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Rush is ranting on his show today!

"We are the victims of a fraud"

"Roberts rewrote the law"

He is mad that the NRCC is using the SCOTUS approval as a fundraising tool.  He quotes from the letter:  "It's not the job of the court to protect the people from the choices of their political decisions, and the court is right."

Rush is mad because now they have to elect a bunch of repubs to congress and hope they have the guts to do the right thing and throw this law out.

He's angry that no one properly predicted the outcome of the decision (did he lose a lot of money on InTrade?? - note this is snark, not intended to be factual).  Rush says that the reason no one predicted the verdict was because "No one was thinking outside of the boundaries of the law"

He claims that the fraud was that the government argued on the first day of oral arguments wasn't a tax, and then subsequently argued that the mandate was a tax.  Allowing Roberts to decide as he chose.

Now Rush is arguing that the case shouldn't have been allowed under the "Anti-Injunction" law.  And that the tax is being paid to insurance companies (really?).

Claims that the American people were the victims of a fraud and not afforded the right of due process.

Can't keep up with his raving.  

10:16 AM PT: 12:15 - Rush expounds on death panels, denial of care, increased death panels.  There is no glimmer of hope!

It's worse than a socialist country - it's a Banana Republic

We thought there was a backstop (the court) there is no backstop

10:19 AM PT: Rush now attacking "Stolen Valor" ruling.  You can lie about receiving purple hearts.  You can lie about having sex with an intern as long as there's a tax break associated with it!

10:27 AM PT: Rush - I have no reason to destroy your faith in me, quite the contrary.

10:30 AM PT: Rush - the only way the repubs can win is to show that this is a tax increase.

He has also gone on a rant to say that this is all a "scheme" to move everyone into socialized medicine.

10:37 AM PT: It is now the self appointed role of SCOTUS to find unconstitutional laws constitutional.  We therefore don't need the supreme court.

It is their job to uphold unconstitutional laws.

Marbury v. Madison is out.  Roberts v. American is in!

This is the mother of all judicial activism.

10:40 AM PT: Rush believes the message the American people is hearing is that Healthcare is free and that the rich people are paying for it.  (He really said that).

10:42 AM PT: Nobody tried a stunt like this in 223 years.

10:45 AM PT: Roberts decides that he wants this thing constitutional for whatever reason.  So he makes up this tax business.

10:46 AM PT: Rush - We were defrauded, we were defrocked, we were mocked

10:55 AM PT: Rush - chief justice could not explain what kind of tax this penalty he explained - is.  Claims the tax is payed to insurance companies - again.

No constitutional precedent for this kind of tax.

10:59 AM PT: Rush takes his top of the hour break.  He honestly sounds tired!  Stumbles during his outro.

11:14 AM PT: People are interested in whether is a mechanism where freedom and liberty are protected.  The lesson from yesterday is that there is not.

I am a man of the people.  It is the birthright of every American to be the best they can be.

We need to reascert the purpose of the country.  For men, women, and pets (yes he said pets).

I take this personally, because of how much I love and appreciate [the country]

11:14 AM PT: I don't have a pedigree in anything.  I don't have a state of the art education.

11:15 AM PT: A lot of people not looking a  life the way I do.  That's why I am disquieted.

11:16 AM PT: The realization that people much more powerful than we are don't care about right and wrong.

11:18 AM PT: In response to Dahlia Lithwick - "he fell on his sword for the good of the court" - Rush says that's perverted!

11:20 AM PT: In response to Tom Brokaw - "lowered the temperature of the debate of politicalization of SCOTUS" Rush says it did the opposite.

11:22 AM PT: Rush now attacking POTUS for actually going to the fires in CO as opposed to flying over the fires.  Claims that POTUS visiting firefighters drains resources from the fire, unlike Shrubs flyover of NOLA which was compassionate.

11:28 AM PT: ACA taxes hit small business right in the breadbasket

11:30 AM PT: Caller - by defining the mandate as a tax, Roberts has exposed the lies and deception of the administration.  That makes Roberts brilliant.  Roberts made himself a pariah in order to help the repubs!  (Really the caller said that!)

11:34 AM PT: Fox news 3rd most important news item at the bottom of the hour - Tom Cruise and Katey Holmes getting a divorce!

11:36 AM PT: What the chief justice did was make the taxing power of congress to be almost limitless.  Thanks to this ruling, Congress can mandate anything they want.

Brand new limitless taxing authority allows congress to force people to buy 9mm guns.

11:39 AM PT: We have a political party that is in bed with tyrany.  They want to punish their enemies.

More rationing and death panels.  Cost of healthcare will be determining on the risks you take.  Cost of healthcare could be based on who they voted for!

11:45 AM PT: Uh oh - a lawyer has called into the Rush show.  Lawyer says Roberts comments on CC is dicta, so unnecessary to the decision.  Rush actually agrees with the Lawyer.  Lawyer wants "Obamacare" overturned, says the decision will not be cited in future decision, and Roberts will be seen in a bad light.  Rush gives Lawyer some free tea from his 2 if by tea company.

11:50 AM PT: Rush apologizes for being a "downer".  I generally ascribe feelings to a secondary status.

This will gin up response against Obama more than any other thing.

11:50 AM PT: There's no victory here.  We didn't win anything in all of this.

11:54 AM PT: Rush moves on to Fast and Furious conspiracy theory I can't type as fast as he is rambling.  He's refering to an item on Drudge so...

Now moving on the FreedomWorks ad.  HEY Freedomworks is looking for ideas for the republican platform!!  They are only accepting ideas for the next two days.


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