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Remember back on election night, not so long ago? Man, that was awesome. Elation, pretty much. And we all watched, shared and reveled in that victory here, together, that night. That's what Daily Kos has become. A connected community with important goals far off into the future. We showed that night that we can make a difference. We can make change happen.

Just like Laura Clawson, I can't imagine life without Daily Kos. So today I'm going to show this site how much I love it. I'm going to buy five subscriptions as gifts for Kossacks. But I don't know who doesn't have a prescription subscription.

Do you want a subscription?

Tell me in the comments if you don't have one!

We'll try to maintain a list like last year. From this list I'm going to gift five people subscriptions.

As this list grows perhaps you'll see someone you appreciate and provide what Hunter calls the soul cleansing reward of eliminating the obnoxious ads for someone else. They'll also have access to all the swell E-books from Daily Kos, like Hunter's Chronicles of Mitt and Markos's American Taliban.

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Or you can simply donate to the site as Susan Gardner did to honor the Rescue Rangers or as Meteor Blades did to thank the Top Comments Team.

This election season Daily Kos raised more than a million dollars for candidates across the nation. This site made a significant difference this year. We won! Markos explained on Wednesday that the site advertising is covering less of the costs now and that ad revenue will continue to decline. Daily Kos needs support from its readers to continue changing things for the better.

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I want a prescription subscription to Daily Kos!
1. ✓lpggirl  given by boadicea
 2. ✓scarletraven given by boadicea
 3. ✓Fishgrease given by Raina? where4art?
 4. ✓stevie avebury given by boadicea
 5. ✓scamperdo
 6. ✓secret38b given by boadicea
 7. ✓Texdude50 given by Wendella and Steveningen for a second year?
 8. ✓BoiseBlue given by eeff
 9. ✓Homer177 given by SoCaliana
10. ✓Kaos given by Lorikeet
11. ✓empty vessel given by blue jersey mom
12. ✓Ole Texan given by politik
13. ✓Annalize5 given by joanbrooker
14. ✓luckydog given by Shockwave
15. ✓pale cold Thank you diary
16. ✓suesue
17. ✓northerntier
18. ✓LilithGardener
19. ✓blue91 given by m00finsan
20. ✓Senor Unoball given by paradise50
21. ✓Sand Hill Crane
22. ✓gabriella given by smileycreek
23. ✓KentuckyKat
24. ✓entrelac given by norm
25. ✓teknohed given by Glen The Plumber
26. ✓kbman Thank you diary
27. ✓Bob Love
28. ✓misterwade given by mergenow
29.  von Dutch
30. ✓smiley7 given by 3goldens
31. ✓MajorKong given by SoCaliana
32. ✓InsultComicDog given by RenaRF
33. ✓OIL  GUY given by zenbassoon
34. ✓CherrytheTart given by zenbassoon
35. ✓ncheyenne given by TomP and Effervescent
36. ✓FloridaSNMOM given by joanbrooker
37. ✓Thomasina given by side pocket
38. ✓dadadata
39. ✓eXtina given by Steveningen
40. ✓gritsngumbo given by maggiejean
41. ✓grannycarol given by proud mom and grandma
42. ✓jillS
43.  Nebraska68847Dem
44. ✓Majordomo Thank you diary
45. ✓Yo Bubba
46.  chandu
47. ✓dweb8231
48. ✓imonlylurking
49. ✓chancew Thank you diary
50.  timmyc
51. ✓mconvente Thank you diary
52.  ThirstyGator
53.  BigOkie
54. ✓GreenMountainBoy02 given by northerntier
55. ✓mattc129
56. ✓trebligoniqua comment
57.  marzook
58.  Railfan
59. ✓doraphasia
60. ✓cosette
61. ✓Grizzard given by Another Grizzle
62. ✓john07801 given by side pocket
63.  mali muso
64.  gypsytoo
65. ✓sboucher
66.  liz dexic
67. ✓jan4insight comment
68. ✓War on Error Thank you diary
69. hamm
70. volleyboy1
71. rlegro
72. mygreekamphora
73. Trenz Pruca
74. Apost8
75. bayushisan
76. Sharon Wraight
77. Frisbeetarian
78. ✓AnnetteK Thank you diary
79. Domino14
80. ✓I love OCD
81. kalmoth
82. misslotus
83. paul2port
84. ribletsonthepan
85. Socratic Method
86. StepLeftStepForward
87. surelyujest
88. Tchrldy
89. tim wise
90. Wendy Slammo
91. Manny

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Originally posted to DIVA on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 10:21 AM PST.

Also republished by SFKossacks.

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