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Sun May 25, 2008 at 08:39 AM PDT

Stop the Hillary Hate

by sweetmags

perhaps the dislike of Hillary has had a purpose, sort of

as an Obama supporter, I would have been happy with either as President, much as it's clear to me that it's Obama's time

It's time for change

and now it's time to stop the hate and reach out before it's too late


Is it time for Kossites to be inclusive of Hillary and her supporters

44%59 votes
55%75 votes

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Hillary has gone batshit

she literally does not know how to stop

and if she thinks she can manipulate the 2008 election in ANY WAY towards McCain so that Obama does not win, she needs to be told in no uncertain terms


that any such manipulation will NOT BE FORGIVEN

NONE of Obama's supporters would ever support her again


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would you please show a modicum of grace and drop out, while you still have any shred of dignity left?

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I mean COME ON.  Whether you are politically minded or not, don't you want to be the one to get credit for tilting the Supers totals PERMANENTLY in Obama's favor (assuming you believe as you should that Obama is as we speak 0.5 supers behind)?

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Even if Hillary wants to stay in the race until June 3, isn't it time for the Supers to favor Barack, even if only slightly, to come close to representing the will of the people?

The fact that he trails by 10 or so, as per the top of the Homepage of Daily Kos at present, needs to change and now.

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make it clear that by voting consistently with Bush (96% in 2007 did I hear?) we WILL get more of the same, no matter how the MSM wants to portray McCain as a maverick

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Between Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore & Jimmy Carter, we have three of the most influential Democrats, who's recommendations would hold much water with the remaining Superdelegates.

After North Carolina, and regardless of what happens in Indiana, they should come out together and declare their support for Obama.

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if she isn't the nominee this time, I'm now convinced that she would rather McCain be the next President

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I think this is a key rhetorical question that should be hammered home during the General Election.

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last night's debate should be the death knell for accepting anything less than what we want and need in this country

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What a disgrace - CBS gives us a cheerleader, ABC gives us the worst run debate in history.  The best of the lot are companies run by General Electric.

send them your love at

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He is not in control of the facts - on Iraq, on the economy, on anything that matters to most if not all Americans.

THAT should be a message repeated over and over to the media until it becomes an accepted mantra.

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