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So I'm working this morning, like I do everyday, trying to come up with ways to promote my film, when I get this email from a guy who used to call my radio show over in Jackonville.

His name is Rod, and here's what he sent.

Rep. Allen West states that 81 Democratic House members are communists.

A CPUSA official is outraged & I agree.  Isn't every Democrat a communist?

I wasn't getting a whole lot done, so I figured "what the hell."  I wrote him a response.

First of all, do I really want to empower him by getting all indignant and angry . . . validating how smart he thinks he is?  

I'd much rather counter-attack, and put this joker on the defensive . . .

. . Like this.

That's right, Rod.  Every Democrat is a communist . . . going all the way back to 1933 when FDR set up New Deal Communism.  That would be the same New Deal communism you grew up under.  The New Deal Communism that made us the richest, most powerful nation in history.  The New Deal Communism that took us to the moon just 36 years after FDR was sworn in.

Let me show you the track record of those New Deal Communist Democrats.

  • Communist Truman left 2.5 percent unemployment to Eisenhower.
  • Republican Patriot Eisenhower left recession and 6.5 percent unemployment to Kennedy.
  • Communist Johnson left 3.5 percent unemployment to Nixon.
  • Republican Patriot Ford left recession and 7.5 unemployment to Jimmy Carter.
  • Communist Carter wasn't able to improve much on the recession he inherited . . .


  • . . . and neither were Republican Patriots Reagan and Bush, who left recession and 7.2 unemployment to Bill Clinton.
  • Communist Bill Clinton left 4.2 percent unemployment to Dubya . . .
  • Republican Patriot Dubya left recession and 7.6 percent unemployment to Communist Barack Obama.
No Republican Patriot ever left office with unemployment under 5 % . . . including Reagan.  No New Deal Communist ever left office with higher unemployment than they inherited . . . including Jimmy Carter who left the same unemployment he inherited from Ford.

3 out of 4 New Deal Communists left office with unemployment well under five percent.

But wait . . . there's more.

Let me show you the GDP growth figures from best administration to worst.

  • Communist Kennedy/Johnson.  4.8 % average annual GDP Growth.
  • Communist Truman.                    3.8%
  • Communist Clinton.                   3.7%
  • Republican Patriot Reagan        3.4%
  • Communist Carter                 3.3%
  • Republican Patriot Eisenhower    2.9%
  • Republican Patriot Nixon/Ford    2.8%
  • Republican Patriot GW Bush    2.2%
  • Republican Patriot GHW Bush     2.1%
But wait, there's still more . . .

Republican Patriot Reagan saved us all from the New Deal Stalinism we had all been groaning under . . .  that Stalinism that gave us the era of the muscle car, and took us to the moon.  

How did America do, economically, before and after the "Reagan Revolution."  For example, how many quarters of economic boom did we have . . . quarters where annnualized GDP growth exceeded 6%.

  • "Boom" Quarters in the 28 years before Reagan's inauguration:   34
  • "Boom" Quarters in the 28 years since Reagan's inauguration.     14
Yes sirree, good thing we elected that Republican Patriot Reagan to start undoing all of that "communism" we had before 1981.

But wait . . . how have capitalists on Wall Street fared under those New Deal Communists.  What did the Dow Jones Industrial Average do over the course of Republcan and Democratic Communist Administrations?  

  • Republican Patriot Herbert Hoover  -90% Thats MINUS 90%.  The Dow lost 9/10ths of it's value at the end of the Gilded Age.
  • Communists FDR/TRuman +525%  From 41 to 290.
  • Republican Patriot Eisenhower  +120% From 290 to 630.
  • Communists Kennedy/Johnson  +51%  From 630 to 950
  • Republican Patriots Nixon/Ford  +2%  From 950 to 970
  • Communist Carter                       +3% From 970 to 1000
  • Republican Patriots Reagan/Bush +244% From 1000 to 2440
  • Communist Clinton                +264% From 2440 to 9880
  • Republican Patriot GW Bush -25% From 9880 to 7600
  • Communist Barack Obama  +68% From 7600 to 12800 yesterday.
That's right, Rod.  Under that Muslim Communist Kenyan, the Dow Jones has come back from the low point it reached the very day he was sworn in.  

So am I a "communist", Rod?  

Damn Skippy.  Because the New Deal communists bring prosperity, while the Republican Patriots bring unemployment, recession . . . and don't even make as much money for their own wealthy constituents.

Oh, I'm sorry, Rod.  Did you have some numbers to go along with that word "communists?"  Do you really think you can throw ugly words around and scare me?  I'll do what I just did . . . wear your ugly word, turn it around on you, and make you look like an idiot.

And speaking of idiots, did you say you were a doctor?  Doctor of what?

Have a nice day.  Send this to the other people you sent your "communist" nonsense.  Go ahead, Rod, I dare you.

Joe Lyles

Yes, I actually sent this reply . . . and if I make the rec list, I'm going to send him a link and say "thanks for the inspiration."  Give me a rec, and make it possible.

Oh, and this kind of take down of tea partiers?  It's what I do in my film.  Here's a montage of questions I asked and data I confronted them with.  The end is very satisfying.  

Go here to see the whole film.

Go here to help our Kickstarter campaign to take the film on tour, this summer.

1:34 PM PT: Top of the rec list!  Thank you all.  Guess I need to send Rod that email.

Originally posted to Conceptual Guerilla on Thu Apr 12, 2012 at 12:05 PM PDT.

Also republished by Subversive Agitation Team Action Network.

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