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Welcome to the Occupy Wall Street Mothership Resource Diary

Please feel free to use the Mothership as an OpenThread for Occupy Wall Street


Occupy DC begins today!

LiveStream for DC

Second LiveStream Link for DC

Occupy Portland begins today!
LiveStream for Portland - begins 12pm PST
Occupy Dallas reporting 2000 people!
LiveStream for Dallas -
Occupy Salt Lake City starts today!
LiveStream for Salt Lake City -


Resources for Occupy Wall Street:


Donate to support the LiveStream

General Assembly Minutes:
General Assembly Meeting Minutes Archive
Working Group Meeting Minutes Archive

Donations to support the General Assembly and Occupy Wall Street:
Link: All information about donations can be found here:

Physical mailing address:
Do look at the link above for information about sending things.

Occupy Wall Street
118A Fulton St. #205
New York, NY 10038

To find out the latest OWS needs, check out Twitter Hash Tag #needsoftheoccupiers

In person: If you go to Zuccotti Park Liberty Plaza/Park/Square you can also easily deliver money and/or goods straight to the people.  They have committees who accept and take good care of your donations immediately and very graciously.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal PDF Edition
You can also donate to the Media Team. This fund is not the same as the General Fund.



Resources for Other Occupy Events:

Occupy Together
List Of Over 200 U.S. Local Solidarity Events

Occupy Together


Today's LiveBlog will go live at 9:30AM Eastern:

#OccupyWallStreet Liveblog - Thursday 10/6/11 by joanneleon

Other LiveBlogs recommended by Kossacks:

Greg Mitchell at the Nation. Thanks for the link Funky Gal!

Other Shows of Note:

Democracy Now! - hour long program on OWS plus more coverage to come!

Every night Wink posts a diary for his radio show. Join in talking about Occupy Everywhere! Check in this evening.


Get Money Out by Dylan Ratigan

Stand With Occupy Wall Street by Credo Action

TELL CONGRESS: WE NEED JOBS, NOT CUTS! by Eric Griego, US Rep for Congress 2012

Kossacks recently or now at Occupy Wall Street with Definitive Diary Link:

#occupywallstreet: I'm out and an attack on women

david mizner
#OccupyWallStreet - So I Went Down to Liberty Square...

Occupy Wall Street: A Photo Diary 10.5.2011

Arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

TRUE STORY: My First 14 Days on the Front Lines of #OccupyWallStreet

Our Visit to Support #OccupyWallStreet Protesters *UPDATE3: Arrests and Yahoo Stopped Blocking

On Occupation, Speak, Memory

#Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution Will Be Multiplied

#occupywallstreet Photo Diary: "Just the beginning" Update: Livestream

Ministry of Truth
I did it again. NEW VIDEO of me crushing wingnuts at #OccupyWallStreet

Occupy Wall Street Bklyn Bridge Arrests Video

I Feel Optimistic After Yesterday's March on Wall Street

It Started With An Eviction Notice #OccupyWallStreet

War on Error
Brave Leaders, Provocateurs, or Agents? Brooklyn Bridge Leaders.

Witnessing #occupywallstreet: the power .... of the people ... 's mic

Kossacks recently or now at OccupyTogether events with Definitive Diary Link:

Occupy Santa Barbara
Marshall Getto - #OccupySantaBarbara - Arrests in De La Guerra Plaza When Occupiers Purposely Violate City Ord

Occupy Charleston
wjhamilton29464 - Put the Bus on #OccupyCharleston's Agenda

Occupy Chicago
Orman West - #OccupyChi, The Energy, The Challenges, The Saboteur

Occupy Houston
rickrocket - Occupy Houston 10-6-11
docrocktex - Houston, we have an occupation... #OccupyWallStreet spreads to the Lone Star State. (Photo Diary)
DRo - #OccupyHouston Day 1

Occupy LA
Cassiodorus - Day 6 Occupy LA observations

Occupy Minneapolis
xylonjay - Protesters get OK from police chief, sheriff to camp out in Minneapolis, MN

Occupy Nashville
Land of Enchantment - Signs of the Times: Occupy Nashville (updated X2)

Occupy Orlando
cybrestrike - comment about the occupation

Occupy Philadelphia
richdpa - Occupy Philadelphia Picture Blog

Occupy Portland
Cartoon Peril - Just got back from the revolution in Portland, Oregon
Horace Boothroyd III
MikePhoenix - Early update on OccupyPortland (OR)

Occupy Saratoga
StrayCat - Occupy Sarasota has launched

Occupy Tampa
Lenny Flank - Occupy Tampa: Photos from the rally

Outside Reading and Viewing:

International Reporting:

AlJazeera on OWS - thanks Sea Turtle!

