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He ran for State Senate in California, and appears to have come up short against the incumbent.  However, this is not a loss in my book.  This is a Kossack who stepped up from the keyboard and put himself into the fray.

Running for office is the highest calling of anyone here.  It's how you actually make a difference, especially if you are unsatisfied with how your government is being run.  It takes courage and stamina and love of country to enter (and sometimes win) an election.

Know this - I will throw money at any Kossack who runs for office at any level.  It beats the pants off of yelling at clouds about how your candidate isn't good enough.  Be the candidate, and you'll never be disappointed.

Thanks, Greg.  From all of us.  I hope you try again.

11:19 AM PT: OK, I'll never publish and run off to a meeting again. Rec list? While I'm here, let's also congratulate the other Kossacks who ran yesterday. Some of them are chiming in through the comments. Didn't mean to leave anyone out. This election has been a tremendous step forward for progressive values. We're not going back. Thanks for reading.

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