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Last Spring, I just could not stop getting bad news, all in one week:

My amazing Grandmother, WWII Army Nurse 1941-1945, passed away...
My "family" informing me months after it happened...
The Union I trusted was shorting me and others of work, via the crony express...
I found out they had actually told an employer I moved to Oregon when they tried to request me for a huge gig...

Then when I got home to open the mail at the end of this super duper week, laid off again with no work in sight, grieving and angry, I found out that the Employment Development Department of California was taking away my unemployment benefits. EDD was accusing me of Ui overpayment from a prior year, causing them to stop paying me benefits with a lengthy delay until the appeal. After I served this overpayment penalty, I would also be having my Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) denied too, at the upcoming end of this "benefit year". They were going to force me onto an even lesser State Ui claim for a whole year despite laws and regulations that seemed to contradict what they were telling me.

That was a long time ago in my lengthy fight to expose the Fraud that I uncovered in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program. I was a victim of these "EUC08 Errors" for over 26+ very tough weeks last year. But, I was able to hang on and beat the accusations of overpayment (union error...happens all the time). In the separate and non-union related matter, I was also somehow able to beat the denial of my EUC08 benefits and had the incorrect determinations reversed. These determinations were caused by the errors that the Department of Labor published.

In the process of appealing these EUC08 errors, I have discovered and exposed much more than I ever thought possible for one "stupid unsophisticated illiterate dirt covered peasant". I have even been learning to read and write more betters...just like proper fancy folk. Them thar boys and girls at the White House and on them Bloggs, had no idea one of us simple folk would follow the trail all the way to their doorsteps...

is Mr. Obama home?

Here is a copy of my recent request to the White House for Information and Explanation about their involvement in the EUC08 FRAUD:


EUC08 Whistle Blower,

Email FOIA Request

Attention Agency Component:
White House Executive Office of the President,
President Barrack Obama

Request for Information before I make Official Request

Good day.

As part of my own investigation into the problems with Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0, I am following the trail of documents that seem to be uncovering a US Government cover up and conspiracy to defeat my "Whistle Blower" efforts that have been exposing the EUC08 implementation errors that the Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration published four years ago causing massive waste, denial, harm and fraud to ARRA emergency designated funds (Emergency Unemployment Compensation/EUC08 ARRA Division B Title II Section 2001/Public Law 110-252/111-205).

The US Government seems unable to refute my proof that the Q&A sections of UIPL 23-08 and 4-10, that refer to "Multiple EUC Claims", from the EUC08 Implementing and Operating Instructions, do not comply with Title 20 Chapter 5 Part 615 sections 615.2(c)(2), 615.2(h)(1)(2) and 615.5(2). I won an appeal case based on this fact in California 10/20/11 and had the incorrect EUC08 determinations, payments and adjudication reversed, restoring almost $3000 in emergency designated ARRA funds (denied over 26+ weeks that this appeal took to win last year).

After I won, I tried to have this case set as a precedent in California and then began notifying the US Government of my public concerns and evidence. The same non compliant errors that I was a victim of, were negatively affecting millions of other claimants nationwide. This has been going on for years, keeping billions of dollars from going back into the economy. Every State is blindly following the same DOL EUC08 guidelines that contain the same mistakes in the Q&A sections about "Multiple EUC Claims". All claimants are being forced onto any older EUC claims with any remaining balances when they come up to their second benefit year determination. The wages/claim from the new most recent benefit year are ignored, until the claimant can exhaust the older EUC account fully. Neither regular Ui compensation nor State extended benefits work this way.

In many cases, the most recent and usually higher paying benefit year claim for EUC08 is lost, because it often takes more than one year to exhaust the older claims balance first. According to 20 CFR 615.5(2), EUC08 is not supposed to work this way either. People have been paid much less than they were actually owed, for much shorter periods of time. This has also had an affect on the unemployment rate, which State Extended Benefits are based upon (trigger for on or off). Future determinations based on this older benefit year also cause problems with the HR4213, "part time penalty"/"EUC FIX", from Public Law 111-205, section 3(g) (CUIAB Case No A0-265448).

I requested oversight again and again, but never could get any investigation going through the Department of Labor (who is the accused party). I also could not get any response from the Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board, just like I could not get any response from the Department of Labor ETA nor Office of Inspector General. They won't respond nor refute the strong evidence and my standing decision, won 10/20/11 in California Case CUIAB A0-265448. nor will they investigate nor respond in any way to my public concerns and "attempts to redress grievances with my Government".

After a partially successful Freedom of Information Act Request #688882 with the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General, I discovered that while I requested oversight under three Federal Laws these past six+ months (ARRA, Improper Payments and Inspector General Acts), the State and Federal Government were sharing all my evidence amongst the accused parties, and openly and actively working together to defeat my whistle blower efforts and this Recovery Fraud complaint against them.

