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Sun Jan 19, 2014 at 11:13 AM PST

Charlie Brown and Pups

by snoopydawg

This diary is a little over due, but for those interested in the end of the Charlie Brown saga, here it is.
After a rough start, emergency vet visits, broken ankle that made taking care of all of the dawgs very difficult, things turned out very well.
I posted an ad on our local website's classifieds and both pups were sold by the next day.
Bart went on Christmas day to 2 teenagers and really nice mother.
Sammie went to a very warm and loving family. I could just feel the joy in their hearts when they saw her. But they were going on a cruise, so I kept her until 1/5/14.
Once Bart was gone, Sammie got to be out with the big dawgs and play with them.
She was really smart. I showed her the dog door and she figured out how it works and would follow the other dogs outside to play.
Charlie and Sammie would run from room to room playing, then when we all went to bed, Sammie would sleep on my head.
Then the family came back and took their little girl away.
Poor Charlie. She was quite upset and for a week, she whined and every morning went in to the pup's room to see if Sammie was there.
But I gave her extra love and she seems fine.
Here are a few pics of these adorable pups.
Again, thank you all who offered advice, comfort and funds to help me thru everything.
This site ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Beagles love to sleep on their backs

Learning to eat






Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 09:31 AM PST

Charlie Brown and puppies

by snoopydawg

It is hard to believe that it was one week ago that I turned to this community in panic over Charlies  labor.

So many of wonderful people responded with advice, comfort and offers to help pay for her vet bill.
And one wonderful Kossack offered to pay her for spay when she is ready to have it performed.

It has been a week full of joy and sadness after losing one of her puppies.
Charlie is a great mother and is very protective of her puppies. She doesn't even like me holding them, and if Abby even looks at her she growls.
There have been a couple of fights between them when I have given them by table scraps. I don't know if Abby made a move to the bath, but Charlie attacked her. I guess that is just the mothering instinct.
Charlie likes to sleep under my covers, and she kept coming in and waking me up to get under the covers only to go back to the puppies and then back to the bed, puppies, bed, puppies, bed, ect.
So I thought maybe if the puppies and Charlie slept at one end of the bed I could have some sleep.
Wrong move. Charlie growled at Abby so I moved the puppies back to the bathroom Charlie attacked Abby went she came back to bed.
I have been worried about one of the brown puppies because he seem too fat. Especially in the tummy area. They all seem to be fatter then I remember my other puppies being, but thought maybe it was because the father was a bigger dog.
Last night I went in to make sure everyone was ok before I went to bed, and found the other brown puppy had died.  I am pretty sure he was the one I had just held while I was watching TV. I don't think more then 15 minutes had passed.
In my first diary I wrote that Charlie kept trying to kill the black female so maybe she knows there is something wrong with all of them.
They all seemed to be ok. Nursing well and moving around.
I don't know and damned tired of worrying.
I got up a few times during the night to check on them.
Again any advice is welcome.
I have been asked to post to my paypal to help with the vet bill and vaccinations, and any donations will be appreciated.
I have made some good friends who have been asking for updates on Charlie and the puppies.
This is just such a wonderful community.
Thank you all for being so wonderful and caring.
Sorry if this diary is disjointed, but I did not get much sleep and I am still so worried.
Enjoy the pictures and feel free to fix and tags.
As you can see, the 2 brown boy dogs look like twins except for their weight.
And you can see the large tummies that have me worried

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Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 11:41 AM PST

Another Charlie Brown update

by snoopydawg

Things went downhill fast over night. Charlie started panting and shaking again and coming in to my bed then back to the puppies over and over.
Puppies were crying and as I got up to look at them, I saw Charlie dive under the bed with a crying puppy. She was trying to kill her. I know dogs will do that if they think something is wrong with them. the puppy looked fine to me.
I separated them, and looked at all the other puppies. One had a HUGE stomach and was dehydrated.
I called the vet and they had us come right in.
Charlie has Eclampsia which is low Calcium levels. It can lead to death.
They drew blood and gave her a Calcium injection.
They said the puppy had some type of hernia, but I told him that the puppy was just fine yesterday, so he then said that maybe Charlie stepped on him.
During her confusion, she was trying to kill the wrong pup.
I just got back from the vet. They put the puppy down and I just brought it home because they would have charged $30 to dispose of it.
$56 dollars for a dead puppy.
I explained my money situation that I have been unemployed for over 2 years.  
I bought some puppy formula and a feeding bottle.
So now I am bottle feeding the puppies, keeping an eye on all of them and trying to give my other dog some attention.
I am exhausted.
I can get her spayed after she weans the puppies.
An incredible Kossack has offered to pay for that. Is that amazing or what?
But I can't go thru this again, and I don't want Charlie to either.
So, that is the current situation here at the Dawg House.
Thanks to all that helped out yesterday.
It really helped me out.

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Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 02:13 PM PST

Update on Charlie Brown

by snoopydawg

Thank you all that offered advice and encouragement.
She had 4 puppies. 3 brown all males, and 1 black female with white feet.
Not sure what they will look like when they grow up because Beagles are born black and white and their brown comes in later.
In case anyone is interested in my avatar pic, that was Beagle Bailey.
I had to take a Beagle Break after my last one died.
I am sure all Beagle Humans understand how stubborn they can be.
Beagle Bailey was my soul mate dawg and has been gone 3 years now.
DK roxs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a 2 year old Beagle that jumped the fence while she was in heat.
She started with the restlessness last night, and during the night, she started with the panting and whining.
I realize labor can go on for over 18 hours, but my last Beagle didn't show the signs this one is.
She is going from room to room, whining and panting.
She is very small for her age and I just don't know how to help her.
Maybe I just need someone to hold my hand. But this doesn't seem like this is going well.
I am unemployed for over 2 years now and the ER Vet will really hurt me.
Any advice?
1st diary so feel free to edit tags.
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