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On this, the 19th day of July in the year of our Ceiling Cat 2012, I hereby declare that I've given you people all the weather information you need to know. You people are beneath the dignity of meteorology. You people need to shut up and appoint me to my rightful position in the White Weatherhouse and go back to mowing my lawn and cleaning my shoes. How dare you all question me about things like "temperatures" and "storms."

You people don't deserve such answers! You people have a lot of nerve! You people better learn your place in society and stop questioning your upper-class superiors.


1:15 PM PT: The system isn't letting me post comments for some reason, so if I don't reply, that's why. I put in a royal ticket with the lowly help desk but you know how hard it is to find good help these days. They've got some bottom-feeding teachers and nails ladies running the place. Hmph!

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