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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Thursday, 10/28 to 6:00 PM EDT, Friday, 10/29

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88 Diaries Overall

- 20 On House races

- Covering 16 individual Districts in 11 states

- 27 On Senate races

- Representing 11 different states

- 15 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 26 General election-related diaries


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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 and '08 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)
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Election Diary Rescue 2010 (10/28 – FIVE Days 'til Election Day!)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, SJerseyIndy, ukben, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Thursday, 10/28 to 6:00 PM EDT, Friday, 10/29):  (88 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from S)

   House (20)

(SD-AL) Its close in South Dakota New Nielson Bros. Polling by shel 2 - Points to new polling showing Herseth-Sandlin is up by 2.

(VA-05) Perriello and the President by David Swanson - Diarist complains that Tom Perriello (D) voted with President Obama too often.   Robert Hurt (R) is his opponent.

(GA-02) Sanford Bishop supported HCR, will you support him? GA-02 by jayskew - Sanford Bishop (D) may be a Blue Dog, but he’s not his far-right opponent, Mike Keown, either.

(IL-12) IL-12: Costello favored, but Newman and Jennings are challenging by JGibson - A sixth and final in-depth profile of a race from the diarist.  A well-done series!  Today’s installment features the race between incumbent Jerry Costello (D) and challengers Teri Davis Newman (R) and Rodger Jennings (G).

(MN-06) Bachmann update: Garrison Keillor on Bachmann by Bill Prendergast - Garrison Keillor sends another fundraiser e-mail on behalf of Tarryl Clark (D), who is trying to unseat Michele Bachmann (R).

(MN-06) More nonsense from Bachmann by tlo - Forced off her list of talking points during a recent debate sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio, Rep. Bachmann cannot put together a cogent response concerning the use of closed captioning in political commercials.

(MN-06) Jim Dean: Michele Bachmann hasn't done a damn thing by The Big E - Outtakes from an interview with Jim Dean.

(NE-02) NE 02 Tom White vs Terry Double Down Race No One is Watching by snackdoodle - Makes the plea for help for Tom White who is in a position to pull a big upset.

(ND-AL) One-size attack ads don't fit all by Joan McCarter - Oops - Crossroads' one-size-fits-all ad against Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) doesn't really fit North Dakota.  Rick Berg (R) is Pomeroy's opponent.

(NH-02) Felons in Waiting by shpilk - Talks about Shea-Porter's opponents future troubles with the law along w/a few other candidates.

(NY-03) King Peter Toes the Line by nlean - Shares Peter King's obvious racism on display in a radio interview with Don Imus this morning.

(NY-19) Congressional Candidates’ Views on Clean Energy, Climate Change: NY-19 by NRDCActionFund - Diarist covers the environmental issues in NY-19 between John Hall (D) and Nan Hayworth (R).

(NY-19) NY-19: Will Hayworth likes John Hall by Daniel Case – Republican Nan Hayworth’s son would apparently support the election of his mom’s Democratic opponent John Hall.

(NY-20) NY-20: Koch front group plans canvass, plus big Dems rally for Murphy by devtob - Diarist covers NY-20 between Scott Murphy (D) and Chris Gibson (R) vith a visit coming Monday from Bill Clinton.

(NY-29) NY 29 Matt Zeller on Energy by Caradox - Talks about Dem candidate Matt Zeller's take on energy issues and how they affect our future.

(OH-08) Who's looking out for YOU Ohio? Think hard. by jamess - Diarist covers the Ohio-08 District of John Boehner (R) with challenger Justin Coussoule (D).

(OH-10) Cook Report adds Kucinich to list of vulnerable Dems by Joe Trippi - Diarist covers a new Cook Report on OH-10 between Dennis Kucinich (D) and Peter Corrigan (R).

(PA-03) PA-03:  Bill Clinton for Kathy Dahlkemper (Plus Onorato!) by gizmo59 - Diarist covers PA-03 between Kathy Dahlkemper (D) and Mike Kelly (R) with a visit from Bill Clinton.

(PA-07) How I Got Bank of America to Donate to Bryan Lentz (PA-07) by redrelic17 - Diarist used his premium from a BoA checking account to give Bryan Lentz (D) some love through ActBlue.

(Var)   update,-UT,-VT,-VA,-WA,-WV,-WI,-WY Congressional races 2010, final update UT,VA,WA,WV,WI,WY by plf515 - Completes the series about each house race in the country.

