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I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to comment in my GOTV Challenge diary on Friday, even the ahem "well-played" comments.  Looks like I'll be maxing out my available phone calling time this week, having now committed to 150 minutes of calling for Joe Sestak.  But don't worry, if you want to make calls too, there's still plenty of work to do!

Today I'm just going to briefly summarize Sestak's weekend --- a speech in Allentown on Friday, a rally in Philly with Obama and Biden on Saturday, and a speech today in Pittsburgh (which I managed to make it out to see).  

My reactions - and ways you can get involved after the fold.  Help the Admiral become the next senator from PA!!!

Sestak spoke in Allentown on Friday, briefly at a rally with both Obama and Biden in Philly on Saturday, and this morning in the Burgh for around 40 minutes.  In every case, he made the arguments about the differences between his (sane, practical, effective) economic positions and his opponent's (delusional, crackpot, thoroughly-disproven-under-Reagan ones).

It's interesting, because he didn't say anything that was new, really - but I don't think that was the point.  I think the point is to be showing again and again and again the clear difference between him and Toomey --- and Sestak does seem to be ratcheting up on the offense with this repetition, forcing the Toomey campaign to be repeatedly issuing rebuttals and pre-buttals and the like.

[all emphasis mine]

On Friday:

Sestak said the U.S. will lose 500,000 jobs this year because of our economic policies with China.

Sestak is up against Republican and former Lehigh Valley Congressman Pat Toomey. He said that, as a Congressman, Pat Toomey supported legislation that made it easier for China to trade with the U.S., despite that nation's devalued currency and concerns over intellectual property rights.

---WFMZ-TV, Channel 69

On Saturday (Obama and Biden apparently had center stage w/Sestak talking for a minute or two, literally):

Catherine Zukoski, 62, a small business owner in Philadelphia, held a Sestak sign in her hand. She said she's energized.

"I don't want Republicans to get into office," she said. "I have a memory."


"The other side is counting on your silence, they're counting on your amnesia, they're counting on your apathy," Obama said.

In a rare joint appearance at a campaign event, Obama was joined by Vice President Joe Biden as well as a slate of candidates that included Sestak and Onorato.

Sestak spoke very briefly as one of the opening acts to Obama. His supporters walked around in Navy blue shirts that said simply "Admiral" in bold white letters – a tribute to Sestak's 31 years in the military.

"You don't vote just once for change, you keep fighting for change," Sestak said. "We have to ensure the election two years ago doesn't go wasted."

---The Morning Call

Today (and I have to say, because none of the traditional media reported it, but Sestak used Toomey's own words against him.  Quoting from his book where Toomey calls "buying American" an "unfortunate tendency" should get more play):

Speaking from the mock courtroom at the Pitt Law School, Democrat Joe Sestak gave a closing argument of sorts on his U.S. Senate run, with repeated mentions of his military record and his economic differences with Republican Pat Toomey.

Mr. Sestak's message -- before a group of some 150 supporters -- was unabashedly targeted toward a blue-collar Democratic base.


"The middle class -- which used to be the source of our prosperity -- is shrinking. The pact between generations has been broken by those -- like my opponent -- who focused not on fair opportunities for all, but on enhanced opportunities for a few. This undermined our economic security and placed our future at risk."

---Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

And, if you want some hilarity, read this NYT article.  It's purportedly about a Toomey event this weekend, but I think Toomey comes off looking like a willfully-deluded aristocrat (which, of course, he is):

Some of his assertions are fair. Some are a stretch but defensible. Others are false, like Mr. Toomey’s claim that a recent law passed by Congress to aid small businesses would have the federal government buy a stake in local banks. The bill would channel government-backed loans through the banks.


Mr. Toomey says he favors making the Bush-era tax cuts permanent for all Americans — which would add $700 billion more to the deficit over 10 years than the plan advocated by President Obama to let the lower rates expire for the rich. But he also expresses a desire to reduce the deficit.

At the ironworks shop, Mr. Toomey brushed aside a question from a local reporter who pointed out that real income for American workers dropped after the Bush tax cuts, saying he did not believe the data.

---New York Times

Sestak, however, is still down in the polls!

Here's what we need to do:

  1. Donate (I set up a new ActBlue page, it seems to me this series ought to be able to get at least 50 contributors - my email - feel free to cut-and-paste - got us several new donors!)
  1. Canvass --- getting out the vote is critical. You can also go to their contact us page
  1. Call - they have a Virtual Phone Bank, so you can make calls from anywhere! (h/t angel65)
  1. Send email (link takes you to the diary yesterday with a template) or call or talk in person with those you know in Pennsylvania about this race.
  1. Go to (GoJoe for short) create an account, and look for ways to get involved.
  1. And, if you are in Pennsylvania, plan to vote, and bring as many people with you as possible.

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#1 - Let's do better than the teabaggers in DE.  Seriously, people, fight for it.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to check in to see what tomorrow brings in this incredibly important contest.

Originally posted to demandcaring on Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 11:33 AM PDT.


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