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Goal ThermometerUPDATE: Holy cow! In 2 hours, over $100,000 raised for these ads punishing Wisconsin Republican senators. Please chip in here!

In a shocking move written on by Chris Bowers and Kodiak54, Republican senators bent the rules in order to break Wisconsin unions and jam through Gov. Walker's bill. They need to be punished for this undemocratic action. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America teams plan on working all night to prepare new online ads and radio ads -- and we'll buy more TV ads in the districts of Republican senators up for recall.

Please chip in $3 right now to help us punish the Republicans who just voted against workers. Click here.

8 Republican senators are facing recall elections. Voters need to know what happened in Madison tonight. This was wrong -- and the fight is not over.

We are fighting for folks like those in our ad -- Emily, Richard, Kristine, Jeremiah and Kathleen -- whose democratic rights were just trampled by these Republicans.  As Kathleen says, "This is class war." Whose side are you on?

Now more than ever, please consider chipping in $3 to help us punish Republicans for their war on working families and their undemocratic actions. (And if you've already donated, please consider donating again.)

Originally posted to BoldProgressives on Wed Mar 09, 2011 at 05:32 PM PST.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans.

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