   Senate (27)

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: What would happen if the headstomp wasn't on video? by Joan McCarter - Joan covers the WA-Sen race between Patty Murray (D) And Dino Rossi (R) this is another story of violence against a young woman.

(WI-Sen) Russ Feingold's Great Campaign by Future Dems - Diarist analyzes Russ Feingold's (D) great campaign this year, with a pitch for final donations.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen, Alaska News So Hot and Breaking, Mudflats is Down by akmk - Diarist covers the Alaska three-way Senate race between Scott McAdams (D), Joe Miller (R) and Lisa Murkowski (I) new poll shows McAdams leading Miller.

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: Oops! Something else Joe Miller hasn't disclosed by Joan McCarter - Joan has more on Joe Miller's (R) finances in the Alaska three-way Senate race with Scott McAdams (D) and Lisa Murkowski (I).

(AK-Sen) (AK-Sen) Palin + Miller: Why did only 350 people come to our rally? by Lefty Coaster - Is Joe Miller (R) taking Sarah Palin down with him? Also, Alaska’s list of write-in candidates gets muddled in an effort to unseat Lisa Murkowski.  Will Scott McAdams (D) benefit from any of this?

(AK-Sen) 'Operation Alaska Chaos' by angelajean - Interesting diary (and list) on the more than 100 people that have joined Lisa Murkowski (R-Write-In) as write-in candidates in the already crowded race.  Tea Party favorite Joe Miller is the Republican and Scott McAdams is our Dem in the race.  Link to help McAdams included.

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: McAdams fights Murkowski attacks with new ad, "Paycheck" by Joan McCarter - With Joe Miller's (R) dropping  polls Scott McAdams (D) new ad responds to Lisa Murkowski's (R-write-in) negative ad.

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN: When judge, Miller broke federal law in failing to disclose property by Joan McCarter – Lisa Murkowski’s (I-Republican) fellow Republican Joe Miller (R-Tea) is found to have broken the law... while he was a judge. Surely that won’t help him in his race against Democrat Scott McAdams.

(AK-Sen) Teabagger gift to McAdams: "Operation Alaska Chaos" by NYFM – The Limbaugh Teabag supporters of Joe Miller (R-Tea) are planning some write-in shenanigan’s to disrupt fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski’s (I-Republican) write-in bid against Scott McAdams (D).

(CO-Sen) Tancredo seize it's "elitist" for elected people to think they should do their job by Joan McCarter - Tom Tancredo (R) has some weird ideas about what a legislator's job is, and sees no reason a legislator should have to make laws. John Hickenlooper (D) should win this.

(DE-Sen) DE-Sen: the Christine O'Donnell tell-all on is NOT sexist by anon2008 - Christine O'Donnell (R-Teahadi) apparently believes only women candidates for high office have to deal with stories about their sexual views and/or proclivities.

(FL-Sen) Kendrick Meek Comes THIIIIIS Close to Dropping Out - Twice! by SquareBoy - Diarist covers a story from Florida's three-way Senate race between Kendrick Meek (D), Marco Rubio (R) and Charlie Crist (I).

(FL-Sen) Florida Senate Race, Voting Dem or The Less Evil? by allenjo - The choice Florida Democrats have to make in the race between Kendrick Meek (D), Marco Rubio (R) and Charlie Crist (I).

(FL-Sen) Crist to caucus with Dems if elected by shlenny - Diarist reports that Charlie Crist (I) will caucus with Democrats if he wins the three-way race against Marco Rubio (R) and Kendrick Meek (D).

(FL-Sen) FL-Sen: Day late, dollar short by kos - Marcos' take on Charlie Crist's (I) late-coming pledge to caucus with Dems. Earlier would have been better.

(FL-Sen) FL-Sen: Once Again, Why Meek Must Continue On by Southernlib – Diarist makes a case that Kendrick Meek (D) should stay in a race he seemingly cannot win against Charlie Crist (I) and Teapublican Marc Rubio.

(IL-Sen) 3 Undocumented Students Sit in at Mark Kirk's Campaign Office by NathanArr – Brings news of a recent protest by undocumented students against Republican Mark Kirk who opposes the DREAM Act while his opponent Alexi Giannoulias (D) supports it.

(KY-Sen) DEVASTATING Curbstomping Ad from Kentucky Democratic Party by Free Chicken and Beer - Diarist covers Kentucky's Senate race between Jack Conway (D) and Rand Paul (R) with a new video ad.

