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I'd love to put the name of this group in the title, but I fear it would get Dailykos rated as a porn site. After seeing all the diaries with "slut" in the title on the front page, it's now in this title.

The name of the new group is "Sluts"

Yes sluts!

Born out of anger and frustration, but born non the less (forced birthers ought to applaud it)


FINE! I'm a SLUT and PROUD OF IT!    I'll proudly own it!

GOP wordsmith and windbag, Rush Limbaugh, has long railed against taking English words and changing their meaning.  While he does just what he rants about.

The word "slut" is a perfect example.  He's redefining what it means, because Sandra Fluke's testimony was NOT about sex, it was about women's health broadly and specifically women's reproductive health.  (here's the pdf file of her testimony)

She spoke of women's health and being concerned for women's health.  Rush has now defined that as being a slut.  He's using a verbal sleight of hand saying she spoke about sex. He's shaking a verbal set of shiny keys hoping to distract everyone from what she really said.

But she didn't. This is about women's reproductive health . . . period.

This is being given traction by the media and GOP focusing or help with  slut shaming. Yesterday morning on NBC's Today women (and the men who love them) outrage over misogyny was diminished and marginalize by saying it had "Ruffled feathers."  

Ruffled feathers?  I am not a hen and I've long past being a chick.

Yesterday in a comment I ammended something that Meteor Blades in his diary; Limbaugh doubles-down on misogynist attack: Says Fluke has boyfriends 'lined up around the block'

he wrote:

Is there any prominent Republican who will speak up forcefully for Sandra Fluke, realizing that Limbaugh wasn't just attacking her, but all women who dare to have sex outside marriage?
I revised:
"Is there any prominent Republican who will speak up forcefully for Sandra Fluke, realizing that Limbaugh wasn't just attacking her, but all women, for being women."
This is misogyny to it's core
and Rush Limbaugh is a misogynist to his core

He's redefining "slut" fine, we'll take away the power of the word.

There may not be another actual dairy posted to this group (many will be republished) but being in this group is displayed now in my profile - I'm proud to be one, that word will no longer hold sway over me.  And I refuse to allow the GOP to shame me out of caring for my sisters and brothers who care for my sisters.

I invite you to join.

11:32 AM PT: If you ask to join the group in comments below - when I rec it, you will soon see an invite in your kosmail

4:57 PM PT: Bob Love posted this video about a friend of his ... I think it's great

and I really love that it includes this anthem

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