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Two days ago Manuel Diaz, unarmed, was shot by an Anaheim policeman in the back. That day, when a protest erupted in the neighborhood, police shot rubber bullets into a crowd with children running around and at least one mother and her baby in it, even (possibly accidently) unleashing a police dog that injured at least one person. Last night, protesters out rallying against police violence were given yet another taste of... police violence.

Just a taste of Anaheim last night

Riot police fired bean bag rounds and pepper balls into a crowd of protestors late Tuesday outside City Hall as council members inside voted unanimously to ask the U.S. attorney's office to investigate recent officer-involved shootings, including one of an unarmed man.

About 250 riot police were called in by officials to quell the more than 600 demonstrators before restoring order. Twenty-four people were arrested in the unrest. -- CBS News

((Sorry, this video from the Washington Post won't embed, but it's the best and one of the few I've found of last night's events))

Click here to view.

Watch as police advance without being threatened and shoot into crowd

Cheepy Deefy @chapeaudefee
Man being arrested. Apparently pleading, "I had groceries in my car! I was grocery shopping! Come on, man!" #Anaheim
but, but... he looked like a protester your Honor!

Sample tweets from last night, in approximate chronological order. 'Timcast' and 'AmberLyon' are livestreamers.

Jayel Aheram @aheram
Rubber bullets now being shot at protesters in #Anaheim. That will show those families protesting police violence!

Occupy Wall Street @OccupyWallSt
Anaheim citizens protesting police murder being shot with rubber bullets right now. Live.

Political Fail Blog @PFailBlog
#anaheim police have the attack dog out again! Chasing people into gas station. Let's hit the road @courtneyoccupy @BellaEiko #ftp #ola

Soze @Keyserxsoze
These are not protesters or activists. These are angry, hurt citizens. #Anaheim


Anon Street Medics @AnonMedics
Those 40mm launchers feature an "extended range" round type, allowing the police to launch a projectile the size of your fist up to 70-100m.

reclaim UC @reclaimuc
Using attack dogs as crowd control in black and brown communities in #Anaheim is pure Bull Connor.

Steve here in Anaheim. Pepper spray ball shot at me and 2 KFI staffers

Joshua Holland @JoshuaHol
RT @kgosztola: Streets of #Anaheim transformed into war zone by police. Beanbag rounds & pepper balls continue to be fired at protesters

Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland
40mm Impact rounds shot at citizens in #Anaheim tonight #Anaheimexecution #ManuelDiaz #p2

Jayron @Jayron26
UPDATE: Protestor shot point blank by APD tonight. Collapses to ground. #OSF #OLA #OO #OPDX #OWS #OCHI #OBOS #OC

Geoffrey Giraffe @Jiraffa
Dumpster fires, pepper ball reload runners, and police on the hunt for "the leader in black shorts". #damnimwearingblackshorts #Anaheim
Retweeted by Courtney

jenniedelicious @jenniedelicious
This #Anaheim resident was just trying to get his bike when police fired "less lethal" rounds at him.

Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland
"Riot Squad outside my bedroom window" via @angelabaca #Anaheim #oo

Atef @UrbanIntifada
Phone back on! #Anaheim is in open rebellion!!! Every Orange County police department on scene.

Amber Lyon @AmberLyon
Hiding between 2 uhauls-- line of 100 cops with guns drawn behind me #Anaheim

We are the Ones @WeRTheOnes
Cops in #Anaheim fire on @Timcast while he's holding up press pass. 'most intense action I've been in'. Welcome to CA!

Atef @UrbanIntifada
Protesters have dispersed into small groups. Pockets of drama taking place all over the city. Police stretched. 7 helicopters #Anaheim

Rachel Allshiny @allshiny
"Even with your hands up, they'll fire at you." - @Timcast


The Republican Dalek @RepublicanDalek

OccupySD @OccupySD
Tell Anaheim Police we're not gonna take it! Anaheim PD: (714) 765-1900 Anaheim Mayors Office: 714-765-5247 #Anaheim

Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland
More projectiles fired at US citizens in #Anaheim- pic of the round: #Policestate #oo #ows #occupy #ochi #ola

Rachel Allshiny @allshiny
Watching @Timcast, it's hard not to feel like people are being hunted through an urban landscape. Expect to see more of this.

Political Fail Blog @PFailBlog
Riot police masking up at Anaheim and Broadway

leoriot @LeonGhesu
Shit is, as usual, fucked up and bullshit. #solidarity with #Anaheim.

Karoli @Karoli
Police intentionally keeping press away from protesters. Firing rubber bullets if @timcast tries. Scary stuff #anaheim

Eddie @12EDDIE
This is what they are shooting at me in #Anaheim tonight! #FTP via @TwitPic

Occupy Oakland @OccupyOakland
Picture of Bean Bag Rounds fired at women, men, children in #Anaheim tonight #Policestate #oo #ows #occupy #FTP

Cheepy Deefy @chapeaudefee
Man being arrested. Apparently pleading, "I had groceries in my car! I was grocery shopping! Come on, man!" #Anaheim

H M Bascom @hmbascom
Police have secured the grocery store parking lot. Remain calm & buy groceries. #Anaheim ( @timcast live at

Sam A. @PaliCali48
Confirmed #Anaheim PD now arresting people downtown indiscriminately get outta there, you or anyone you know need a ride? Hit me up #APDRiot

Lauren E. Becker @MsBecker
4) did I mention the riot cop who jumped out of a police car just to point a rifle in the face of a dude doing absolutely nothing?

Amber Stephens @amberjamie99pct
Although I don't condone the actions tonight, only injuries reported so far have been inflicted by police. #Anaheim

Amber Stephens @amberjamie99pct
The scene in Anaheim has calmed down, I can still hear helicopters from my humble residence about 10 minutes away from the madness.

9:47 AM PT:
Michael Prysner ‏@MikePrysner
#Anaheim mayor "will not tolerate vandalism." But he WILL tolerate his police executing and brutalizing the poor on a daily basis.

11:18 AM PT: Petition by to Kamala Harris to investigate Manuel Diaz's shooting

Originally posted to jpmassar on Wed Jul 25, 2012 at 08:28 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, and California politics.

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