(KY-Sen) Kentucky Millionaire Spends Big Bucks to Defeat a DA Who Investigated Sexual Abuse at His Shady Nursin by Joshua Holland - Shows just how Citizens United is making itself felt in the KY-Sen race.

(KY-Sen) Bagger Headstompers Could Face Felony Assault, Sexual Assault Charges by durrati - Article from the San Fran Chronicle has one assaulter throwing the other under the bus. Rand Paul (R) needs to lose.

(KY-Sen) Breaking: Lauren Valle's Response to Tim Profitt by alguien - Diarist reports a stunning apology by the young woman who was stomped outside the Rand Paul (R) debate with Jack Conway (D), to the sadistic jerk who stomped her.

(LA-Sen) LA-Sen: Prostitution issue haunts Vitter in final debate by Jed Lewison - During Friday's final debate with Charlie Melancon (D), incumbent David Vitter (R) was still having some prostitute trouble.

(MO-Sen) MO-Sen recent polling by FriedmanIsDead - Diarist cites an MSU poll showing Robin Carnahan (D) down by more than 13 points to Roy Blunt (R), urges renewed GOTV efforts.

(NV-Sen) "You may die earlier if you vote Reid"--Angle Flyer. Update x1. by jovie131 - Diarist covers the Nevada Senate race between Harry Reid (D) and Sharron Angle (R).

(NV-Sen) Nevada Senate Race, Early Voting by Sulla the Dictator - Early voting figures for Nevada show Democrats using early and mail-in voting at a lower rate than Republicans, but have an edge in overall ballots.

(NV-Sen) Video: Exposing the Truth about Dumb Tea Baggers (X-Convicts), Dumb Sharron Angle avoids Media by glennBama - A variety of videos about the NV Sen race and a few other races around the country.

(NV-Sen) Democratic Early Voting Surges in Nevada by Bonsai66 - Diarist cites data showing a lead in Democratic early voting, good news for Harry Reid (D) in a too-close race against challenger Sharron Angle (R-Teabagger).

   Various Races (10)

(TX-Gov) Dont Write Off Bill White from Taking Back Texas. Here is WHY! by pronin2 - Diarist brings information about the race between Bill White (D) and incumbent Rick Perry (R).  Link to help Bill White included.

(AZ-Gov) A Son vs. Jan Brewer: Another Prison Story by Mother Mags - Is Republican Gov. Jan Brewer trying to look "tough on crime" by refusing to grant clemency to a man who was unjustly convicted 35 years ago?

(CA-AG) Gulf Watchers Friday: ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL Edition: Kamala Harris for CA-AG: BP Catastrophe AUV#416 by ArthurPoet - Information and links to help Kamala Harris (D) in her race against Steve Cooley (R) for California Attorney General.  Also information on CA-Prop 23.

(CA-Gov) CA-Gov, Lt. Gov: Brown & Newsom paint the state blue! by Seneca Doane - A rundown of a big push in the final days of Dem Jerry Brown’s campaign, working to close the deal on Meg Whitman (R).

(CA-Gov) Meg Whitman on Immigration: From New and Exciting to Mean and Typical by Frank Sharry - Scary Meg Whitman (R) has decided the housekeeper she employed for nine years should be deported. Jerry Brown (D) is holding his double-digit lead in this race.

(MA-Gov) Dem Patrick Govleading Mass Landslide by BostonBilly - A quick look at a recent poll showing incumbent Deval Patrick (D) well ahead of his opponent Charles Baker (R) with very few undecided voters remaining.

(NM-SoS) NM-SS: M Herrera (D) vs D Duran (R) by abgin - Diarist covers the New Mexico Secretary of State race between Mary Herrera (D) and Dianna Duran (R).

(NY-Gov) Indignity: Carl Paladino's "Dignity Corps" by Shaviv - Carl Paladino (R) thinks his plan is the solution for unemployment and homelessness in the state of New York.  Andrew Cuomo is our Dem in the race.

(Var) Polling and Political Wrap, 10/28/10 by Steve Singiser - Steve has Oct 28th's Polling & a Political wrapup.

(Var) Stupid Goes Viral: Toomey's Not A Witch, Either by RLMiller - Diarist continues the Climate Zombie series with a special focus on Pat Toomey (R) from Pennsylvania.

   Ballot Initiatives (5)
(CA-Prop19, AZ-Prop203) Marijuana From Sea to Shining Sea ~ It's Mary Jane Time by frog belly white - Looks at the marijuana initiatives on the ballot in California (Proposition 19) and Arizona (Proposition 203).

