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While on Facebook I read a "Too Informed To Vote Republican" or a "XXXAgainst Mitt" or something else that posts regularly. There was a video about the Mormon Curtain Ceremony as a previous curtain person employee, went through the secret ceremony, rather clear and very well done.
I made 3 comments during the video.

My "Rush-Lovin" Republican husband listened to me as I told him about the Mormon Curtain Conditions to finish the Ceremony "To Get Into Celestial Kingdom"  Highest place in the Mormon Religion.
I made 3 comments during the video.
I went to share, and it was GONE.

I would not even bring this issue here, but the fact that FaceBook can be scrubbed then we need to realize that someone scrubbed this discussion.

I typed 3 messages about my memory of this sick representation while the video went on.   After I finished, the thread... info... person.. was gone.
When I searched to see it again, it was gone.

Normally I would not make a post here regarding something "scrubbed" on FB.   But this is a very bizarre and serious part of the Mormon Religion.

Christians would cringe to hear that Mormons think Jesus is talking to the current Prophet (leader) of the Mormon Church, and visits the "Celestial" room to speak to the "Prophet" daily.  

I am amazed that the fear of 4 more years of Obama, can make staunch Christians overlook this Cult of a Religion, and accept it to remove our current President.

No Hell.

A previous life.

The life here where you MUST be Mormon to advance and if you follow the book called "Doctrine and Covenants" YOU can get a world (only men) and pick several wives and get a planet for yourself.  

NO heaven.  Just 3 kingdoms.  That is the Mormon Religion.  All "Born Agains" and EVERY other Christian is WRONG.  They do NOT get to hang with Jesus and GOD.   ONLY Mormons do.

HOW is this not a "turn off" to Christians???  I would say "well if the current President was a Muslim, non American, Socialist, Fascist, etc..    OH YEAH  that IS what they think. !!!!!
So let's review.
No Heaven
No Hell
No forgiveness for sins (unless you are Mormon and complete THIS Curtain Ceremony)  How can any other Religion accept this?!?!
You get a Planet if you are a man that follows 100%

This is not ANY form of Christianity... ie  Born Again, Evangelical, Protestant, Southern Baptist, Unitarian, or any other religion.  
Mormons know ONLY Mormons that follow the Doctrine and Covenants to the letter can get to the Highest Kingdom.
and Terestial. (spelling could be wrong)   BUT be assured there are only THREE kingdoms, and if you do not do the Mormon Temple Curtain, you do NOT go to Heaven.

This is Obscure and Cult Religion will be what guides the Leader of the Free World or America.

I hope this does not get scrubbed.  If anyone has that "Curtain Ceremony" video PLEASE re-post it.  It shows the detached condition of this Religion.

I want to be sure everyone knows I was a Mormon for 5 years.  I was married in the Salt Lake City Temple, and wore the strange one piece undies  (a whole other con job-religion requirement) and I can answer any questions about this perverse religion and its cult ceremonies.

9:46 AM PT: I wanted to add this as it was asked below.  I left that religion the "prophet-leader" Spencer I think stated: Rules for the bedroom of the married.  He specifically stated that only missionary sex, no oral or any other position and that sex will only happen for procreation. There were already rules on wives. I had to be in a quilting group and obedience to the husband was essential. My husband was fine with all that, but to me it was like a shock.  How personal did this go???  I was shaken to my core.

I became angry that I had endured hours of "baptisms" for the dead, remaining soaking wet like a prune. Given my paychecks to them for them to take 10% off the top.

I felt like a light bulb went on and it was all so clear, I didn't belong in this relationship, or to be Mormon anymore.  I flipped and tore my holy undies and used them for rags.  I knew that would push this pathetic man off the cliff and he would agree with divorce.  It worked. I did do several other religions and baptisms before coming to the conclusion, There IS NO GOD.  

I am quite happy with this.

I want to state for the record

1. I have no problem with religion or expression, it was the scrubbing that concerned me.

2.A president that has "this religion" in his core, is frightening.  Woman are to be ordered around, and men rule the world.  I have seen that look in Romney's eye and I can see that mean spirit of "don't dare talk back" and he would have too much power as the president.

3. I hope this helps other Christians realize he is not like "one of them".

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