Instead of making any response to me, The DOL ETA on 2/7/12 did in fact contact the California Labor & Workforce Agency to demand they try to appeal my CUIAB Case A0-265448. The DOL ETA incorrectly stated that the CUIAB case was "contrary to federal law", and they demanded that California not make this a precedent decision whether they were successful in overturning my case with a writ of mandate or not in Superior Court. The DOL also refused to pay federal funds in support of the CUIAB Case either way.

On 2/14/12 the California EDD and CUIAB jointly responded to the DOL ETA. They never mentioned the specifics of what was "contrary to federal law". They agreed not to make the CUIAB case a precedent even though they did not feel it necessary to take court action against this standing decision and they agreed to pay State funds instead of Federal funds in support of Case CUIAB A0-265448. Robert Dresser, Chair of the CUIAB, who awarded me my victory on 10/20/11 with ALJ Roy Ashburn, never mentioned Title 20 Chapter V Part 615, despite accepting that as evidence in my case previously. This seems highly unusual, very illegal absent any due process, and appears to violate the civil and constitutional rights of millions and millions of America citizens, while intentionally subverting oversight under the ARRA and other federal laws and regulations.

Neither of these involved parties made any contact with me, while I continued to request oversight, while I continued to provide evidence and public concerns, and even while I was filing my Recovery Fraud complaint. They neither tried to refute my evidence nor the actual federal administrative law that covers EUC08 found at Title 20 Chapter V Part 615 (which I won my 10/20/11 appeal with). They never mentioned Title 20 CFR 615 once, nor did they mention the unemployed struggling workers and families, that due to these DOL errors, have been denied billions of dollars in emergency designated funds on Obama's watch for the past four years.

I have also tried to get response from many different parts of the White House to no avail for months and months. But, the White House seems to have been informed about what was going on twice, at least as far as the DOL OIG FOIA results go. I know you know that I have many more FOIA, Privacy and Presidential Records Act requests that I plan to follow up with.
So lets start with this first initial request for information:

1. Is this the right place/format to request these specific documents and those related and available under FOIA/Presidential Records Act Public request?
(a) ETA Correspondence with "jerkyspace" (2004-Present). SIMS ID 663175.Originator: "jerkyspace". Addressee: OBAMA. Subject: Denied Unemployment Benefits. Date entered 10/18/2011.
(b) DOL ETA Dale Zeigler Memorandum for the White House. 10/21/2011 (The day after CUIAB Case No. A0-265448 was decided). Subject: "jerkyspace" - WH9262011-61.
(c) Any and All Documents/Responses/Follow up related to (a) and (b) and "jerkyspace" and CUIAB Case A0-265448 and Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0 and any related parties of interest to either of those (DOL, RATB, DOJ, FBI, DOT, CUIAB, EDD, California Labor & Workforce Agency, and/or the National Unemployment Law Project, ETC.)

If this is not the right agency nor proper place to make such request, could you please direct me to the correct email or mailing address and/or fax number, with full contact information of who specifically this must be addressed to?

Thank you for your time. I am very sorry the US Government has decided to fight my efforts to help restore billions of dollars in emergency aid to the unemployed struggling workers and families, right before the General Election. Please reconsider the reckless path you are on, before the Romney Campaign becomes "aware" of these serious abuses of authority and this malfeasance in office, that I have exposed via FOIA, and that I will continue to expose in my investigation no matter how long it takes, before or after the election.

EUC08 Whistle Blower
jerkyspace aka corazonroto aka non yours bees wax

Investigate the EUC08 Errors
Stop the Department of Labor Extended Benefits Mistake Cover-Up

Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0
CUIAB CASE A0-26548 still standing....


The White House OMB FOIA officer, read and understood this "word salad" written in "their language". There were no questions and they responded quickly:

"Your FOIA request was received in the Office of Management and Budget on August 1, 2012 and was logged in as FOIA # 12-170.  OMB will review your request and make a determination within 20 days."
-8/3/2012 10:25 AM
The rest of the story can be found here (in order):

Part One:
If Regulations are Broken in the Forest, and "Nobody" Sees and Hears them get broken...

Part Two:
ARRA Fraud in the Emergency Unemployment Insurance Program

Part Three:
Mr. President, I hear FOIA calling...

Part Four:
Mr. President, there is a serious problem with the EUC08 program

The Recovery Fraud Complaint and CUIAB Case:
a Recovery Fraud Complaint ignored...
Specific Evidence of the ARRA implementation mistakes:
An ARRA Implementation Error Exposed
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