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42 Republicans, 30 in the House and 12 in the Senate, have now renounced the Grover Norquist pledge.  This does not include "revenue" comments from Boehner and Cantor.  In addition, 6 GOP members of the House and 7 GOP members of the Senate never signed it.

In all, 36 current Republicans in the House, and 19 current Republicans in the Senate are against it.  This leaves him only 205 supporters in the House and 28 in the Senate.

The following Republicans have renounced their pledge:

Charlie Bass (NH-02)
Charles Boustany (LA-03)
Howard Coble (NC-06)
Tom Cole (OK-04)
Chip Cravaack (MN-08)
Rick Crawford (AR-01)
Scott DesJarlais (TN-04)
Robert Dold (IL-10)
Jeff Flake (AZ-06)
Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01)
Chris Gibson (NY-20)
Nan Hayworth (NY-19)
Tim Johnson (IL-15)
Peter King (NY-02)
John Kline (MN-02)
Tom Latham (IA-03)
Steve LaTourette (OH-14)
Mary Bono Mack (CA-45)
Buck McKeon (CA-25)
Pat Meehan (PA-07)
Rich Nugent (FL-11)
Erik Paulsen (MN-03)
Tom Reed (NY-23)
Reid Ribble (WI-08)
Scott Rigell (VA-02)
Jon Runyan (NJ-03)
Mike Simpson (ID-02)
Adrian Smith (NE-03)
Lee Terry (NE-02)
Allen West (FL-22)
Lamar Alexander (TN-SEN)
Kelly Ayotte (NH-SEN)
Saxby Chambliss (GA-SEN)
Tom Coburn (OK-SEN)
Bob Corker (TN-SEN)
Mike Crapo (ID-SEN)
Mike Enzi (WY-SEN)
Lindsey Graham (SC-SEN)
Mike Johanns (NE-SEN)
John McCain (AZ-SEN)
Jeff Sessions (AL-SEN)
David Vitter (LA-SEN)
The following Republicans never signed it to begin with (PDF):
Richard Hanna (NY-24)
Todd Russell Platts (PA-19)
Rob Wittman (VA-01)
Frank Wolf (VA-10)
Rob Woodall (GA-07)
Kevin Yoder (KS-03)
John Barrasso (WY-SEN)
Thad Cochran (MS-SEN)
Susan Collins (ME-SEN)
Charles Grassley (IA-SEN)
John Hoeven (ND-SEN)
Richard Lugar (IN-SEN)
Olympia Snowe (ME-SEN)
Incoming freshman who refused to sign are not included.  Democrats Robert Andrews (NJ-01), Ben Chandler (KY-06), and Ben Nelson (NE-SEN) who all renounced it are also not included.

Complete list of references available here.  

1:19 AM PT: Numbers are looking good Nancy:

Nancy Pelosi Threatens Discharge Petition To Break Fiscal Cliff Stalemate

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered her own way to break the apparent stalemate over the so-called fiscal cliff -- by taking matters out of House Speaker John Boehner's hands. She pointed out Friday that the Senate already passed a bill in July that would accomplish President Barack Obama's goal by extending lower tax rates for the middle class but not the wealthy.

Pelosi called on House Republican leadership to bring that legislation to the floor next week and threatened that if they do not schedule a vote on the Senate bill, Democrats will file what's known as a discharge petition on Tuesday to force a vote on the measure in her chamber. If Democrats successfully obtain 218 signatures on the discharge petition, it would automatically force the middle income tax cut bill to the floor for a vote.

The majority of the pledge renouncers agree with Tom Cole on extending the tax cuts on income under $250,000 per year, but it is hard to get an exact number on those specifics.
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  •  I will believe the ones in the House (9+ / 0-)

    when they sign the Discharge Petition being circulated by the Shadow Speaker (who should be Speaker).

  •  a small correction (14+ / 0-)

    (to the quote, not to your text)
    The Democratic tax plan does not extend tax breaks "for the middle class but not the wealthy." It extends tax breaks for every American, rich and poor  alike, on the first 1/4 million dollars they make every year.

    "Where has Big Government ever gotten us?" " Mars."

    by On Puget Sound on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 01:42:17 AM PST

    •  Important point! I see it mis-stated by Dems (4+ / 0-)

      too, all of the time. You correct it factually, rightly. Also, it illuminates a further messaging problem for Dems.

      Is it Another REpublican talking point non observant Dems fall for?

      LIke calling being against all abortion no matter What the woman wants Rigtht calls "Pro Life" lol...when evidence suggests the only life you care about is fetal. The media uses this term now too. So do those who are proChoice very often. Duped.

