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If you thought we didn't have media bias here in more "liberal" California, compared to say, Fox News, think again. This is what I see in the Sacramento Bee's "Capitol Alert" section ( registration req.) this morning, so I'll copy it for you:

Doug Ose will hit the air waves next week in an advertising blitz introducing himself to 4th Congressional District voters, spokesman Doug Elmets said Tuesday.

The Sacramento Republican and former 4th Congressional District congressman announced last week that he was running for the seat being vacated by Rep. John Doolittle, whose role in the ongoing Jack Abramoff investigation is sending him into early retirement.

Now, who posted this? The SacBee's Political Editor.  And why should you care? Because Ose has never represented our CA- 04 Congressional District.  He spent 3 terms repping a different district to the south. CA- 03. Three is not Four. Was this deliberate? Absolutely.  She didn't bother to fact check Elmet's press release or verbal statement.

Is this a case of hyperbole to point this out? Was it just a simple mistake?  No.

When Thomas "Rico" Oller, the former state senator and state assemblyperson from San Andreas in Calaveras county, announced in January immediately after Doolittle's formal GBCW  he was coming up north and running for Doolittle's seat, the local politicians endorsing him also tried to pass him off not only as a bona fide local  but exagerated the number of years he'd been doing it. And the local paper said... nothing.  See diary here:

Now the same thing is happening with Ose, which is what I expected, after seeing how the crowd was padded at his announcement on the Courthouse steps of Auburn on friday. See diary here, warning, lots of photos:

Because the Republicans trying to bring these Carpetbaggers into the district to replace the Abramoff scandal- encrusted, debt ridden Doolittle know they have a "perception" problem as well as a financial one, and one of the ways you seek to alter people's perceptions is that you just keep repeating the falsehoods over and over and over again, until it gets out into the google searches and the AP wire picks it up and it's all over the internet and the MSM starts repeating it as gospel.

We cannot let them do this.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It just starts with a trickle, a tiny misnomer here or there, and the next thing you know, NONE of Ose's or Oller's past history is known because they're just a brand name.  And this is going to happen all over the country in all of these Congressional races.

You wanna see something else out of that Capitol Alert article?


That's any mention of any Democrats running for the seat, like Charlie Brown.  Brown will be on local Wave Broadband's Channel 4 tonight between 7 and 8pm (pacific local) on "News and Views,"  for an interview and audience questions.  

And how about this?


That's the part where you find out just where Doug Ose got the money that he has sitting in his campaign account.

And don't forget this part.


That's what time frame Republican Doug Ose was representing a different district in CA, during the last phase of the Clinton administration while the Republicans were trying to IMPEACH CLINTON, and the beginning of the disasterous Bush administration when we decided to invade Iraq.  

Let's lay it on the line here. The only reason the Republicans are dredging up this reservoir scum from the past is to make sure if we elect another Democratic President, then that President will end up under immediate threat of impeachment. And if the country elects another Republican, which they would prefer, they need a war mongering majority to continue the occupation of Iraq and start any other wars they please.

Ose bugged out when the going got tough, voluntarily "retiring" after 3 terms in Three. Now the SacBee's going to try to sweetpass him back in into OUR district and hope you don't notice he's just another real estate developer with a big checkbook who's been giving Doolittle cash all along.  And we can do so much better than this.

This is CA- 03, Ose's old district from 1999 to 2005, currently represented by Republican Dan Lungren.    

And this is CA- 04, the district Democrat Charlie Brown(Roseville) nearly beat Doolittle for Congress in 2006.

See how they don't look anything alike?

Hey, guess what, the other C- bagger Republican running, Thomas "Rico" Oller, used to represent the State Assembly seat in CA- 03, "Three, not Four, " too. Isn't this an amazing coincidence.  While CA ASSY 03 is not the exact same as Fed Congressional District 03, they are both districts to the SOUTH of the present CA- 04. Here's where "Rico" Oller used to represent, with the boundaries of CA ASSY 03 at that time:

This is Charlie Brown, the 25 year retired AF veteran, Democratic Candidate for CA- 04:   Brown 07 chicag

And this is Doug "Beauregard" Ose, the Republican C-bagger challenger:   2/1/8AubOse

I'm not linking any older pictures of Oller until I get something that shows him in his current appearance and not something taken years ago.

When the Republicans start sending out their mass mailings with the disgusting pictures, like they did last year, I wanted to get it up front now what our candidates looks like, since the MSM can't be bothered to get the other details straight either and just assume they own the seat. Whatever it is called.  

Originally posted to AmericanRiverCanyon on Wed Feb 06, 2008 at 12:44 PM PST.

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