Well-written article by the Guardian about arrests on the bridge. Thanks evergreen2!

National Reporting:

Excellent compilation of last night's coverage by jimstaro

Keith Olberman reading the Public Declaration Thanks, Vyan!


First person perpsective in this outside blog was recommended to us by Stolen Water. This is a very important addition as it is written by a woman of color. Most first person accounts I have read so far have been by white men.

Blog by RiaD includes Unions/Organizations/Individuals standing in Solidarity plus other OWS tidbits.

Coup Media Group has a conversation going about demands. They are also taking votes - pro and con- on several demand issues. Their deadline for voting is Oct 20.

Today's DailyKos OccupyWallStreet diaries by category:

If you have a new category you would like to add, please let us know in the comments below. Most recent diaries are on the top of the list.

On the Ground, First Kossack Perspective

It Started With An Eviction Notice #OccupyWallStreet by Tool

#OccupyWallStreet Photo Diary - See the Change by MBNYC

MIKE CHECK! by MinistryOfTruth

#Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution Will Be Multiplied by kevinpowell

I Feel Optimistic After Yesterday's March on Wall Street by Tasini

Occupy Wall Street: A Photo Diary 10.5.2011 by edsbrooklyn

The Basics

The revolution has no dress code by Shuksan Tahoma

Occupy America - diaries with links to other demonstrations

I just joined Occupy Richmond and changed my facebook wall photo to their logo. by don mikulecky

Signs of the Times: Occupy Nashville (updated X2)by Land of Enchantment

Occupy Tampa: Photos from the rally by Lenny Flank

Houston, we have an occupation... #OccupyWallStreet spreads to the Lone Star State. (Photo Diary) by docrocktex

Early update on OccupyPortland (OR) by MikePhoenix

Just got back from the revolution in Portland, Oregon by Cartoon Peril

#OccupyHouston Day 1 by DRo

Occupy Gainesville (FL) Oct. 5 GA by Charlie Grapski

This Saturday at 1:30 at Dewey Square, Boston (South Station) by eigenlambda

#OccupySantaBarbara - Arrests in De La Guerra Plaza When Occupiers Purposely Violate City Ord by Marshall Getto

Occupy Sarasota has launched by StrayCat

Put the Bus on #OccupyCharleston's Agenda by wjhamilton29464

Occupy Houston 10-6-11 by rickrocket

Occupy Philadelphia Picture Blog by richdpa

Occupy Orlando 10/5/2011 by cybrestrike

Protesters get OK from police chief, sheriff to camp out in Minneapolis, MN by xylonjay

#OccupyChi, The Energy, The Challenges, The Saboteur by Orman West

OccupySF Press Release - SFPD Took ALL Their Stuff This AM by War on Error

#OccupySF in Danger by TheFirstCut

Occupy San Francisco Oct. 5 2011 Update by dumars20

OccupyMN, Friday October 7, 2011 by semiAdult

Calls to Action

On October 14, we'll tell Wells Fargo & Wall Street, "Don't foreclose on the American Dream" by dcassutt

HELLO? Have you taken ACTION, yet? Time to move your money.... by icebergslim

a 99% bank by eatbeans

99 Percent Solidarity Avatars -- Free Download by Geenius at Wrok

ACTION PROPOSAL: No Phoney Baloney – Suspend Tony Bologna NOW by Charlie Grapski

Front Page of DailyKos

Unions and Occupy Wall Street face challenge of cooperation without cooptation by Laura Clawson

OccupyWallStreet in the MSM - diaries with links to MSM

Not Breaking: Olbermann/OccupyWallStreet Special Comment Oct 5 chriscol

Occupied Media by Cabbage Rabbit

from an #occupier to Ed Schultz: Yes, we can change gov't w/UPDATE by UnaSpenser

Early Reporting On Occupy DC by Clio2

MSM Finally Looks Out Their Windows at 'OWS'!! by jimstaro

Jon Stewart covers #OccupyWallStreet and our own MinistryOfTruth! by BruinKid

Video: Jon Stewart reviews Jesse LaGreca: "That M'tha-F'ka brought game!" by Eileen B

