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Ah, huevos rancheros. Literally, "ranch eggs"--eggs served on a corn tortilla topped with cooked salsa. I've enjoyed this classic (and easy) Mexican dish for a long time, but I've always been lazy and used either jarred salsa or canned Rotel tomatoes. I've never taken the initiative to learn how to make a good homemade ranchero sauce.

In retrospect, I don't know why. It's incredibly simple. So, for those of you who want to know, I'll share the recipe I learned. There's nothing really unique or special about the below recipe. It's pretty classic. But it's a lot tastier (and probably healthier) than using something out of a jar. So follow me below the doodle-thingy.

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Please come in. You're invited to make yourself at home! Join us beneath the doodle...

The following recipe serves four. Well, four normal people. It serves two Chrisloves. Eggs aren't very filling to me. Since I cook for myself and myself only, I made the full amount of ranchero sauce and just refrigerated the other half. Just keep in mind that what you're about to see supposedly serves four.

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

Image Hosted by

You'll need eggs, of course--if you're planning to use all of the ranchero sauce in one sitting, you'll need 8 eggs. You'll need a maximum of 4 corn tortillas (one for every two eggs). For the ranchero sauce, you'll need 3/4 cup of chopped onion, 1/2 cup of chopped bell pepper, 1 clove of minced garlic (or, about 1/2 tablespoon if you use jarred garlic like I do), 1 cup of chopped tomato, 1 tablespoon of minced jalapeño chile, 3 teaspoons of chile powder, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper. You'll also need about a tablespoon of olive oil.

First, let's get the chopping out of the way. Try not to cry as you chop up the onion and set it aside in a bowl.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Then coarsely chop the bell pepper and put it in the bowl with the onion.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

If you need to mince the garlic, do so and add it to the bowl.

While you're using your cutting board, mince the jalapeño and put it in a separate bowl.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Chop up the tomato and add it to the bowl with the jalapeño.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Add the chile powder, ground cumin, salt, and black pepper, along with 1/4 cup of water, to the bowl of jalapeño and tomato.

Image Hosted by

Now, let's sauté the onion, bell pepper, and garlic. Add the olive oil to a large frying pan and heat it up on medium heat.

Image Hosted by

Add the onion, bell pepper, and garlic. Sauté for about 4 minutes.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Then, keep the heat on, and add the other bowl of ingredients. Stir it all up and cook for about 5 minutes.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

After the 5 minutes is up, this is what you'll see.

Image Hosted by

There's your ranchero sauce.

Now, keep the ranchero sauce warm while you warm up the corn tortillas and prepare the eggs (I like mine scrambled!). Since I'm sure you all can handle this, I won't insult your intelligence by including instructions.

Once you're done with everything, put the tortillas on a plate.

Image Hosted by

Put two eggs on each tortilla.

Image Hosted by

Finally, top each with 1/4 of the ranchero sauce.

Image Hosted by

Voi la! Huevos rancheros.

Because I'm a hungry boy, two servings isn't enough for me. I also made some rice pilaf (kinda sorta--basically, I just combined brown rice and mixed veggies). It went with the huevos rancheros quite well.

(And yeah, I know, the picture below is creepily looking at bad! I hope those ranchero eyes don't haunt your dreams!)

Image Hosted by

So there you have it. It's a pretty simple recipe, and it's incredibly tasty.

March 28, 2012

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March 27, 2012

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March 27, 2012

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