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The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. Erickson, just like the rest of the GOP didn't want Romney, didn't like Romney but still pretended America would learn to love their guy even if they could not. Now he admits Romney is done for and has at least understood Dick Morris is just a dick.

They are blaming the little guy, not the guy at the helm of the sinking ship.

Having refused to get on the “campaign shake up” bandwagon when Rupert Mourdoch and Jack Welch were claiming a shake up needed to happen, count me in now. Like it or not, spin it or not, put your head in the sand or not, attack me as the messenger or not, the very simple truth is that Mitt Romney has failed to close any deal with the voters and his message is so muddled no voter really knows what they are getting.

Consider last Friday’s economic news. The Romney campaign has let every North African nation distract them from reminding voters of that data. Even the North African mess has rendered the Romney campaign a rudderless messaging mess. His message is not selling. His ads are not very good. He has hundreds of staffers in Boston and I’m guessing too many cooks in the kitchen.

Several weeks ago, based on conversations with people more attuned to Team Romney than myself, I suggested Stu Stevens might be in over his head or too busy selling himself to sell Mitt Romney. In the past few weeks, I’ve confirmed that more and more Republican donors are also concerned with Stu Stevens.

Mitt Romney is not likeable. There is nothing Mitt is running on that can turn that around. That is not the fault of a campaign operative, no matter how senior.

Mitt Romney adopted every far right plank to win the nomination, he then expected people to forget about it. He could etch-a-sketch his way out of it.

Mitt Romney united a British Conservative press that was cynical about the Olympics to uniting behind Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson, in full vocal support of the Olympics. He did so because he is an un-likeable candidate.

The only reason he is not a "career politician" is because he is an un-likeable failure. He's a failed career politician and his campaign reeks of fail. He's been running for office since he was at school.

There is nothing Stu Stevens can do to change Mitt Romney. In the last few weeks of this election, something will have to go wrong for President Obama, there is nothing Mitt can do now.

If America was the Conservative nation the GOP claims it to be, they'd allow voting at McDonalds. Instead they have to restrict, cheat and lie their way to victory. In 2012 the picked the ultimate cheating, lying team, the Vulture Voucher ticket. America isn't buying it.

9:14 AM PT: Thanks for the Rec list Kossacks. Let Mitt be Mitt so that 2012 can be more like 2008 than 2010.

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