First Declaration by Occupy Wall Street by Vyan

I'm boycotting Erin Burnett.   by csainvestor

OccupyWallStreet Support - Community Support from Groups & Individuals

OWS: The basis of all that is good and right about our country by Wayne Powell for Congress

Obama Speaks re: Occupy by divineorder

Occupy Wall Street May Be Too Big To Fail by EdwardMurray

Late Night Karaoke: OCCUPY WALL STREET by Mishima

Wednesday Listening Corner: Damn Right, the Working Class by DaMadFiddler

Moments of Beauty by erratic

An OccupyWallStreet Poem by Seattle Mark

Police/Protest Interactions - Legal Assistance

Police Dismantling Occupy Camps by Richard Lyon

NYPD Counterterrorism Unit Doing Kettling: Video Evidence

NYPD Paid To Disrupt OWS By JP Morgan Chase? by TexDem

The Occupying Millenials and the Media by progreen

#OccucyWallStreet - Day 19 Recap by PlutocracyFiles

A Note on the (Lack of) Action of the Rank-and-File Officers by Charlie Grapski

OccupyWallStreet Messaging and Framing

Damn, Was I Wrong About Occupy Wall Street! by Lao Hong Han

Agents 99 by rlegro

Occupy Wall Street and the great unmasking by danps

Birth of the 99% Inspirational Picture by tipmra

MSM: Occupy Wall St. Is Not The Left's Tea Party by DCBlue

Michelle Malkin: Occupy Wall Street "99% white" by Samer

#OccupyWallStreet - this is really something. by david mizner

Messaging Success at OccupyWallStreet by EveningStarNM

Occupy Wall Street: Disappointed in the Self-Identified "Progressives" I Work With by AmericanFactotum

The Difference Between The Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street Rural Progressive

99 percent of Americans are Unamerican by Vetwife

Occupy Wall Street. What Wars and Socialism for Corporations Are Costing You. by Ray Lopez

Tactical Nonviolence by Wes Lee

It's Time to Occupy Our Democracy by Into the Woods

OWS Manifesto: Makin' the Nut
Why OWS Spells the End of the Tea-Party by Charlie Grapski

The Endgame of Occupy Wall Street Is Critical Mass   by TOOLZ

It's Time to Occupy Our Democracy by Into the Woods

Manifesto by Richard Cranium

Obama Speaks re: Occupy by divineorder

Why OWS Spells the End of the Tea-Party by Charlie Grapski

The Occupy Movement As Populism II by Richard Lyon

Naomi Klein on OWS by Publius2008

What do the 99% want?   by csainvestor

This Is What Democracy Looks Like
by Charlie Grapski
Patrick Henry & OWS Movement by Wendys Wink

When Will CNN Co-Sponsor the Occupy Wall Street Debate? by joelgp

To Those Demanding 'Demands'   by mdmslle

I am part of the 99%. This is what I want. by monkeybox

How I learned how to explain Occupy Wall Street by Justin Sane

The appeal of Direct Action by BeeDeeS

Declaration from Wall Street   by dcampbell

OccupyWallStreet Videos

In the Air Tonight - An #OWS Inspirational Video by GenXangster

We Have Reached a Critical Mass: Powerful Video Message from Anonymous by Charlie Grapski

Cocktail Hour: Partying Banksters Watch Occupy Wall Street Protestors from their Balconiesby Steven D

Don't Panic - Everything is OK: Occupy Everywhere

Past Mothership Resource Diaries:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Monday, October 3, 2011
Saturday and Sunday, October 1-2

1:04 PM PT: Headed out to the gym. Will be gone for a few hours because they have turned off the water in my apartment... makes it hard to cook dinner for hungry boys.

As usual, if any OWS Blogeditors are around, please feel free to make any appropriate updates. Just leave a comment for me so I know what was done. thanks!

6:03 PM PT: The evening escaped me. Just got back and it is bed time so I will be updating this diary tomorrow early morning. To those who popped in late, I hope what is here is what you were looking for :) If not, leave me a note so that we can try and correct that in the next version.

Fri Oct 07, 2011 at 5:15 AM PT: Finally, all of yesterday's diaries are here and accounted for. Hope this helps in the future! I really do think we are making history here and it is important to document everything.

Originally posted to Occupy Wall Street on Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 06:50 AM PDT.

Also republished by Protest Music, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and Team DFH.

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