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In March, Rush Limbaugh claimed 18,000 advertisers on his 600 radio stations. We estimate that it may now be 17,000, and dropping as more folks join our stoprush effort. We've had roughly a thousand companies, large and small, tell us (and our allies) that they will no longer advertise with Rush. And many of the first hundred or so were the big, national advertisers. Meanwhile, more  than a hundred new volunteers join the stop rush effort each week.

Rush has asserted that we, the volunteers who are active in stoprush, are having no effect.


But here's the proof that Rush Limbaugh is lying:

Dial Global Q2 Boosted By WW1 Addition But Loss Widens

In its SEC filing's recitation of risk factors, the company noted without naming names that the RUSH LIMBAUGH controversy has "significantly impacted" DIAL GLOBAL's business and has led to some advertisers in News-Talk formats pulling ads that ran in proximity to that show and caused some ads to get pulled even though DIAL GLOBAL does not syndicate LIMBAUGH's show.  The company says it has made "meaningful changes to our internal systems and procedures to allow us to better separate our advertisers' ads from certain controversial programming," but warned that "such process has consumed time and resources, and notwithstanding our efforts, certain advertisers have exited news talk programming and may not ultimately resume advertising in this area of programming at previous levels, or at all.  If we are unable to bring back advertisers  into our news/talk radio programming, this would have an adverse effect on our revenue, which would have an adverse effect on our results of operations."

Dial Global's costs grew by 250 percent.

This is the second major radio network to report on the Rush impact; previously, Cumulus reported losing millions of dollars due to advertisers fleeing the program. Clear Channel, the largest network – which actually syndicates Rush, and is owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, and therefore is at risk of being plundered into bankruptcy – is privately held, and isn't expected to report on the damage.

Glenn Beck faced a similar dilemma on Fox News. Up until the end, Beck didn't believe that the end would come [video, first Limbaugh then Beck]:

The campaign to force Glenn Beck off of Fox took 21 months; the campaign to hold Rush accountable hasn't yet reached the six month mark. But no radio talk show can withstand the sort of damage that is being reported without someone eventually deciding to cut their losses.

Here are a few of my previous diaries about Rush:

Rush hates unions and Occupy Wall Street

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The Rush Limbaugh talk show boycott is even impacting music stations

If you're on Facebook, you can join the very active group of Flush Rush volunteers who operate there.

Originally posted to Richard Myers on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 09:23 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts.

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