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This will be a somewhat short diary since I have already diaried on Todd Akintoday, and it looks like Congressman Akin's comments have some legs to them.  According to Think Progress, some prominent conservatives are calling for Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race.

And according to one blog that I found in the Think Progress comments, Todd Akin has until Tuesday to withdraw from the Senate race or the Republicans are stuck with him.  

MIssouri’s §115.359 appears to require a candidate to withdraw “no later than the eleventh Tuesday prior to the general election” — which, if you’re counting, is this Tuesday.  Absent some pretty effective lobbying by Missouri Republicans, there’s little chance Rep. Akin will willingly step down before that deadline.  And any lobbying won’t have the benefit of poll numbers, as there’s little time to even conduct a poll before Tuesday.
Although the blogger says that he is no expert in Missouri voting laws, and neither am I.

And I'll post the Claire McCaskill links one more time:

ActBlue- Claire McCaskill
Donate directly to Claire McCaskill
Volunteer for Claire McCaskill

Link to contribute to the Missouri Democratic Party

Hope that Senator McCaskill keeps the pressure on this guy.  I am really hoping this is a sign that the Democrats hold the Senate in November.

4:40 PM PT: Thanks to my fellow Kossacks for helping this get to the rec list.

h/t to PorridgeGun for pointing out a Talking Points Memo story on Romney/Ryan and how they could feel the pressure regarding Akin

from the TPM article:

The Obama campaign was already mobilizing an effort to highlight Ryan’s abortion views before Akin’s explosive comments. That effort will likely get an early kick-start Monday morning, as Sen. Claire McCaskill, Akin’s opponent, sits down with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

8:25 PM PT: Missouri Republicans are starting to run away from Akin.

“I am reminded today why, I, as a Republican am supporting @clairecmc over @ToddAkin for #MOSEN. Unbelievable,” tweeted Lucas Case, a GOP aide who worked on the early phase of Sarah Steelman’s Senate campaign.
Two sources said even top Republican candidates and leaders in the state are shaking their heads and scurrying for distance from Akin. One Columbia-based operative said that several calls were placed this weekend to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Mitt Romney’s campaign about the mounting concern over Akin.

“One mused about putting him in a closet for three months,” said one source with ties to GOP leadership in Jefferson City.

Really hope the GOP wind up stuck with Akin on the ballot.

Originally posted to pistolSO on Sun Aug 19, 2012 at 02:58 PM PDT.

Also republished by Show Me Kos.

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