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I really hope I am wrong about this but after watching President Barack Obama and pretty much stating he has gone "at least half way" in regards to GOP demands, I just don't trust what will come down.

We have seen this show before and it was his lack of leadership and his hunger for that 'bi-partisanship" that turned a lot of people off to him.

Now here we go again.  But it takes one of my close friends on this site who told me before the election that, "Barack Obama will be re-elected, state he will protect entitlement programs, but will disappoint and lie in the end."

Well, from what is being floated out here, that individual may not be far from the truth.

After all we have been through, watching the richest of all RICH ride the backs of the other 98% in this country, I would think that President Obama needs to understand why he was re-elected.

Why we are putting Social Security on the table, a self-sustaining program, for cuts is not what the public re-elected him for?

After watching the most richest corporations in this country, lie, steal, gouge the public and needed a bail out (yes, the banks and AIG) but gave NOTHING BACK TO THE PUBLIC, is just unconscionable.  And the sad part about all this is that these companies has hoarded money while watching this economy with little job growth just demise.  This is the ultimate of greediness that anyone has ever witnessed.

We saw little help to Main Street from this administration in regards to the housing market.  But we watched the culprits who conned many Americans into the fake housing bubble, walk away with billions from their con-job efforts, with no restitution to the public at all and certainly no PRISON TIME, just makes anyone hate politics.  Yes, all of that happened and we watched this administration do nothing to those who destroyed this economy.  Well, we heard stern speeches, but accountability?  Not from Washington, D.C.

We continue to war on as if it just does not matter in this country, while we see men and women who have had 4, 5, 6 reoccurring theater jumps to Afghanistan, Iraq.  And we continue to waste money on an un-winnable war that we don't have, but we want to cut up Social Security?  Where is the reason here?

I have paid taxes into Medicare and Social Security since I have been working at 15 years old.  Why should these programs be not available to me?  Why should I work to 67 or 70 years old to have access to them?  I don't understand this.

The last I saw from November 6, 2012 is that President Obama won the election on the platform he ran on and it was not cutting Social Security or decimating Medicare.  The last I remember, he won handily and resounding over Mitt Romney, extending the senate for Democrats and picking up house seats.  I thought that was a mandate.

Look, at the end of the day, Barack Obama can go mealy-mouth, wishy-washy and end up having many stay at home for 2014, like he did in 2010.  Or he can remember who brought him to the dance, who worked for him, who voted for him, who REMEMBERS what the hell he said on the campaign trail.

Cutting these programs are gutting millions who have worked all their lives for this.  We are not welfare kings or queens, we fucking worked and paid TAXES for these programs.  

If President Obama does this, he will regret it down the road.  As will the Democratic Party.

Full Press Conference from today, below:

12:19 PM PT: Now Speaker Boehner throws it back on President Obama, let's see how he plays it.

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