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First, thanks for all the great comments last week; I am glad to know this series is appreciated.

A lot of good teaching goes on at dailyKos.  But a lot of it doesn't get read by everyone who wants to read it, because diaries scroll by so fast.
This series is about diaries that teach and about things you want to learn.  Could be any subject - an academic subject, a skill, a hobby, almost anything - but not diaries that simply inform, or it would include all of daily kos.

I will also include diaries about teaching and education, but, this week, I did not include diaries that are just about the stupidity of cutting education from the stimulus plan

DKU also offers tutoring in whatever we can.  I can cover statistics and some math; others know other subjects.  Please ask questions or volunteer answers (or both, of course).

What I do is, each week, search for the tags 'teaching', 'learning', and 'education' and go through jotter's lists and the diary rescue for diaries that teach.  Then I'll post the list, with perhaps some brief comment, and open the floor to people who want to learn something specific.

You can help me by tagging diaries with 'teaching' or 'learning' or 'education' when you see diaries that merit those tags, by reminding me of what I've missed, by recommending this diary, and by commenting.

I divide the list into "Regular series" and "Occasional diaries"

*Regular series* - by title of series

2 potatoes - the straight skinny on weight loss took a break this week.

2009 get fit challenge is on week 16 by kkmama; week 17 should be up soon. Update [2009-4-25 10:32:17 by plf515]:] and [here it is.

Admiral Naismith's book post will be back next month.

Bookflurries  was about other worlds, brought to you by cfk

Campaigning 101  took a break this week

Chronic Tonic was about fibromyalgia

Classical Economics took a break this week.

Considered Forthwith this week is about the House and Senate ethics committees by Casual Wednesday

Cooking with AAF had the wondrous cuisine of Armenia

Dawn chorus tells us go fish! by lineatus

The depressed kitchen had odds and ends by makettle

The dkos travel board was about Laos by LaughingPlanet  (if you'd like to write a diary in this series contact Laughing Planet).

FAQ forum hosted by dmsilev

Feminisms took a break this week (is this coming back?)

First Amendment Friday had Whitney vs. California by Something The Dog Said

Fitness Monday had cosmic convergence by AnnieJo  (if you want to write for this series, contact anotherdemocrat)

Free Food says that  good things come in threes by Wide Eyed Lib

Friday night at the movies had Maurice Jarre by chingchongchinaman

In Friday philosophy, rserven tells us about the unmaking of a woman

Frugal Fridays has  mothers and fathers by sarahnity

Fundamental understanding of mathematics is now in week 12 by Orinoco.

Garden blogging  with Frankenoid

Godel, Escher, Bach had brains and thoughts by plf515 (tomorrow - Jabberwocky in different languages!)

Going EV took a break this week

Got a happy story had an a tale of two cities by Eddie C

Hadrian's forum  took a break this week.

Healthy delicious eating took a break this week.

Healthy minds in healthy bodies had  Mt Hood gets stimulated by indigoblueskies

History for Kossacks took a break this week.

Home repair guest hosted by SMHRB

How a woman becomes a Goddess had Rhea by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker

How regulation came to be is back with red moon rising by dsteffen

Intro to motorized bikes took a break this week.

Iron Chef Kos was about tomatoes! by LunkHead

Is our children learning? took a break this week

The Left Wing took a break this week

Macca's meatless Monday said there is no brave face on my plate by beach babe in FL

The Mad Logophile had toponyms by Purple Priestess

Marine Life Series took a break this week

Math Kos  took a break this week

Painting palooza with boran2

parenting   by Elisa.  A new one should be up later today. UPDATE and here it is.

Pique the geek is back with drugs of abuse: alcohol by Translator

Saturday night losers club had  forest edition hosted by chingchongchinaman

Saturday night UFOria had it seems impossible but there it is by two roads

Science before it hits the papers took a break this week

Science Saturday had an Earth day edition from Neon Vincent

Science tidbits by possum.

Sunday Puzzle had  special alternative minimum tax your brain edition by Nova Land

Sunday scavengers club had a latest news edition by Blue Intrigue.

Teacher's lounge was about meeting students where they are by mamamedusa.  A new one should be up soon. UPDATE and it's up: advising graduating students by annetteboardman

this week in space by NellaSelim; Update [2009-4-25 9:58:22 by plf515]:] A new one is up: [here

Tutoring room took a break this week.

Thursday health series asked what difference does a year make? by dadanation

Urban Chicken is now in week 3 by carver

Water news took a break this week.

Welcome New Users took a break this week.

WGLB Presents had just the news by GLBT and friends

What are you reading? had aliens by plf515

What are you working on? took a break this week.

What's for dinner? had  browning reactions by Translator and pizza!  baseball! bonus teabags! by indigoblueskies.

Write on! discussed books about writing by SensibleShoes

Yat cuisine took a break this week

*Occasional diaries*  by name of diarist

123Idaho asks will Arthur Vailas get a raise now?

alefnot has a hugely informative Earth (day) science: climate and the energy budget

amplify your voice talks about the idiocy of abstinence only education in Bill O'Reilly's best friends

BFSkinner asked who am I today? A product of the past

c had asks are liberal vouchers possible?

catch lightning discusses greener schools, better schools, more jobs

ChicagoACTS asked us to support Chicago charter schools teachers and their new union

dancerat talks about a masters degree for $300 a term? Packing for the EU

daveUSA tells us about the Ludlow massacre

EddieC has photos from the NY Botanical Gardens

elropsych notes that in edunomics 101, Friedman gets an F; he also talks about terror management theory, right wing relatives, and tea

FoxWizard tells us about teen girls targeted for reeducation

Hybridity has questions and answers with teh gays

jocoshow discusses special needs education in Hawaii

juliewolf has pictures and prose about osprey and birds of spring, let's get it on!

keirdubois talks about reviving the lost art of self-immolation

leftyparent has an argument for many paths

plf515 took over Morning Feature for the joy of participatory learning

qi moutache wrote about taming the wild within

sgoya talks about charter school misconceptions

teacherken discusses education: why we're still at risk and an argument for socialism by Bernie Sanders and Columbine after 10 years: A teacher reflects

vladislaw notes that scientists discover a nearly Earth sized planet

Winter Rabbit tells us about forced sterilizations of indigenous women and that the head of the BIA apologized for genocide

yellow dog in NJ asks why aren't there protests for better education?

Originally posted to plf515 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 at 06:10 AM PDT.

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