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NOTE: I have been stalking the pages of DailyKos since the painful loss in the 2004 election. This place offered healing. It offered knowledge. It offered insight. And, most importantly, it offered hope.

Eight years later, after being strictly a consumer of this blog, I am venturing out of my shell and contributing my voice to the cause. I am proud to say that this is my first diary and surely will not be my last.


I love college football almost as much as I love politics. I love reading ESPN blogs right along side DailyKos. This morning, on the Big 12 blog (Let's Go Mountaineers!) I saw where a couple fellas were discussing Bill Clinton's speech and the conversation went in to the whole 'Dems are GODLESS' Republican talking point. After watching the Big Dog's thorough take down of everything Republican last night (and Deval Patrick's and Corey Booker's and etc.) I woke this morning feeling proud to be a supporter of President Obama and the Democratic Party. I was not going to bite my tongue. I felt fired up and ready to go.

So reading these comments (link), I came up with a perfect analogy to fit the site where the discussion was taking place. Check it out:

Football analogy: One coaching staff has a very lopsided losing record over 8 years, runs up the athletic budget at a deficit (while giving rich boosters free tickets and raising prices on students), has most of the big name players transfer to other schools, and lies to NCAA investigators.  

The next coach comes in and has four years to fix the program. Recruiting gets better but is not nearly where it was before the previous coaching staff took the reins. Boosters no longer get free tickets and have to pay for box seats while students get a ticket discount, leading to increased attendance. The team's winning percentage is OK at .667, not stellar, but better than the 0-12 season four years ago. Unfortunately, some of the hold-overs from the previous staff conspired secretly with upset boosters to do whatever to cause this coach to fail.

So the program has a choice, hire a new coach who is backed by the boosters who supported the old staff. His staff would contain many of the old coaches and would bring back many of the strategies which were proven to be detrimental to the school's success on and off the field. Or, the school could renew the contract of the current coach and extend the amount of time for the program to continue down the road to recovery.

Which coach would you hire?

So which coach would it be?

7:28 AM PT: First diary and it made the rec list! Did not think a simple comment would lead to that. Thanks!

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