here: Precision Matters.

Why talk about saving the mountain, when our little mountain cabin is what's on fire? For emphasis, let's imagine that we live in a desert mountain cabin without surrounding trees or grass.

We humans live in 3 miles of breathable air. As far as we know, all the life on this planet reproduces itself in a twelve mile strip between the Marianas Trench and the top of Everest, and yet we are still talking about saving a planet we can't destroy.

Let's stop asking people to worry about the big ole rock, when we want them to  visualize that their thin and wispy 3 miles of air are in danger, and that twelve miles of life is a fragile thing.

Advertising works. That is one of the most important messages of the twentieth century. Unconscious messaging, imagery and framing matter. Sex sells and fear repels.

Well, there's no sex where you can't breathe and right now WE'RE DUMPING ALL SORTS OF STUFF INTO OUR 3 MILES OF AIR.

Talking points and emotional truth matter.

Don't take my word for it.

Hire a focus group.

With all sincerity, Happy Earth Day.


Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 07:14 AM PST

Stop trying to save the planet

by respectisthehub

Looking before clicking? "Planet" and "Earth" are bad frames for saving the biosphere, our fragile life space.

An earlier version of the post below can be found on earthfamilyalpha.

If anyone is aware of any research on this topic, please let me know.

Hope this diary finds everyone well.


Do you think that there should be polling and/or focus groups to determine whether the visual framing of planet/Earth versus biosphere/ life space affects acceptance of climate change as reality?

76%10 votes
15%2 votes
7%1 votes

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It's been a while since I've heard the gentle lull of crickets, but there is still a unifying challenge waiting to be recognized. Hope this day finds you well. The essay below the icon was originally posted in earthfamilyalpha.

This is the latest edition of an essay that has been trying to write itself for over twenty years. Kurt Vonnegut's request for "common decency", a light that infuses all his works, still beckons. Happy Armistice Birthday Mr. Vonnegut. Thank you for the kindness of your wisdom.

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Mon Dec 08, 2008 at 01:43 PM PST

Respectism and the AK-47

by respectisthehub

This essay is cross-posted from earthfamilyalpha, an eclectic mix of energy vision, poetry and opinion.

Yesterday I watched the last part of "Scream Bloody Murder", the program on genocide with Christiane Amanpour. The genocide in Darfur follows a predictable path.

What was surprising was the level of reconciliation in Rwanda between Tutsi and Hutu, achieved apparently, with heavy promotion throughout the country.  

I would greatly appreciate any answers given to final question in the essay below.

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Earlier I was reading Jeffrey Feldman's recommended diary and his penultimate exhortation to "not waste one more minute being afraid," and I thought surely other people are thinking it's time to pull the sword out of the stone.

So I scrolled through the diary looking for the timeless phrase, and sure enough orgg1 and sidnora had already adopted it as their sigline.

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

Now it's my sigline too. Thanks guys. For the time being, it's replaced another profound FDR quotation.

We have to move forward together, stick together and be guided by our fear, not paralyzed by it.

I've got your next 527 ad right here. It should be our anthem.


Howard Dean was our netroots pioneer, who we elected to head the DNC by popular demand to represent Democrats in all 50 states.

Then after some dissatisfaction with our new Democratic Congress, the DNC was starved out by many who had supported Dean and by those who didnt't.

Now we see the results.

Here's the old ActBlue site: "We've Got Howard's Back" I have a monthly donation there, but went back yesterday to give more when I couldn't stop thinking about the consequences of losing.

Let's show Howard and everyone in the biosphere some love.


Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 12:14 PM PDT


by respectisthehub

Foundational Beliefs for a Respectful Society

Seven Proposed Principles for a Practicing Respectist

The primary goal of a respectful individual and a respectful society is to practice and promote respect for self, others and place.

Failure to recognize the importance of respect is the human-made crisis that drives all other human-made crises.

No crisis suffered by human beings can be made better until enough concerned human beings give to the respect that binds us all.

Respect for self, others and place must be the hub principle for all human law, so that even a small child can see, understand and follow the rule from which all other rules are made.

Honest and listening dialogue is the essential tool for resolving conflict without violence, a failure of respect which should always be the absolute and true last resort in any necessary defense.

Respectful individuals must work together to readily identify those who abuse power and keep them from power.

Love is the soul of respect, and respect is the language of love.

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Now that most of you have left the table, there's an open house over at earthfamilyalpha.  We're serving poetry and desert. Here is a sample from Susan Bright's poem, "Pie."

Concentrate on the art of pie. It is an old art. Ingredients spread through the house like a layer of snow, later people say: O, Pie. Pie. We love pie. It is a good art. No one will say, Make this pie with only one silver knife, or no ice, or make it with chalk instead of flour. Fill pie with ingredients at hand, cans of things, fresh fruit, cheese. Add it to a feast. Eat leftovers for breakfast the next day, the celebration begins again, pie filling the recesses of the body, exhilaration.

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Hello. This is a cross-post from the earthfamilyalpha on the importance of being more specific about what exactly we are trying to save. It is a frameme, meaning that we want to present a frame that goes viral. Perhaps that is too wonky or redundant a word to try and coin, but hey...

In this case, we want people to see the glass wall of their delicate home on earth. There's more below, or if you make it to the original post, there is a great picture that illustrates everything I'm trying to say, and a video of Herman Daly driving the point home.



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Sat Oct 20, 2007 at 07:26 AM PDT

I am asking for help.

by respectisthehub

We are our biggest problem. Talk about the respect issue.

For those of you who need to go, the bumper sticker synopsis is above, but I really am asking for help in the form of editorial review.

About a year ago, I wrote this essay/post on the web site of my friend, oz.

Although it may not seem like much, it is the tip of my iceberg, something I  think about every day, and have thought about every day for about twenty years.

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I pledge allegiance to The Constitution of the United States of America and to the Republic for which this flag stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

One day, hopefully, the pledge can be changed to reflect the fact that The Constitution is the foundational bedrock of this country, while still acknowledging the importance of the flag.

Until that time, I intend to make my pledge to The Constitution and the Republic directly, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment.

What we pledge to is no small issue in a country where less than half of adults can correctly name the three branches of government.

Eventually, this will be cross-posted at earthfamilyalpha. I commend the linking reader to OZ, who today has reprinted the entire Declaration of Independence with topical commentary.

Happy Independence Day to all.


I would rather directly pledge to

30%28 votes
4%4 votes
31%29 votes
0%0 votes
32%30 votes

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