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(I'm surprised this study is not getting more attention, considering the impact voter purges and voter ID laws are having and will have this year.)

Danielf Froomkin reported yesterday on The HuffingtonPost that a new study released Sunday, conducted by News21 and funded by the Carnegie and Knight Foundations went through "5,000 court documents, official reports, and media reports" involving VOTER FRAUD since 2000. Three substantive findings of the study are:

1) Any kind of election fraud is exceptionally rare. Among 600 MILLION votes cast, 2,068 cases of "election fraud" were alleged: this is a .000003 incidence of alleged election fraud.
2) Voter fraud is even rarer. Only 30.6% of the "election fraud" cases involved "voter fraud". That's 633 cases in 600,000,000. Translation: that's a .000001 incidence of all voter fraud.
3) IN-PERSON voter fraud is, according to the report, "virtually non-existent". With 600 MILLION votes cast, there were 10, yes 10, cases of alleged in-person voter fraud: this is a .000000001 incidence of alleged in-person voter fraud, the purported reason that Voter ID laws have been implemented in so many states.

(I did the long division calculations since Excel insists upon defaulting to scientific notation. Feel free to check my math.)

This evidence is the result of truly Herculean efforts by conservatives, efforts specifically undertaken at great expense to prove that voter fraud is rampant. They have proved the opposite.

The evidence shows that instead of being rampant, voter fraud is virtually non-existent.

Many of us have known this to be true all along. We rarely hear anything but unsubstantiated assertions that millions of illegal immigrants and dead people are voting. We rarely hear actual, specific incidences reported. (And of those, at least some are Republicans.) It is hard to think of any other phenomena so "undocumented" that has become the basis of so much animus, discriminatory action and taxpayer expense (except perhaps around welfare recipients). It is truly a stunning case of facts being shaped to fit a self-serving preconception in order to defend a self-serving policy.

This study means that Republican programs to PURGE millions of legitimate, LEGAL VOTERS from the voting rolls nationwide since 2000--including, notably, FLA in 2000 and OH in 2004--are entirely FRAUDULENT.

AZ, for example, is so "concerned" that it is requiring 177,000 Democratic voters to essentially re-register and "prove" they are legal voters as we speak. FRAUD. (Source: Rachel Maddow, last night)

(As Rachel Maddow also reported last night, In OH, the Republican Secretary of State has singled out two large, important Democratic districts for fewer voting days and no evening or weekend voting hours.)

Likewise, this study also PROVES that the Republicans' massive VOTER ID PROGRAMS in states across the country are also entirely FRAUDULENT.

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been and will continue to be spent on these irresponsible, intrusive, fraudulent Republican voter disenfranchisement schemes. Republican operatives no doubt consider it worth it because even if only 1% of voters fails to re-enroll, that can swing a statewide or national election. And we all know the percentages of those caught in this net of suppression are much higher.

What we all also know, including even many Republicans, is that this is about VOTER SUPPRESSION. What seemingly all Republicans everywhere are engaged in and endorsing is widespread FRAUD, since none of us had heard one object. This fraud is taking place now in numerous states.

While it may be impossible to "prove" whether or not an individual Republican is racist unless s/he admits it, it is possible to say that they endorse policies, such as voter suppression, that inordinately, consistently work to the disadvantage of minorities, and those policies ARE racist. The use and endorsement of these policies by Republicans is racism. Unless and until Republicans rise up and force their leaders to obliterate these programs and their effects, they cannot legitimately claim otherwise.
It is up to us and our elected officials, especially the DOJ, to bring these facts to light and hold Republicans accountable, including, especially those we know. You avoid conflict and politely avoid this at the risk of contributing to the disenfranchisement of millions of voters AND the entire election cycle, up-and-down-the-ticket itself. It doesn't really matter what else you do. If you aren't also active on this front in a very personal way then you are dropping the ball. Don't let them remain anonymous, unchallenged. Get this information in front them. Please do your part to see to it that every literate Republican sees it and that the media engages on it and that our government and rank & file Republicans and ultimately the Republican Party must account for it.

The election hinges upon what we do about Republican Voter suppression. Whether you blame 2000 on the SCOTUS or Nader, know that neither would have been a factor if tens of thousands of voters in FLA (Jeb Bush) had not been purged that year by a Texas database company ("W" Bush). As close as 2004 was, I guarantee you that voter suppression determined the outcome. With voter suppression efforts running rampant, it can happen again. We can do everything else right and still lose because either votes aren't cast or they aren't counted (because the voter isn't on the roll on election night, and provisional ballots aren't worth dog crap). So, whether we stop or don't stop voter suppression can determine the outcome regardless of everything else we do. We can lose illegitimately. Or we can stop it. It can only happen if we let it.

5:59 PM PT: WHOEVER RESCUED THIS DIARY: THANKS. I hope the hell, for all of our sakes, news of this report reach the four corners of the globe. I hope we figure out how to make it make a difference. And I really hope Eric Holder finds out, because, you know, he's the one person who could put an end to all of this right now.

6:39 PM PT: WHOA! REC List. Hope this means some people are going to read the report and let the world know WE'VE GOT A NEW ABOLITION CAUSE: ABOLISH RACIST VOTER PURGES and RACIST VOTER ID LAWS!

Don't let them define the outcome of this election!

Call them by their real names! I declare each and EVERY REPUBLICAN a RACIST until they publicly stand up and call for these RACIST VOTER POGROMS to CEASE and DESIST.

I demand REPARATIONS for Disenfranchised Voters.

Please people, do not let this stand.

Originally posted to Words In Action on Tue Aug 14, 2012 at 11:12 AM PDT.

Also republished by Progressive Policy Zone, "Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style" (PPTS), Southern Action, and Community Spotlight.


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