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Well, it's nearly 4:30 am here and I'm finally throwing in the towell. I'll be back to update anything that needs to be updated later.

McNerney defeats Pombo (CA-11)

Loebsack defeats Leach (IA-02)

Democrats have now won enough seats to officially win the majority in the House of Representatives

Welcome to election night and the Election Day Live Blogging Mothership! From this diary, you will be able to access all the Election Day Live Blogging results threads. This project includes over 180 races, so hopefully all the races you are interested in are being covered. The links to the races are below the fold.

Please keep idle commenting to a minimum if you can. I don't want to overload the diary with comments before results even start coming in. If it gets to be too much (500 or 600) I may turn comments off. Thank you.

Also, I must thank everyone who has helped worth with this project. That includes everyone who has volunteered to do diaries, jotter, sidinny, and I'm sure there are more that I can't think of at the moment.

Dyanamically Updating Graphs:
US House | US Senate | Governorships


Jotter's complete results diary
Tomtech Campaign Locator diary

Secretary of State results

6:00 PM EST
IN-02, IN-03, IN-06, IN-07, IN-08, IN-09 - ElaineinIN

KY-01, KY-02, KY-03, KY-04, KY-05, KY-06 - yellowdog2004

7:00 PM EST
GA-08, GA-12 - smartpenguin78

New Hampshire
NH-01, NH-02, NH-Gov - nhcollegedem

VA-02, VA-10, VA-11, VA-Sen - suzq

VT-AL - jorndorff

7:30 PM EST
North Carolina
NC-05, NC-13 - smartpenguin78
NC-08, NC-11 - teresahill

OH-Sen - ohiorepub
OH-01, OH-02, OH-06, OH-15 - TDDVandy
OH-04, OH-05, OH-08, OH-12, OH-13, OH-14, OH-18, OH-Gov, OH-SoS - davidincleveland

West Virginia
WV-02 - fleetadmiralj

8:00 PM EST
CT-Sen - Craig Burnham
CT-02, CT-04, CT-05 - jorndorff

FL-08, FL-09, FL-13, FL-16, FL-22, FL-24, FL-Gov, FL-Sen - lorzie

IL-06, IL-08, IL-10, IL-11, IL-14, IL-17, IL-Gov - dmsilev
IL-19 - AAbshier

KS-02 - CJB

ME-Gov, Question 1 - Kyle the Mainer

MD-03, MD-06, MD-Gov, MD-Sen - suzq

MA-Gov - vox humana

MI-Gov, MI-Sen - ohiorepub
MI-07, MI-08, MI-09, MI-11 - LeftOfLeft

MO-Sen, MO-Amendment 2, MO-Proposition B - grog
MO-01, MO-02, MO-03, MO-09 - AAbshier

New Jersey
NJ-05, NJ-07, NJ-Sen - jorndorff

PA-Sen, PA-Gov, PA-03, PA-09 - RallyPoint
PA-04, PA-06, PA-07, PA-08, PA-10 - oysterface

TN-Sen, TN-Gov, TN-01, TN-Gay Marriage Amendment - fleetadmiralj
TN-07, TN-09 - Sidof79

TX-14, TX-HD32 - Ex Con
TX-17, TX-21, TX-23, TX-AG, TX-Sen - roses
TX-22, TX-32, TX-Gov - tinfoilhat
TX-06, TX-31, TX-HD93, TX-HD94, TX-AC - anna

8:30 PM EST
AR-Gov - TDDVandy

9:00 PM EST
AZ-01, AZ-05, AZ-08, AZ-Sen, AZ-Gov - latinleo

CO-04, CO-05, CO-06, CO-7, CO-Gov - AmySmith

LA-01, LA-02, LA-03, LA-04, LA-05, LA-06, LA-07 - AmySmith

MN-01, MN-02, MN-03, MN-06, MN-Gov, MN-Sen - Miss Blue

NE-01, NE-02, NE-03 - CJB

New Mexico
NM-01, NM-SoS - latinleo

New York
NY-03, NY-19, NY-20, NY-29, NY-Gov - wader
NY-24, NY-25, NY-26 - kml
NYS-02, NYS-03, NYS-11, NYS-15, NYS-24, NYS-35, NYS-40, NYS-41, NYS-42, NYS-49 - senor wylie

Rhode Island
RI-Gov, RI-Sen - vox humana

WI-08, WI-Gov, WI-Gay Marriage Ban - Miss Blue


10:00 PM EST
ID-01, ID-02, ID-Gov, ID-Lt. Gov - rearlgrant

IA-01, IA-02, IA-03, IA-Gov - CVDem

MT-AL, MT-Sen - jhwygirl

NV-02, NV-03, NV-Gov, NV-Sen - mrd in nyc

11:00 PM EST
CA-03 - akogun
CA-04, CA-11, CA-45, CA-50, CA-Gov - Mikesco

HI-02, HI-Sen, HI-Gov - fleetadmiralj

OR-Gov - FaithAndReason

WA-05, WA-08, WA-Sen - FaithAndReason

12:00 AM EST
AK-Gov - akogun

Dynamic Results Graphs

Originally posted to 2006 Election Results on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 01:59 PM PST.

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