      Truth is, We need to say instead of "tax increase for the rich"....Say "LET THE  BUSH TAX CUTS to income over 1/4 million EXPIRE".
      1. because the Bush tax cuts are 60% (according to CBO IIRC) of our money pit problem. THey were not paid for...and were supposed to end after ten years. It's been 12. People need the reminder. WHy isn't that linked verbally every time Dems talk about it? (answer...Dems suck at messaging)

      2. (as you say), refer to it as "taxes on incomes above 1/4 million " 1/4 million sounds better to our side then 250K.It sounds more. (thinking like a Republican).

      3. Even, put it is as extending the tax break on Everyone's income under 1/4 million, but letting it end on any income above you say. But be sure that each time a reporter asks, each time a Dem pundit's corrected and put out that way. That is how it works. Dems fail at this sadly, SO OFTEN

      Obama himself needs to be more careful and explitory every time he says "Bush tax cuts" or "Tax cuts on higher incomes", imo

      •  Those are good points (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Says Who, jplanner

        Language matters, because here it's designed for those members of the public who pay only marginal attention to these debates.  Unfortunately, sound bites and the slightest shades of perception can count for a lot.

        I'd also add that we should always emphasize that we are opposing "tax BREAKS for the rich" not the "Bush tax cuts."

  •  And then there's the Rand baggers, like my (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Neon Mama, akze29

    congressman, John Campbell (R-Crazytown), whose little screed which arrived in my e-mail box yesterday reads, in part:

    But, President Obama and his minions want to change this [American exceptionalism] perspective. He is promoting a new culture of envy and, in his own words, "revenge". He believes and wants you to believe that the success of Aaron Rodgers (or fill in any other person's name of achievement) has made you poorer. Success is only worthy of "revenge" if it was achieved wrongly or unfairly. ...

    So, how do the tax increases fit in here? The president does not even pretend that raising taxes on the much despised people who earn more than $125,000 per year if you are single (the $250,000 is only for married couples) will do much for the deficit. It won't. Not even close. It maybe addresses 2-3% of the problem. You can confiscate all income over these thresholds and have those people work at the point of a sword as slaves and it won't cure the deficit. He has said this is about fairness. No, it’s about envy, it’s about revenge. ...

    That's why I vigorously oppose these tax increases, and I frankly don't care at what income level they draw the line. It’s not about the taxes. It's not about the economy. It's about who we are as a people.

    I don't think you'll be seeing this bagger's name on that list any time soon.

    I guess he never realized that (much higher) higher taxes on the wealthy provided a  prosperous country with a strong infrastructure under any number of republicans. Until greed got in the way, of course.

    202-224-3121 to Congress in D.C. USE it! You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage them. "We're not perfect, but they're nuts."--Barney Frank 01/02/2012

    by cany on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 04:36:40 AM PST

  •  I believe that Boehner (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    akze29, Says Who

    can actually use this as a way to get this whole thing done without being directly held accountable. He could actually save face by making it appear that some untrustworthy members of the GOP caucus had gone astray. He may actually be encouraging some of the safe and swing state members to vote with the Dems so this whole thing gets done before it gets to ugly. Is it possible that Pelosi and Boehner are actually working together on this?

  •  Allen West has reneged. Now. LOL. eom (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Says Who

    "I can't do it by myself. No president can. Remember: Change doesn't happen from the top. It happens because of you." B Obama, 2008

    by nzanne on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 08:21:01 AM PST

  •  I don't care what they say, I want to see ACTIONS (0+ / 0-)

    I want to see how they will VOTE when the chips are coming down.

    Republicans's actions rarely support the talk as we have been witnesses on a continuous basis post 2010... You know about the "fool me once" saying...

  •  Republicans taking responsibility. Not like a (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Says Who

    bunch of 12 year olds spending their allowance on candy.  This is new.

    Hey, GOP - Get In, Sit Down, Shut up, & Hang On!

    by 88kathy on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 08:49:24 AM PST

  •  Bravo Nancy! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    maybeeso in michigan, Says Who

    I am glad to see Dem. Leader Nancy Pelosi threatening a discharge petition, if the House GOP balks on passing the Senate bill. It's about time that discharge petitions were used for major issues, like avoiding the fiscal cliff, not social wedge ones. I remember when Time Magazine and other media outlets were all aflutter in the early 1970's about GOP Ohio Congressman Chamlers Wylie getting a discharge petition out of Emanuel Celler's Judiciary Committee to vote on the school prayer amendment which, fortunately, failed on the floor. This same media also thought it was "brilliant" that Ala. Dixiecrat Sen. James Allen was able to extend the filibuster to all sorts of issues with various technical maneuvers, the beginning of what turned out to be our present Senate  gridlock. Let's hope the media gives Pelosi half of the credit on this discharge position they gave to these other dimwits. They won't. For more on the Norquist "pledge" mess, read  this  

  •  That's true only if the leadership (0+ / 0-)

    of the party doesn't lean on them anyway.

    But it is a good first step.

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