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An entirely inappropriate and in poor taste non-exhaustive compendium of Mitt/scatological puns and references to entertain and enrage your friends and enemies for the next month... why? ...just because I can... and, hey... Mitt happens...

1) Mitt happens

2) Mitt for brains (Rick Santorum's GOP)

3) Mitt-eating grin (when he knowingly lies to the public and thinks he's gotten away with it)

4) Mitt faced (he, and the GOP, discovers the allure of alcohol after the November 6 thrashing)

5) The Bull-Mitt Party (breakaway sect from the GOP after November)

6) Calling Bull-Mitt on someone (a little redundant)

7) Lying sack of Mitt (when Bain is eventually brought up on charges)

8) In the Mitter (GOP is FLUSHED with their own success)

9) GOP thinks their Mitt don't stink (H.T. to reddbierd!)

10) The Mitt has hit the fan (H.T. to JML9999!)

11) Mitt-head (H.T. to kitebro!)

12) What kind of Mitt are they smoking; that's some Good Mitt (typical Fox news show)

13) Mitting on one foot and kicking it off with the other (anger evident on RW blogs)

14) Eat Mitt and die! (Daily Kos retort to the Republican Party)

15) Mitt out of Luck (The story that the MSM refuses to tell)

16) You're Mitting me (should be every reporter's first follow-up statement at a R&R presser)

17) Up/down/out the Mitt hole

18) Up Mitt Creek without a paddle (Ryan takes his boss kayaking)

19) WE'RE ALL IN DEEP MITT... If we can't GOTV!!

 ... as I said, not meant to be exhaustive... feel free to add your own.. ;)

9:25 AM PT: Thanks for all the great comments and additions... this diary is becoming a great suppository.... er... repository...;)

12:12 PM PT: From the comments!!:
"Republicans don't give a Mitt about non-millionaires" (global citizen)
"Democrats don't take Mitt from NOBODY"
"If Willard's Elected we'll all be in deep Mitt"(limelite)
"We've had it with their Mitt"
"Let's beat the Mitt out of the GOP"
"Mitt-fire and hold the matches" (revbludge)
"You'll find yourself on his Mitt List" (Mother Maggs)
"GOP is slow as Mitt" (boriskamite)
"Mitt on a shingle" (dubbelzoout)
"Everything the GOP touches turns to Mitt" (dubbelzoout)
"Aw, who gives a Mitt" (boriskamite)
"Honey Badger don't give a Mitt" (kitchen table activist)
"RMoney campaign...making up Mitt as they go"
"Anyone who votes for Rmoney don't know Mitt" (Lilyvt)
"GOP needs to get their Mitt together" (boriskamite)
"Read my lips... no more BushMitt" (terabthia2)
"What a Mittload" (Timaeus)
"There's a Mitt-storm a-brewin', for sure" (jck)
"GOP don't know Mitt from Shinola" (Alfred E Newman)
"Wasn't Seamus scared Mitt-less" (griz4u)
"Holy Mitt, Batman" (GAS)
"Mitt is a four letter word" (madam defarge)
"Chicken-Mitt... Bat-Mitt crazy... just stirring Mitt"

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