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Ok, so I did not catch the entire show this morning -- part of it from sleeping in, and part from doing a little yard work. When I came in from clearing some weeds, MHP's next segment was about the Republican agenda of decades to poison the term 'welfare'. But she really caught fire talking about the risks taken by the wealthy vs. the poor.

I'll have to check back at her site later, and would like to post up a video of the segment when it's available. But please, go check it out later. Hopefully later today! Her panel included Monica Mehta, the apparent conservative defender, and they were talking about how Americans generally support welfare type programs until the term 'welfare' is used, and how it has been connected specifically with a false image of lazy and undeserving black folks. That piece of Republican BS was referenced by a book studying the issue, with data going back 20 years; yeah, basically Newt Gingrich in Congress-era BS, and it hasn't been forgotten.

It was when Monica Mehta defended the risk-taking of conservatives -- the rich investors, the business owners, the 'job creators' -- that MHP really let her have it. Melissa's point was that the risks taken by the rich, who enjoy multiple layers of protection, do not even compare to the risks taken by the poor who are just trying to not get shot in a bad neighborhood, who try to find a decent school for their kids. Considering the case of Mitt Romney in particular, whose company never seemed to risk or lose anything, I can understand why Melissa got pissed. How dare this conservative twit compare things like investments, often insured and bailed out by conservative governments, to the risk of getting shot and killed or the risk of getting no good education and no future?

Monica Mehta got spanked, rhetorically, and rightly so. Her nervous giggles after the fact said it all. Yeah, you came to the wrong place to talk to the wrong lady about risk.

Anyway, I will try to edit this later with a video when I can find it, or if a commenter beats me to it, that'd be good too.

Swapping out the MSNBC embed for a YouTube version (thank you zizi!) as I think it will work better here.

1:45 PM PT:

Vyan's diary repeats the question making the rounds online, and he has also included a nice transcript of MHP's righteous rant, if transcript reading is more your thing.

I need a better word than 'rant.' Preach? Sermon? I'm not one for preaching, but I guess if I would let any one person have at it, it'd be her...

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