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NOTE: I've used the tag "Rush's Local Advertisers", not knowing of any existing tags to track these kinds of diaries that follow the local radio broadcasts of the Rush Limbaugh Show to track who's sponsoring his misogynist filth.  If you know of a better one, please let me know and I'd be happy to use it.  

The ads on Rush Limbaugh Show from several days this week.  These may be local ads or national ads.  I am just letting you know what I heard, so that you can just skip the "listening to Rush" part, and go straight to calling the local advertisers.  This goes back several days, so for the national spots you hear (like for, the company may have already stopped buying ads with the show.  For local ads, though, I know of none that have announced dropping Limbaugh, so you should assume they are sponsors of the show on KFI unless told otherwise.  

KFI has a very big range in Southern California.  If you are in the Southland, this is the local station that airs Rush Limbaugh.  Feel free to reach out to these advertisers and politely but firmly ask them if they really want to be sponsors of Limbaugh's filth.  

Ads below:

Rush Limbaugh Show
Monday, March 5, 2012
KFI AM 640
Hour 1 (9-10am Pacific)

9:25 Blue Tax 800-876-2002
9:25 Cal Fresh California Food Stamp Program/Dept of Soc.Svcs 877-847-3663
9:26 Amberin (for hormonal imbalance) 800-339-0095
9:27 Lear Capital (didn't catch name) 800-957-4653

9:33 Ayres Hotels (Their corp office # is 714-540-6060)
9:34 Cash Call 866-590-CASH
9:36 Cedars Sinai Orthopedic 800-CEDARS-1

(approx) 9:45
(approx) 9:45 New Gingrich (WinningOurFuture)

Hour 2 (10-11am Pacific)
10:05 (800-PAVE-004)
10:06 New American Funding 888-876-RATE
10:07 Riverside Metro Auto Group
10:08 University of Redlands
10:08 Ford Dealership (re: tires)

10:18 Kars for 877-KARS-4-KIDS
10:18 Cedars Sinai Orthopedic 800-CEDARS-1
10:19 Solar City 888-SOLCITY (Note: in this show at about the 9:45 mark, Limbaugh totally dismissed the solar industry as 'not being there yet' when discussing the Volt going out of production.  Dismissed wind and solar.  Might be something to share with the solar power company that sponsors his show, no?)

..stopped there.

Rush Limbaugh Show
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
KFI AM 640
Hour 1 (9-10am Pacific)
9:24 Jarvis, Krieger and Sullivan no-fault divorce law firm 877-877-1-LAW
9:25 Keck Medical Center of USC 800-USC-CARE
9:25 Total
9:25 Kevin Jeweler's
9:26 LifeLock 800-440-4833 'use promo code RUSH'
9:27 Newt Gingrich ad, paid for by Winning Our Future

9:33 Bay Alarm 800-610-1000
9:33 Regenix 800-REGENIX
9:34 Greenlight Financail Services 866-66-FASTER
9:35 Pala Casino Spa and Resort -

9:48 Pacific Coast Termite 800-PACIFIC
9:48 Newt Gingrich ad, paid for by Winning Our Future
9:49 Robert Steinberg 888-891-2200

9:56 Comerica Wealth Management 800-979-
9:57 (brought to you also by Ad Council)
9:58 Amberin 800-339-0095

Hour 2 (10-11am Pacific)
10:04 La Mirada 'this hour brought to you by...'
10:05 Greenlight Financail Services 866-66-FASTER
10:05 Kevin Jewelers
10:06 Penske
10:07 877-BIZ-BUNDLE

10:19 Kabala Center 800-566-5001
10:20 New American Funding 888-876-RATE
10:21 Weir Capital 800-957-4653
   .....had to stop there

Rush Limbaugh Show
Wednesday, March 7, 2012
KFI AM 640
Partial for Hour 3 (11am-12pm Pacific)

11:33 Capital Gold (missed number)
11:34 Greenlight loans (866-66-FASTER)
11:34 Mike Thompson RVs (missed contact info)

8:37 AM PT: Media Matters ( is indispensible.  They are documenting the worst of Rush, just today putting up a whole bunch of stuff.  Handy links to use when emailing, or to reference when you're calling sponsors.  

Originally posted to PeteB2 on Fri Mar 09, 2012 at 08:31 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts.

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