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WE THE PEOPLE of the United States in order to preserve our Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish and remind our government of this Constitution for the United States of America.
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Cross posted at The Pony Express and stop by Never In Our Names opening Saturday!

WE THE PEOPLE have for 230 YEARS defended this Constitution, with our Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Our Fathers and Grandfathers and Ancestors FOUGHT AND BLED AND DIED to defend it...against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

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WE THE PEOPLE have had our power abridged, our voice taken from us, and our representation compromised for profit.

Iraq, Torture, Corruption.....SHUT IT DOWN!

Between now and the weekend, the target date for congressional recess, the Bush maladministration is going to try to ram several measures through congress........WHILE THEY STILL HOLD THE MAJORITY......... Among the most egregious being legislation to retroactively legalize torture. Or as the Torturer in Chief calls it 'Alternative Interrogation Procedures.'
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But there is one thing even worse. The Bush Administration wants to have the power under law, by destroying Habeas Corpus, to sieze and hold, indefinitely, with no notice to friend family or the press, no legal council, NO TRIAL, and no redress, you or your family, yes  YOU......................... for SUSPECTED acts....................THAT YOU HAVE YET TO COMMIT. Anytime they want...merely by ACCUSING YOU of ASSOCIATING with Terrorists.  Do they even have a definition of 'terrorist?'

That is the worse case scenario for sure, but what else have we come to expect from these Republican Traitors? These men who send our sons of to die, for their own greed and power? Are you willing to trust their good intentions that have proved hollow again and again......Where will they stop, if left UNCHECKED?

And who is left to check them?

The Congress? The majority in Congress is plainly and willingly complicit.

That leaves two checks left...and those two forces need to join together.

The Democratic Minority in Congress....

....and....WE THE PEOPLE   


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There is absolutely NO reason or advantage to Democrats allowing a single piece of legislation to pass between now and October 6th, between now and when Democrats have taken back Congress. AFTER THIS SESSION, the Republican Congress cannot hurt us again.....when Congress next reconvenes IT WILL BE WITH A DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY

We may not win....But in the WORLD...can we not fight our hardest, do our best, how can we NOT raise our Voices to gether as one to say NO MORE! Here , Now.


Focus all your rage and despair into the fight! FLOOD the Senate AND House with E-mails, Calls and faxes

*If NOT NOW, when? If NOT HERE...........WHERE?

                                                                               FIGHT...............................AND WIN!!!
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*PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO SENATORS SNOWE AND COLLINS they are a strategic target, and could be very important!!!

Elise's Senate List GET TO FIGHTIN'!!!!!

--Senator Daniel Akaka

--Senator Lamar Alexander

--Senator Wayne Allard

--Senator George "Macaca" Allen

--Senator Max Baucus

--Senator Evan Bayh

--Senator Robert Bennett

--Senator Joe Biden

--Senator Jeff Bingaman

--Senator Kit Bond

--Senator Barbara Boxer

--Senator Sam "the earth is 6000 years old" Brownback

--Senator Jim "Where am I?" Bunning

--Senator Conrad "Little Guatamalan Man" Burns

--Senator Richard Burr

--Senator Robert Byrd

--Senator Maria Cantwell

--Senator Tom Carper

--Senator Lincoln "I'm gonna lose to Whitehouse" Chafee

--Senator Saxby "I'm a campaigner with no conscience" Chambliss

--Senator Hillary Clinton

--Senator Tom "Crazy Guy" Coburn

--Senator Thad Cochran

--Senator Norm Coleman

--Senator Susan Collins

--Senator Kent Conrad

--Senator John Cornyn

--Senator Larry Craig

--Senator Mike "last name says it all" Crapo

--Senator Mark Dayton

--Senator Jim DeMint

--Senator Mike "gonna lose to Brown" DeWine

--Senator Chris Dodd

--Senator Elizabeth Dole

--Senator Pete Domenici

--Senator Byron Dorgan

--Senator Dick "The Man" Durbin

--Senator John Ensign

--Senator Mike Enzi

--Senator Russ "The Fabulous" Feingold

--Senator Dianne Feinstein

--Senator Bill "Cat Killer" Frist

--Senator Lindsey "the Sellout" Graham

--Senator Chuck Grassley

--Senator Gregg Judd

--Senator Chuck Hagel

--Senator Tom Harkin

--Senator Orrin Hatch

--Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

--Senator James "I hate the environment" Inhofe

--Senator Daniel Inouye

--Senator Johnny Isakson

--Senator Jim Jeffords

--Senator Tim Johnson

--Senator Ted Kennedy

--Senator John Kerry

--Senator Herb Kohl

--Senator Jon Kyl

--Senator Mary Landrieu

--Senator Frank Lautenberg

--Senator Pat Leahy

--Senator Carl Levin

--Senator Joe "Sore Loser" Lieberman

--Senator Blanche Lincoln

--Senator Trent "Let's go back to 1948" Lott

--Senator Richard Lugar

--Senator Mel Martinez

--Senator John "Who needs Habeus Corpus" McCain

--Senator Mitch McConnell

--Senator Robert Menendez

--Senator Barbara Mikulski

--Senator Lisa Murkowski

--Senator Patty Murray

--Senator Bill Nelson

--Senator Ben Nelson

--Senator Barack Obama

--Senator Mark Pryor

--Senator Jack Reed

--Senator Harry "Give 'em Hell" Reid

--Senator Pat Roberts

--Senator John Rockefeller

--Senator Ken Salazar

--Senator Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum

--Senator Paul Sarbanes

--Senator Charles Schumer

--Senator Jeff Sessions

--Senator Richard Shelby

--Senator Gordon Smith

--Senator Olympia Snowe

--Senator Arlen "Some day I'll stand up for the Constitution, but maybe not today" Specter

--Senator Debbie Stabenow

--Senator Ted "The Tubes aren't a truck" Stevens

--Senator John Sununu

--Senator Jim "My commercials are full of it" Talent

--Senator Craig Thomas

--Senator John Thune

--Senator David Vitter

--Senator George Voinovich

--Senator John "Sellout" Warner

--Senator Ron Wyden

*Thanks Elise!*                                                     Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Originally posted to buhdydharma on Wed Sep 27, 2006 at 06:00 PM PDT.


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