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The media has trumpeted a number of false leads on the identities behind  the "Innocence of Muslims" agit-prop.

It has settled its narrative on an unlikable ex-con named Nakoula with a (self-described) minor role in the affair.

Unfortunately for the narrative, Nakoula was in federal detention in the period when the movie was planned, he was  released from detention only in June 22, 2011.

Far more likely, Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, owner of  Media for Christ, and a right-wing media star during the NYC anti-mosque rallies is responsible.
More follows........

First, many sources are documented in my earlier diary:   I will not repeat all documentation, but refer to that as a source.

Joseph Nassralla and Media for Christ (M4C) applied for the filming permit for Desert Warrior (per San Gabriel Valley media sources).  M4C has IRS non-profit status and files 990 returns. The 2011 return shows a budget of 1 million dollars, and assets that could be used to produce the film.

The film used Hollywood forms: Casting Calls, Permits, SAG categorization.  The film used modern green screen techniques, and sound editing and overdubs.

The Media for Christ (aka ) website is a video blog production.  Klein and others use it for their platforms.

Nassralla knows how to roll a production.  There is no evidence that the incompetent Nakoula has any experience -- his indictment for  check kiting schemes makes clear that he was not sophisticated in avoiding detection or recognition.  

Joseph Nassralla has a very deep media trail, mostly on account of his featured roles in the various Pamela Geller promoted anti-Mosque events in New York City.  SEE:
Joseph Nassralla and Pamela Geller at "Summer Night for Human Rights"

I think it is not beyond speculation to think that the NYC-based  English speaking anti-Islamic  clique of Geller , Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes commissioned the "Desert Warrior" project.  The movie was made in English (and likely for an American audience)  and the overdubbing to Arabic appears to be a second thought.

7:33 PM PT: Buzzfeed  has an important interview with Jimmy Israel (whose name was on early casting calls) and email from a cast member.  Israel worked with someone he can identify as Nakoula in the preliminary production phase.  The cast member describes getting cash and person checks from Nakoula (or someone using a similar name to the 21 year old son of Nakoula).   The use of Joseph Nassralla's studio is described as a "loan"

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