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We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.  Our diaries inform, inflame, impassion, and even entertain.  We Kossacks have strong voices and an even stronger will to be the change we wish to see in this country.

One of the richest, and perhaps most under-appreciated, areas of thought come in the form of comments attached to these diaries.

Here at Top Comments we strive to recognize and promote the talent of this community by highlighting outstanding comments found throughout the day by the diarist, and through nominations at made at TopComments at gmail dot com by your fellow Kossacks.

These nominations are subjective, and certainly not complete (as no one can read the complete site on a daily basis!). But we hope they will serve to shine a light where deserved, and to give the reader a good starting point in finding conversation on the site.

Please come in and make yourself at home!  Join us beneath the fold...

There's something a little sad about a spent amaryllis stalk, or even spent blooms. The wicker trash basket by my computer desk currently has two stalks with shriveled flowers hanging from the top: the stalks look tall, strong, and green, but there's nothing left for them to do. Once they held large, bold red flowers that lasted for days if not well over a week. The light would catch them and the flowers iridesced, bright color and texture. I still have plenty of flowers blooming here and elsewhere in the house, but flowers bring with them a certain transience. Greenery can last for months, but the brighter colors are more fleeting. I can usually manage a steady stream of color and sweet scents through the winter, though this year there hasn't been much of a white background outdoors. I'm not complaining, not being a huge fan of snow. And a sere winter landscape has its own beauty. Having color in the rooms I frequent is a lovely gift through the winter, and reminds me that spring will be coming in fewer than seven weeks, whatever Punxsutawney Phil might have predicted for Pennsylvania and environs. (Completely off-topic: I think it's a scary thing that the spellchecker knows when you've mistyped "Punxsutawney", yet can be wrong about so many other things. It doesn't know that "Cochituate"—as in Phil's former rival, Cochituate Chuck—is spelled correctly, even though that's a real village name here in Massachusetts. Spellcheckers: hah.)

There's also something a little sad about that being the best I can do on a Friday night. Oh, there's a slight pattern to today's date—2312—but it's barely worth mentioning. I just apparently saved three bucks on my cable bill by paying by phone, since they hadn't gotten the message—which surprised me as well—that the monthly rate for internet service had jumped by that amount with the new bill. (Probably to pay for the fancy new bill layout.) Download speed is supposed to have been increased, so I'll be getting your comments and tips that much quicker this evening, assuming it wasn't already in place last week, in which case it'll be the speed I've come to be used to. Feel free to enter them at your own speed. ;-)


There was a lovely quartet of comment nominations tonight, so a big thank you to those who remembered us before that daily deadline of 9:30pm eastern. Our email address is:

TopComments AT gmail DOT com
(change " AT " to "@" and " DOT " to ".")

Anyone can send us great comments. Be sure to include the direct link to a comment—the URL—which is available from that comment's date/time; we need that to find your choice. Please always include your Daily Kos user name in the body of your message, so we can credit you properly. If you send a writeup with the link, we are able to include that, too, though we reserve the right to edit, and if you don't include a writeup (or even not much of one), you will likely have some words added by the diarist of the night, which tonight means me. (My fingerprints are on the first two of tonight's submissions.) Oh yeah: we do accept internal DKos mail to the Top Comments account, but we're still trying to remember to check it, so gmail is a tad safer, unless you plan to be visiting the diary to make sure we looked. (Tonight's count: gmail, 4; DKos, 0. Last night, however, DKos mail ruled.)

From alizard:

In last night's Open Thread for Night Owls, atana has a top comment on the topic of the evening, the Foxification of the Wall Street Journal.

From Wee Mama:

In RLMiller's diary Breaking: Komen blinks. With updates, Angela Quattrano nails the real reason behind "Republicans for Breast Cancer".

From Dragon5616:

In Troubadour's post, Ultra-Hi-Res Images of Full Earth Released, StrangeAnimals quoted a beautiful passage from Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.

From Ed Tracey:

In the diary by smoothnmellow about the news that your-friend-and-mine Ari Fleischer was involved in the Komen public relations effort, citizenx reminds us they should have learned from Tiger Woods, who hired-and-fired Fleischer for his image-building efforts in the past.

From sardonyx (your weekdays' end Friday diarist):

I remembering listening to the "On Point" program that terjeanderson refers to in this very interesting comment on long-standing criticism of the Komen organization.

Bensdad wants Obama to correctly name the real do-nothings, and it isn't Congress as a whole, just members of a certain persuasion.

Please add your own comment finds below!


Top mojo is from comments made all day on Thursday, February 2, 2012. The listing is courtesy of the wonderful mojo generator created by mik, and only excludes tip jars and other first diary comments.

  1) Send him some Monopoly money... by Giles Goat Boy — 256
  2) Chances are...his second term, will look... by David Kroning II — 204
  3) I fervently hope this continues to be a boon by la urracca — 191
  4) Apparent coordination with Republican pols by FishOutofWater — 188
  5) the pink is DOOOOOMED by DSC on the Plateau — 180
  6) I get letters like that all the time by Dallasdoc — 159
  7) I hope this is the start of a backlash... by Josiah Bartlett — 144
  8) Yes, on top of this by deminva — 139
  9) "Karma's a bitch" Ain't THAT the truth ... by dmhlt 66 — 128
10) While he is NOT by SanJoseLady — 125
11) Yoplait (part of general mills) is a huge by PsychoSavannah — 125
12) By Komen's own logic by RLMiller — 122
13) Lots gave to PP. by pelagicray — 120
14) Komen should have stayed out of politics by effervescent — 117
15) Lying Down with the Crazies by Barbara Gordon — 113
16) Kudos to Bloomberg. by LaurenMonica — 112
17) Rings True by SilverWillow — 102
18) And Nancy Brinker goes on with Andrea Mitchell... by Bob Johnson — 102
19) In The Past 24 Hours..... by snapples — 101
20) My email to Susan G. Komen today: by earicicle — 99
21) It'll be fascinating by walk2live — 95
22) Besides the utter by gchaucer2 — 95
23) The sloppy frackers put wells close together by FishOutofWater — 92
24) One tiny quibble by Steveningen — 92
25) KOMEN'S CORPORATE SPONSORS by freelancewoman — 91
26) Wow. The London Times. by blue aardvark — 91
27) It also dilutes their lobbying power by Nailbanger — 87
28) R.I.P. Smokey by it really is that important — 86
29) Ellen is cool.  She does a great job in the by zenbassoon — 85
30) Planned Parenthood by kismet — 82


Top pictures is from photos and other images posted all day on Thursday, February 2, 2012. The listing is courtesy of the wonderful picture table generator created by jotter, our preeminent pictorial patron.

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