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This is not really a diary, but as I was feeling flood of relief this morning I thought of someone for whom this be an even greater weight lifted.

In her career and in her life Justice Ginsburg has worked tirelessly for equality. This election was one of the biggest steps in that direction for a long time and it was not doubt made possible by her brave and tenacious service.  We have the most women in the Senate ever.  In New Hampshire, for the first time ever, the governor, both representatives and both Senators are women.  That is progress.

If and when she does decide to retire, she will have earned the undying gratitude of everyone who voted for the President and hopefully some who did not.



Sat Nov 03, 2012 at 07:05 AM PDT

Fox News Failing their Faithful

by stuntfrau

Oh Fox News, what has become of you?

If I wasn't so worried, I would be mad.  How could you have failed to alert the faithful to the numerous dangers that have threatened them this week?

Yes, Benghazi must be covered -- people simply keep missing how much the Benghazi events make Obama into a prematurely reincarnation of Jimmy Carter...but WHAT ABOUT SANDY??!?!

You have failed to cover the fact that Obama's ability to control the weather.  It is clear that Sandy was created to hit the Red seaboard southern states, including Florida but because he apparently forgot to lower the ocean (he has kept none of his promises!) so instead the storm veered off course and hit godless Blue states.

It's true that your viewers don't really care about anything happening in New York or New Jersey, but you are missing the point of the storm altogether --FEMA ("displaced persons"--ha!) Camps!

Don't you get it Fox?  This was a plot at last minute indoctrination attempt by the Obama administration.  They are on the ground brainwashing right now...but jokes on them...they were probably going to win the pinkos in New York and New Jersey anyway.  But they got to Chris Christie! and Michael Bloomberg!

Come on Fox!  Are you waiting for the FEMA thugs to come for you?


Mon Oct 15, 2012 at 10:11 AM PDT

Grade Grubbing the Romney Way: A play

by stuntfrau

Setting --  Classroom, presumably after class has ended. Mitt Romney is dressed casually, yet crisply in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and high-waisted jeans.  The teacher is gathering his materials from the lecture.

Teacher:   Yes, Mr. Romney, you wanted to speak to me about your test?

Romney:  I got an A on the test.

Teacher:  No, no you didn't.  Not only did you give the wrong answer, you did not show your work, so I can't even give you partial credit.

Romney:  I will give you the supporting work after you give me he grade for the semester.

Teacher: No, I need it to be able to give you a grade.

Romney:  I have 6 studies that prove my answer is the correct one.

Teacher: You...have...studies?

Romney: Yes. (Hands the Teacher a piece of paper.)

Teacher looks over the paper.

Teacher:  A blog post by someone pledging your fraternity?

Romney: That is a bipartisan study.

Teacher: This one says it could be true if the numbers in the problem were different.

Romney:  Exactly.

Teacher:  A tweet from your mom?

Romney:  That is totally independent analysis.  Oh look, here is someone else who can back up my answer...

Enter Paul Ryan wearing a backwards baseball cap.

Ryan: (very politely)  Mr. Romney is correct.

Teacher:  Have you seen the test question?  How could his answer possibly correct?

Ryan:  Because it is net.  But it would take too much time to explain.  

Romney:  Also, I care about everyone. 100%.  I give them $30million and some of them aren't even Mormons.

Ryan : Although some have been in fatal car crashes.  And now we have to go to Logic class.  I have a presentation about why women shouldn't have healthcare because my wife and I nicknamed our fetus daughter Bean.

Teacher:  Hey we nicknamed our fetus Peanut!

Ryan/Romney together:  So an A, right?

Teacher:  Well...there is another test next will back up you numbers for that one, right?

Ryan/Romney:  Of course.  Would we lie to you?

                                                  The End


The Romneys beat our family at almost every economic measure, except one!

IRS audits in the the last 10 years!

We are beating the pants off of them at getting audited.

Woo.  Hoo.

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