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Well the mystery Family foundation behind the billboards in Milwaukee and Ohio has been revealed to be the Einhorn Family Foundation based in Milwaukee.  And surprise, surprise!  Stephen Einhorn is a major GOP donor.  The Einhorns have given money to many Republican campaigns including $50,000 to Scott Walker.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Einhorn and his son Daniel run Einhorn & Associates, a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin mergers-and-acquisitions consulting firm, and Capital Midwest Fund, a venture capital fund

The Journal credits the One Wisconsin Now group and the Grio for uncovering who was behind the billboards.

Stephen Einhorn admitted on Monday that he and his wife Nancy were the ones who paid for all of those anonymous billboards warning of voter fraud that were put up mainly in inner city parts of Milwaukee and Ohio.

Apparently the Einhorns were given the option of taking down the billboards or having Clear Channel place their names on the billboards.  Stephen Einhorn reportedly preferred to have the billboards taken down rather than having his name placed on the billboards because he "feared" for the safety of his family.

3:56 PM PT: Here is a link to map of where the voter fraud billboards were placed provided by Clear Channel.  Note that the vast majority were placed in Milwaukee which traditionally votes Democrat.

There were a few placed in suburban areas around Milwaukee.  However, it could be just for appearances sake since the Einhorn Family Foundation is a charitable foundation which is prohibited from engaging in political activities per IRS rules.  If they had only posted the billboards in Milwaukee they could have been accused of violating the IRS rules and lose their charity status.

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