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This just gets crazier...and convinces me it's time for some actual citizens united action against Target.  After giving $150,000 to MNForward, a group that has only endorsed and supported GOP candidate Tom Emmer for MN Governor and that is run by a Tim Pawlenty crony, now this from the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Target executives typically have been politically active — Steinhafel himself donated $10,000 to an April fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann featuring Sarah Palin. Now, that right extends to the company itself.

We know Michele Bachmann is nuts.  Yet Target CEO Steinhafel supports her.  

And Tom Emmer, the candidate being supported (barely) indirectly by Target's contribution is a radical.  He has supported a Minnesota Constitutional amendment that would declare that Minnesota is exempt from federal laws unless the Minnesota legislature ratifies them and the Governor signs them (the Minnesota Governor could VETO federal law).  It's crazy, unconstitutional, un-American and I find it hard to believe it would result in any benefit to Minnesota business--the lame excuse Steinhafel used to justify why Target donated to MNForward.

It's time to call out Steinhafel and Target for their un-American, discriminatory agenda.  

Can you be a good American corporate citizen while supporting a candidate who essentially wants a state to leave the union and declare itself legally independent?

Can you really claim to support equality and progressive values if you actively support those who would create legal barriers to those values?  

Creating a public persona of tolerance while actively working to undermine it is cynical, political hypocrisy.  

Supporting candidates who drape themselves in flags while burning their fellow citizens and their nation's constitution is un-patriotic and anti-American.

Time for Steinhafel and Target to pay for their hypocrisy.  Boycott now.  

Update  Thanks for noticing this.  

Better Contact (Thanks dmhlt66!)  
Phone: 612.696-6234
FAX: 612.696-6325

The Consumerist

Corporate Headquarters Contact

1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Phone: 612.304-6073
FAX: 612.370-5502


and an Emmer piece

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Originally posted to canoedog on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 04:40 AM PDT.

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