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Wow, no wonder we on the left can’t get it together.  One mistake and we turn on our own.

There is currently a diary on the Recommended list that goes after Ed Schultz in no uncertain terms for apparently siding with Sean Hannity on the issue of not boycotting talk show hosts who say something (or any number of somethings) that infuriate us.

I really don’t want to argue the merits of that case, but I do want to rise to the defense of Ed Schultz who is savaged not only by the original diarist but by many of those commenting on the post:


Not only was Ed the first among the media figures in bringing to light labors' struggles with Scott Walker back in February 2011, he actually went there and also to Ohio to stand with the working men and women of those states.  Night after night he broadcast his show from those locations, putting a face on and giving voice to those who were fighting for workers’ rights.  Indeed, much of his show every night is dedicated to showing how the working class is getting shafted by corporate forces in this country.


As far as I know, Ed is the only TV talk show host who interviews actual people like firefighters and teachers and not just professional talking-heads.  Admittedly, sometimes these people can come across as a bit unpolished, but that’s the whole point.  These are real people with real jobs struggling out here to make a living – people whose voices are rarely if ever heard over the din of the pundit class.  Heck, even Rachel doesn’t do that.

So, yeah, I get it that Schultz’ rough, sometimes bombastic style may not be your cup of tea.  But that is a matter of mere aesthetics.  Not everyone has to like the same thing.  But when it comes to substance, Ed Schultz is the real-deal, a tireless fighter for the middle and working classes in our nation, a rarity in the corporate media that runs this country.  Come on, folks.  We have enemies enough on the right to be combating without having to turn on one of our own.

10:39 AM PT: Thank you all so much for the recommendations.  I just want to make it clear that the original diary may have had some good points to make, but it was the hostile tone I was objecting to.  

We need to acknowledge who our allies are and to chastise them in love when we think they are wrong on a particular issue.  And Ed Schultz is definitely one of our allies.

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