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#OccupyWallStreet is underway and we're liveblogging it in solidarity. Tay's diary is a great resource for learning about the origins of this protest.

See a timeline of events leading to the first night of sleeping on Wall Street in TBug's diary.


Right now, NO... There is 150+. And confusion... (8+ / 0-)
I wish my message was more inspirational right now. But the group is fraying. Lack of sleep, hunger and frustration is permeating everything.

The committees cannot make consensus decisions. The differing factions of what their "demands" should be are sapping energy from the movement.

Let's get them fed right now. Could you please post Liberato's at the top of your diary?

Any help with the Twitter and the Googles is good,. too.

I'm working on that food and aid list, Una. I'll try to post by 2pm!


by HankNYNY on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 11:33:09 AM EDT

PLEASE send pizzas: the phone number is Liberato's. (212) 344-3464


latest text from my stepkids:
Crazy. Ppl are getting arrested for writing on the sidewalk with chalk

I didn't hear from my stepchildren today until late evening. (I think they were challenged to  charge their phones.) Sunday was a day of establishing logistics and protocols both within the protest gathering and between the protesters and police. As in Tahrir, there are a lot of assemblies as they start to develop their consensus process. This is how the voices of a so many disparate people who have all come for the own reasons, get integrated into the voice of the protest. Many people have never participated in a consensus process. This can lead to impatience and agitation. One of the texts I received:
A lot general assembly. People talking. Cops taking down our signs, causig divisions in the group.

I imagine it will take days, at least, for this to result in a unified message or list of demands. So, have patience, folks. Process is priority right now. It helps them bond and nurture solidarity. Here's a message of support from Wisconsin:

nicknicemadison12:55am via web

Hey #occupywallstreet, it took us (#wiunion) a month to get 200,000+ ppl in the streets, we have faith in you & NYC to keep the fight going!

More from my stepkids below the magic squiggly.

As Monday is the first day that the occupation is occurring on a weekday, we'll see what news that brings.

Meanwhile, Sunday in a 5 minute video:

This series is being produced within the Eyes on Egypt and the Region group, as part of our Witnessing Revolution project. The technical logistics of DailyKos make it impractical to change the name of the group. However, once protests broke out in Libya and beyond, we became acutely aware that we may be watching a geopolitical shift wherein the immediacy of communications is allowing populist uprisings to be empowered globally. Whether ousting a dictator or breaking systems of profound inequity, there is a common thread: people around the world are feeling connected. They are sharing ideas and bypassing major media to hear about each other's experiences and affirm each other's inalienable rights as human beings. So, our series became Witnessing Revolution to eliminate geographic or ethnic limitations. The organizers of OccupyWallStreet have explicitly stated that they are modeling their action after the Egyptian and Spanish protests and so, the revolution grows.

When I asked them if a list of demands was being worked on, they replied:

They keep talking about doing that but it hasn't really happened.

It's a tough one down here. The consensus process is key but makes things slow moving and difficult. Especially since not everyone is accustomed to it.

Then I asked if there were plans for tomorrow:

That's most of what the discussion is about. The best way to build momentum. Hard to know if mass arrests on the first day are going to attract lots of new energy or just disperse the energy that's here.

We then went back and forth about what the purpose of the protests were, which is being discussed there, of course. My stepson said, "the end of capitalism." This is a message that is likely too radical for our mainstream citizens to lock onto. After some back and forth, I suggested this:

One more thought: it's okay to take time to determine best mass
action. Doesn't have to happen tomorrow. Wall Street will be there
Tuesday. If tomorrow could be used to get clear messaging to the
world, that could be more important. I keep thinking of that
tide-turning moment in Tahrir when the list of steps to democracy was
unfurled. Maybe you all need a list of steps to economic justice. In
fact, economic justice should be the mission. Every one can support
that no matter what political ideology they think they believe in.

But I'm not there, so my thoughts are just so much background noise. We'll have to see what the people on the ground manifest on Monday.

Calls for support


URGENT: What is needed right now!
submitted 7 hours ago by veganeggs

We need people to bring the following items to ZUCCOTTI PARK in NYC immediately:
electric generator
large water jugs
extension cords
myfi cards ( to make 3g or 4g wireless hotspots)
Car to move food from stores to the park
Pizza delivery ORDER ONLINE and deliver it to ZUCCOTTI PARK or if you prefer Other Options
People to sleep overnight
Zuccotti Park
Liberty Street & Broadway
New York, NY 10006

AnonNCarolina2 9:36pm via Twitter for Mac

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: The pizza was delicious. But getting cold and we need BLANKETS. Can u call a friend in #NYC & ask them 2 bring? #needsoftheoccupiers #sep17



OccupyWallStNYC9:35pm via Twitter for Mac

#NYPD Police removing posters on the periphery of our encampment. Our response: cameras and glimmering candles. #takewallstreet #sep17

jeffrae9:16pm via Twitter for iPhone

Police say no more megaphone. Peoples microphone in effect! #takewallstreet #OccupyWallSt #occuppywallstreet

WIProud 10:20pm via ÜberSocial for BlackBerry
RT @sickjew: The fact of the matter is that the pedestrian walkways of Wall Street have been barricaded all weekend. #occupywallstreet



matthewme23 10:42pm via TweetDeck

RT @Min_Reyes: RT @OccupyWallStNYC: False Alarm: #Channel7 back and raising their antennae. #takewallstreet #sep17 #ourwallstreet

Occupy Wall Street: 'This Is Not A One-Day Demonstration, We're Not Leaving'
And please, enough of the counterproductive crap about how you don't approve of this group or that one. That's how the left always weakens itself -- and why no one ever takes us seriously.

[..] Protests also are planned for financial districts in Madrid, Milan, London and Paris, according to a bulletin from the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center obtained by Bloomberg News. The NCCIC is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Chris Ortman, an agency spokesman, confirmed the bulletin's authenticity.

Moments and Messages


jeeezelouise 10:42pm via TweetDeck

RT @partygnome: WORD!! RT @insultant: Whoever owns Zuccotti Park, in NYC, the world owes you a serious solid! #OccupyWallStreet #takewallstreet

Jack6Rider9 10:48pm via txt

RT @lisarein: RT @ferrouswheel: RT @anonops: $2800 of pizza was ordered from all over world. #OccupyWallStreet & #TakeWallStreet Thanks for the Support!

Jeremy4u88 11:06pm via HootSuite

RT @mspray1: I refuse to believe corporations are people until Texas executes one. #takewallstreet #occupywallstreet #ourwallstreet


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at
Occupy Wall Street facebook page
Us Days of Rage
AnonOps Communications
On Reddit
police scanner for Manhattan Precincts 1-23

Donate money to feed the protesters!

Originally posted to Eyes on Egypt and the Region on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 06:05 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Amateur Left, Anonymous Dkos, Anonymiss Dkos, and Team DFH.

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