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(From the diaries -- georgia10)

NOTE - Due to some "unforeseen difficulties," last night's ERR diary was posted very late and didn't make it to the front page. Wouldn't want anyone to miss the fine work from our fellow Kossacks, please give it a look as well.

This Roundup Diary covers the period from 3:00 PM Saturday, 9/16 to 3:00 PM EDT Sunday, 9/17.

Today's Menu Includes:
45 Diaries Overall
- 13 On House races
     - With 13 covering individual Districts in 11 states
- 20 On Senate races
    - Representing 8 different states
- 9 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 3 General election-related diaries

Over 1,500 diaries served to date!!!

Volunteers still needed! - If you've dropped us a line in the past week please bear with us as we're "restructuring" things right now. (Incredible thanks to volunteers Nightprowlkitty, Alma, Sevah, suejazz, randallt, edgery, cdale777 and newcomers mkrc98 and turbonerd42.)

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (9/2 - 66 Days to Daylight) (with links to first 10 diaries in series, covering 8/22-9/1).
Election Race Roundup (9/12 - EIGHT WEEKS TO GO!) (with links to second 10 diaries in series, covering 9/2-9/11).
Election Race Roundup (9/13 - 55 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/14 - 54 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/15 - 53 Days to Daylight)
Election Race Roundup (9/16 - 52 Days to Daylight)

(3:00 PM, Saturday, 9/16 to 3:00 PM, Sunday, 9/17):  (45 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from F)

   House (13)

(LA-01) Had EnoughYet? by staceyforcongress LA01 - One line diary, with link to YouTube campaign ad for Dem Stacey Tallitsch in her race against Repub Bobby Jindal.

(MI-07) MI-07: More Harsh Words From Schwarz (R) by Lenawee Liberal - Description of Congressman Joe Schwarz's (R) criticisms of MI-07 Republican nominee Tim Walberg (R) in Sunday's Washington Post and how this shines a light on the Democratic nominee Sharon Renier (D).

(NH-02) NH-02: Bass Wants Us to Look at What's Happening in Iraq by Republic Not Empire - Diarist takes Repub Charlie Bass up on his words to look at what is happening in Iraq, one more reason, if anyone needs one, to vote for Dem Paul Hodes.

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 11) by pontificator - King (R) starts off his campaign by attacking Dave Meijas for taking money from an Islamic center.

(NY-29) NY-29: Happy 47th Birthday Eric Massa! by optimusprime - Copy of a note Eric Massa's (D) daughter wrote for his birthday.

(OH-18) The DEMS have a huge NATIONAL issue -NEY- at virtually no cost (or am I just crazy - you decide) by ca democrat - Rep. Bob Ney's (R) conviction on corruption charges is too good an opportunity to miss for Democrats.

(PA-08) PA-08: A union rally and canvassing ground report by PsiFighter37 - Personal account of positive canvassing for Patrick Murphy (D) in his battle with Mike Fitzpatrick (R), and indepth description with pictures of a Union rally for all the Dem candidates.

(TX-28) Coffee with Congressman Henry Cuellar by Sinequanon - Report from a Kossack who attended one of Cuellar's (D) coffee talks and still finds him weak on some of the important issues.

(WA-08) Shoveling after the elephant by RudiB - News that Rove's fundraising trip is helping Ds Darcy Burner and Jon Tester.

(WV-02) WV-02 I like Mike by Carnacki - Reasons to like Mike Callaghan (D) against the daughter of corrupt ex-gov Arch Moore, Shelley Moore Capito (R).

(CA-04) Doolittle Facts - My New Campaign Video by Get In Their Face - Diarist, a Navy veteran, outlines new radio ad by Dem Charlie Brown and talks about egregious exploitation of workers in Marianas Islands, supported by corruption of Abramoff crony Repub John Doolittle.

(CA-11) Hard-Hitting Direct Mailers (Pombo #37 Re-Worked) by Land of Enchantment - Pictures and descriptions of new direct mail ads produced by Jerry McNerney (D) for use in his race against incumbent Richard Pombo (R).

(CT-04) R Chickenhawk Chris Shays: Tell the Truth About CO Status! by goldbrick - Letter to the editor takes Rebub Chris Shays to the woodshed on his service - or lack thereof - to the country in a military capacity.

   Senate (20)

(HI-Sen) HI-SEN: 7 Days to Save Peace-Loving Akaka from Lieber-Case by schultzy - Links for helping Dan Akaka (D), one of the few Senators that voted against Bushs' war, in his primary battle Sept. 23rd with Ed Case (D), DINO that stood with Lieberman.

(HI-Sen) Hawaii Senate poll: Akaka ahead by 13 by Paleo - New poll shows Akaka leading over primary challenger Ed Case.

(HI-Sen) Comparing Endorsements for Dan Akaka and Ed Case by MelUH - Two newspapers, two endorsements, in this Democratic primary race.

(MD-Sen) (MD-Steele) Cardin Fires Staffer for Racist Blog... by leeroxxor - Dem. Ben Cardin fires staffer who blogged racially insensitive remarks about both Cardin's "Jewish" friends and his opponent for the Senate, Michael Steele (R).

