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I know we're not permitted to see Mitt Romney's tax returns. We just aren't. So quit asking.

But I believe we've been told by conservatives and Republicans, including Mitt Romney, that not only is there nothing wrong with using available laws to not pay income taxes, it is downright patriotic to legally keep our money free from the evil clutches of BIG GOVERNMENT!

Legal, offshore tax havens? Wave the flag!

Investments that limit tax exposure? Stand and salute!

Don't pay any income taxes because you and your family don't make enough money to cross the baseline tax threshold?


Get off the dole!

Color me confused.

Apparently, what is good for the goose, in this case, is not good for the gander.

And here all these (unknowing) moochers and freeloaders and deadbeats had been listening to Mitt and Paul Ryan and the rest of the conservative blowhards free marketers shouting that it is praiseworthy to use all available legal means to avoid paying income taxes.

I can't keep their arguments straight.

I know, I know, I'm easily confused. I need the intellectual giant, Paul Ryan, to explain it to me again in layman's terms.

Rich and don't pay income taxes? GOOD.

Poor or middle class and don't pay income taxes? BAD.

Paul or Mitt, please contact me at your earliest convenience to help me understand where I've gone wrong.

Thanks, fellas.

4:25 PM PT: As citizenx points out, below, according to the AP:

-- Mitt Romney says that if he paid more taxes than were required, he wouldn't be qualified to be president.
So, moochers rejoice! According to Mitt, you've met the baseline requirement to be President of the United States of America!

Paying no income tax is:

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