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It inspires fascination in its repulsiveness.

Deference through unapologetic bluntness

And awe in its terrible, incomprehensible, magnitude.

1 million acres of our country are already gone.
1700+ miles of headwater streams - buried with poisonous waste.
Jobs losses to the tune of 90%

Most notably, mountaintop removal will be remembered as the final arrogant thrust of Big Coal’s knife into Appalachia’s side. As the coal disappears, this shall the final black bullet into the heart of America, ending a murder-suicide 150 years in the making - filled with open warfare, oppression, rape, and ultimate devastation.

For so long, not only has America ignored the razing of Appalachia, but through acts of Congress and the Bush Administration, made every attempt to streamline it.

A year ago, the EPA said that it expected MTR will double over the next decade.
Because of you, I no longer believe that to be so...

After 30 days and literally 1000s of calls by Kossacks and concerned citizens, the first shot across the bow of big coal – the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2169) - now has 118 Congressional co-sponsors, with several others bound to join in the coming weeks as the offices and Representatives review the legislation.

After 30 days of prodding by three of the most articulate and talented activists I’ve had the pleasure of working with – the 30 days to Save the Mountains has come to a close. DevilsTower, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, and A Siegel, it has been an honor and a pleasure to join you in this attempt to bring mountaintop removal into the national spotlight. I think we have succeeded.

And in your honor, I present...
30 days to save the Mountains
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For anyone who has not contacted their representatives, or gotten involved in the fight to end mountaintop removal, I ask you to take the simple step of finding your connection to mountaintop removal.

Through, you can now check which mountains and communities are affected when you turn on your light switch.

For those of you who have contacted your legislators, I hope you will continue the fight, checking in periodically with the following members of the Subcommittee on Water Resources.

NameDistrictLocal #D.C. #
Eddie Bernice JohnsonTX-30(214) 922-8885(202) 225-8885
Gene TaylorMS-4(228) 864-7670(202 225-5772
Brian BairdWA-3(360) 695-6292(202) 225-3536
Jerry CostelloIL-12(618) 233-8026(202) 225-5661
Russ CarnahanMO-3(314) 962-1523(202) 225-2671
John SalazarCO-3(970) 245-7107(202) 225-4761
Mazie HironoHI-2(808) 541-1986(202) 225-4906
Harry MitchellAZ-5(480) 946-2411(202) 225-2190
Steve KagenWI-8(920) 437-1954(202) 225-5665
Grace NapolitanoCA-38(562) 801-2134(202) 225-5256

Thank you, from the bottom of my little Appalachian heart, to DT, PDNC, Mr. Siegel, and the DailyKos community, for bringing the fight to a larger audience.


Originally posted to faithfull on Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 05:02 AM PST.

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