(NJ-Sen) NJ-Sen: NJ Democrats need to wake the fuck up! by Progressive Moderate - One diarist's opinion that New Jersey Democrats cannot rest on their laurels and assume that just because Sen. John Kerry (D) and Gov. Jon Corzine (D) easily won in New Jersey, that incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez (D) is also destined to carry the state over Bob Kean, Jr. (R).

(RI-Sen) RI-Sen: Whitehouse has 8pt lead in Post-Primary Rasmussen 9/17 Poll! by mhinds01 - Latest polling shows Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse up over incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee (R), 51-42

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Corker chickens out, stands up Smyrna by Oxy Moron - Repub Bob Corker is a no-show at planned parade event, and Dem Harold Ford, Jr., who was to confront him there, uses the opportunity to make the venue his own.

(TN-Sen) TN-Senate: RNC is "concerned" about Corker's race by Sandy on Signal - Tennessee Senate race is trending toward Democrat Harold Ford, show him and some other Democrats in the Volunteer State some love.

(UT-Sen) UT-Sen : Adventures in D.C. by mp - Nicely detailed update of mps' trip with Pete Ashdown (D) to Washington D.C.  Ashdown is running against incumbent Orrin Hatch (R).

(UT-Sen) Campaign Wheels by pashdown - UT Sen Candidate Pete Ashdown, running against Repub Orrin Hatch, tells hilarious and insightful story about his time in DC.

(VA-Sen) George F. Allen and war profiteers: connecting the dots by JCWilmore - Another look at George Allen's (R) connections to Iraq war profiteers and how that translates to some angry Iraq veterans.

(VA-Sen) VA-Sen: George Allen/Jim Webb poll breakdowns by BruinKid - Extensive and insightful analysis of polls between Dem Jim Webb and Repub George Allen shows areas of strength and weakness in Webb's campaign.

(VA-Sen) Webb and Allen Greeted at NBC Headquarters (Photos) by lowkell - Photos from dueling protests as Jim Webb (D) and George Allen (R) show up at NBC HQ for the Webb-Allen debate on Meet the Press.

(VA-Sen) About Jim Webb by Mrmyster - Analysis of Webb/Allen debate on MTP.

(VA-Sen) OUTRAGE: WaPo Says CCC'S LEADERS Are Only "Alleged" CCC Members by BB10 - Diarist analyzes and debunks Washington Post story about the friends of Repub George Allen.

(VA-Sen) Allen v Webb on MTP: Open Thread by cap and gown - Write-up of Meet the Press session with the Virginia Senate candidates.

(VA-Sen) Colin Powell For Webb? by djm4america - Suggests Fighting Dem Jim Webb is getting an endorsement from Colin Powell.

(VA-Sen) Crashing the States (and roasting pigs) with Warner and Webb! (Photos!) by hekebolos - Our favorite spider blogger weighs in from a Webb/Warner event.

(VA-Sen) 3 Things Politicians Can't Say by SoBeDem - A framing tip for Democrat Jim Webb on Iraq.

(CT-Sen) Dear Lanny Davis by Joan in Seattle  - Open letter by diarist to Lieberman apologist.

   Various (9)

(FL-Gov) FL-Gov: Calling all Miami-Dade Dems by vf2890 - If you're a Democrat in Miami-Dade, join the Democrats of South Dade Club on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for two very important events.

(MA-Gov) MA Gov: Deval Patrick Leads in the Stretch by Frederick Clarkson - With the Democratic primary only two days away Deval Patrick has a very substantial lead on his two main opponents, Christopher Gabrieli and Thomas F. Reilly, despite their million dollar ad campaigns.

(MI-Gov) Bring it on, Saul! 50 reasons not to vote for Dick DeVos by whogotthegravy - Diarist helps out the Granholm campaign by posting 50 reasons. . .

(MN-Gov) MN-Gov: New Poll: Pawlenty & Hatch Tied At 42% by alphaaqua - Incumbent Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and Attorney General Mike Hatch (Democratic Farm & Labor) running even

(WI-AG) Wisconsin Democratic Attorney General Primary Analysis by russw - Diarist does an analysis on why Kathleen Falk won the Democratic primary for Attorney General, and comes to the conclusion that it was money.

(CA-Gen) How the Farm Bureau Paints California Red by elfling - Republicans have a secret weapon - the taxpayer supported Farm Bureau

(CO-Var) Colorado 2006 Election - Update by DavidThi808 - Linky roundup of the past week's goings on in Colorado's congressional races, with poll.

(Various) ME harm predicted; Courts courted in MI, MT, NV by sandlapper - Diary on the many TABOR initiatives on the ballot this year.

(Various) And the Fighting Dem Vet Nominees are ... 56 Fighting Dems for the GE! by Fighting Dem Vets - Comprehensive rundown of Fighting Dems who have won their primaries and are now gearing up for the general election.

   General (3)

FOX NEWS exposes the Princeton / Diebold story (TAKE ACTION) by STOP George - When even FOX-TV covers the Diebold Follies, there's hope for real media coverage of this issue -- with action tips to promote the YouTube video.

My Daily Donation | E-51 | $25 to Sherrod Brown by cmanaster - A fundraising match challenge to all Kossacks in this ongoing series.

To those involved in campaigns, from a voter by JakeC - While diarist admires people for putting in time on campaigns, he often times finds them annoying too.

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