(CA-Prop 19) 46% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana by change the Be - Gallup's new poll shows support for the legalization of marijuana trending up.  Link to poll and discussion of some Prop 19 issues inside.

(CA-Prop23) Defeat Texas! by LauphingPlanet – Looks at recent ad campaigns for “Vote No on 23!” efforts in the state of California.

(CA-Prop25) Vote Yes on Proposition 25: Majority Vote to Pass a Budget by Inoljt - Diarist explains proposition 25 and why California voters should vote yes.

(MI-SoS) MI-SOS: Truth Squad Calls Foul on Anti-Benson Ad by msuryanj – Looks at the leap of facts in a recent ad by the Michigan Republican Party on behalf of Republican Ruth Johnson in her race against Jocelyn Benson (D).

   General (26)

I Remember by phastphil40 - A MUST-SEE video from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Union.

Cantor's district: Sat. A.M. by Dixiedemocrat - Getting psyched up for some Saturday morning canvassing to help Rick Waugh (D) unseat Eric Cantor (R).

NC TeaOP Threatens Suit over Touchscreen Voting by bear83 - Diarist has a voting machine problem the GOP is threatening a lawsuit over.

Off My Fat Ass by piratedan - Diarist has a GOTV effort to read.

GOTMFV: So, what's it gonna be - PBJ or s#!t sandwich? by occams hatchet - A good analogy about the conflict some Democrats are feeling about voting this year.

Follow up: OMG, trouble early voting in FL by DavidW - Very troubling story and what could be taken as a veiled threat from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections.

Why We Have Filed Racketeering Charges vs. Karl Rove's Election Operations by harveywasserman - Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman report that Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck has filed a two-count complaint against The Partnership for Ohio's Future, an affiliate of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Promote this video before November 2nd. Fight tea party amnesia by Medeiros2010 - The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Campaign Assistance Fund has put out a video that needs to go viral.

"Quarter billion spent" club not doing well in polls by DemFromCt - Rich Republicans may buy lots of ads but might not be able to buy office.

Alan Grayson's Classy Behavior and other topics by onanyes - Information on various races, including Alan Grayson's (D-FL-08) class act.  GOTV.

Catholic Democrats releases a voter's guide by Michael Bindner - A link to a generic voter's guide put out by Catholic Democrats.

Campaign Cash: The Tea Party Jets to Grassroots Rallies, Wall Street-Style by The Media Consortium - Information on right-wing groups, corporate rights, campaign cash and more.

GOTV by Alan Grayson - Some reasons to vote.

Check this out. by droogie6655321 - Worst case scenario and historical perspective.

Republican vote intimidation by Iberian - Links to reports of Republican "poll watchers" intimidating voters in various locations.

Races We CAN Feel Optimistic About by Alibguy - Points to some Governor and House races they think we can win on Tuesday.

African Americans Can--And Must--Rewrite The Nov. 2 Story by ijpoole - Diarist shows how AAs can make all the difference in this election by voting their interests.

DAILY KOS GOTV: WHY PROGRESSIVES MUST VOTE by Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey - Yet another political star weighs in on the DKos GOTV series.

How OFA's GOTV operation will change this election by Eclectablog – Gives readers some handy OFA links for GOTV efforts.

Daily Kos GOTV: Why the Tea Party Doesn’t Matter, Excerpt From Matt Taibbi's GRIFTOPIA by Matt Taibbi – The next in the series for the Daily Kos GOTV Diary Series.

Clicking the GOP to defeat: 100+ links to Bad Behavior, Bad Policy, and Other Smelly Delights by seethruit – Some anchor texting for unconventional GOTV efforts, a spinoff of Grassroots SEO.

No sleep ‘till Wednesday by Chris Bowers – With fundraising pushes coming to an end, the focus turns to non-stop GOTV efforts.

"Why John Boehner's Life Is About To Become a Living Hell" by zenbassoon - Turns out that Republican candidates' hard line on non-cooperation with Dems runs afoul of what Republican voters say they want.

Dirty Tricks by DrJohnB - Diarist confesses some Young Republican dirty tricks in his past, wants to know if other Kossacks have guilty consciences.

The Closing Argument in Support of Voting Democratic on November 2 by Winning Progressive - A wrap-up for GOTV.

Get Out The Hope by Femlaw - Another GOTV effort, with many links and pics.

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